I am Sorry

It only figures but I have already received my first scolding over my blog. I got a call from Dr. Sam I. Am-Johnson, my psycho therapist, first ex-wife and the mother to my kids. She said to me, she says, “Look Mooner, you must cut-back on your cursing if you want a broad audience.” When I told her, “I don’t care if you broads read it or not,” she was unmoved.

“Look, buster,” she chided me. “If you don’t want to increase your therapy sessions to twice daily, fix the cursing you inappropriate man.” And then she added, “Oh yes. Have Gnat proofread that nonsense before you publish it.”

“Fine,” I snapped at her. Bitch. (unspoken, but heartfelt)

Anyway, I promise to not cuss too much and I’ll have Gnat proofread stuff when I have the time. Just not this time because I don’t have the tmie rite nwo.

OK, next I need to thank LJ for informing me that it’s Sal Mineo. It would have come to me sooner, or later. That’s how the ADHD effects me sometimes. Of course sometimes it affects me and I get maudlin and start to drool.

I also know that Kinky Friedman didn’t run for Governor this time. I was talking about last time. But thanks, Texas Turd Floter, for the comment. And please do not count this as a cuss on me- that’s the boy’s true identity.

I’ll finish with an answer to one of your questions about Dixie. Yes, she’s a talking, singing dog. The record she cut was for use in rice fields to improve plant vigor and seed-head production. I’m having it translated from the Hindi language of the original cuts and will have it for sale over to the website. That’s maybe answering four questions, but who really gives a?

As soon as I get the chance to learn how to do it, I’m going to post a blogger dealie and print one of my articles I wrote for Shit Happens, the newsletter for the Central Texas Composters Association.

And let me finish by saying that I have only killed one man in my entire life and that was by accident. I swear to God.

Good night.

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  1. Moooonseeester says:

    Moon –
    You AIN’T sorry, so stop lying.

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