Health Care, The War on Drugs, and the Food Bank

Sorry guys, but it is time for more politics. The Republican response to losing the Health Care Debate in Washington DC has gotten to me and I simply must air my thoughts.

Look, the Republicans enjoyed an eight-year reign as Lords of the Manor, acting and ruling as if their power came from God. I know that is what most of them think since they make decisions based upon their religious beliefs rather than the Constitution. And this time, when they gained control of both the Executive and Legislative branches with Bushie’s Presidential “landslide” victory back in two- triple-ought, they created a right-wing triumvirate supported by the already right-tilting Supreme Court.

Much to our Nation’s ill health, support of Bush’s iron-fisted, US-first Republican politics was bolstered with the 9/11 Attacks. As we Americans do when attacked, we fought back, focused and unified. We supported our President and trusted our CIA and FBI and military to take care of our interests and get that rotten bastard Bin Laden.

For awhile we even turned a blind eye to excesses and abuses in order to not derail our war on terror. We turned away from stories of torture, we shook-off incidents of civilian abuse by our soldiers as “boys-will-be-boys”, and we accepted as “necessary to the war effort” the massive contracts garnered by the political confederates of the Republican Party.

We believed George W. Bush when he sent a Dick Chaney duped Colin Powell to the UN to present the case for Weapons of Mass Destruction to the World audience. We bought it, Georgie, you duped us too. But I remember thinking as I listened to Secretary Powell as he presented America’s case, I thought, “General Powell does not sound like himself. Where is the stout heart I usually feel from him?” I figured he was just beaten down by the terrible pressures he was enduring from having accepted his political appointment, and trusted him. Them.

Now, the Republicans are in the minority of seats- Congressional bench warmers once again. Ousted because their own actions by an American public whose collective temporary memory could grasp nothing but, “It’s the economy, Stupid!” However, the Republicans act worse than a two-year old kid told to go to bed without his bottle.

But my ADHD is starting to digress me to distractions. Look, what I am pissed about here is Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and his promise to, “Overturn this terrible health care bill.” Joining other State’s Attorney General asswipes in a Virginia Lawsuit, these bozos hope to prevent all Americans from gaining fair access to medical care. Stepping outside the boundary lines of our own State to stick his nose, the nose of Texas, into this National issue.

Why is he doing this, you ask. I know why- because little Ricky Perry wants to be President, that’s why. It certainly is not because he fears that the rights of Texans are getting stomped on.

If he cared about our rights, he would have bowed-up when Perry denied me my right to play poker. Where were you then Greggie? Where was your “independent” voice then? Why do you allow Ricky to take food from our babies’ mouths with no outrage from the Attorney General’s office?

Even though you guys have been elected to ruin our state for too many years running, you were not “anointed’. Your God did not grant you His voice to rule. Pull your Bible out of your ass to take some pressure off your brain and use it. Use your head and heart first. Republican Baptist buttwads.

My God is embarrassed by your hypocrisies.

Next, let’s talk about Mexico. Mexico has returned to the Dark Ages because they exist in a feudal state financed with drug money and greed. The greed is a universal human trait whose fire, when fueled by massive amounts of drug money, rages out of control. It burns the guilty and the innocent to the same charred remains.

This fire is consuming all the human tender within the Mexican borders and now- it has started to leap across American borders. Many Americans still see this as “their” problem, ignoring all of the evidence to the contrary. This is America’s drug war and we pushed it to south of the border with our collective stupidity.

It is America’s dumbass approach to “drugs” which has caused this mess. Our politicians, governing with their “Moral Compass” rather than the Constitution and their brains, are the reason this horrible mess exists. Just like with booze and Prohibition, pot and the War on Drugs is an unmitigated disaster.

Because the rest of Americans refuse to abide by stupid rules which defy us our right to enjoy our lives, American pot smokers have resorted to the same tactics employed by American drinkers to get a cocktail or a beer back to the Twenties. We import it, or we purchase from some brave soul willing to take the risk to produce products locally.

The net results of the War on Drugs are identical to Prohibition. Thugs and gangs brutally enforce control of their territories to illegally import pot to the US, users of the products are raided and jailed for their casual use, and innocent people suffer.

Wake up, people. These Mexican cartels cannot fight their battles without the billion dollar subsidies granted them by American laws and policies. Legalize pot with intelligent laws just like with booze. Remove that cash flow from the coffers of the cartels and put it into our economy. Grant a subsidy to the American people and remove it from the hands of gangs.

And don’t start on me with your, “American laws do not subsidize drug cartels,” bullshit. Are you stupid and blind? If you make pot growing a licensed business (just like booze and beer production), and you distribute and sell it through authorized channels, again like booze and beer, and then enforce sane laws to discourage driving while impaired (wait- we already have that), we can yank the $billions from their coffers and break the backs of the cartels.

Put all of that cash into the hands and tax offices here to home. Stop shipping it to the cartels.

I know, I get it. Now you’ll say, “Yea Mooner, but then those baddies will use coke and heroin and crank and to finance their activities.”

And I say, “Fine. Great. Hip-hooray! We just cut their budget by 75%, reduced their market population by 90% and eliminated all but the worst of the American offenders.” Now maybe we can focus and kick their butts!

Sounds like a win to me.

Besides all of that, it would help Streaker Jones to legitimize some of his commerce.

And please, everybody. Help, make a donation to the Food Bank and assist me to get more readership- pass this trash to someone else. Now goodbye. I need to go get some sausage for dinner.


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