Happy B-day George Takei- I Admire You

Oh my!

Today is George Takei’s birthday. Happy birthday George from one of your most… from your best…. from the world’s number one…

From me. Happy birthday from Mooner Einstein Johnson, George. Happy Birthday from a man who just became unsure of what it is he wants to say to you because he wants to say so much.

I started to say your “most appreciative fan” and then I wanted to say your “best fan” and then my ADHD-addled brain started swirling and I had to put down my Postie Notes and re-cap my Sharpie, and stop writing. I have enough trouble reading my handwriting when I translate my notes on Posties here to the bloggie, but when the ADHD/ADD gets itself all wound-up and my brain is fritzed- the term “Lost in Translation” refers to the translator rather than that which gets translated.

I just know that will all make perfect sense after you think on it a bit.

Look. Here is precisely what I want to say:

George Takei, I admire you.

I admire you in many ways. I admire your honesty. I admire your huge heart. I admire your sense of fairness. I admire your ability to forgive. I admire your sense of humor, your ability to laugh at yourself and your laugh. I admire that you have the balls to say what you think and to stand up for what you believe. I admire your standing up for what others believe even if you disagree.

George, if I was a gay man your husband, Brad, would need to staple those “Stalker” poster dealies around your neighborhood and carry my photograph with him because I’d be gunning for you. If I was gay you would be everything I would be looking for in my man.

Until I met you to the Howard Stern Satellite Radio Show, the man I would want to chase was my college buddy Lloyd. I think that you and Lloyd would be great buddies if you met. Lloyd loves musicals and he’s got all of your same human attributes.

Plus, he looks like Johnny Mathis. If Johnny Mathis had German ancestors. And he can sing like Johnny too.

Wait, George and Lloyd, I don’t mean you’d make good boyfriends buddies, I mean good guy friends buddies. I’ve broken-up way too many marriages already to be messing with other men’s wedded blisses. Wedded blissi, maybe.

Lloyd and his partner adopted children in need of adoption years ago- way before it was a popular thing to do. I haven’t met his kids but I know with a dead certainty that they had the finest parenting kids could have. I don’t know his children, but I know Lloyd.

Lloyd and our other buddy Pat are the two of my old college buddies I most admire. As a single father, Pat raised his kids himself and has gone on to be one of the few lawyers in the world that I would shelter from a shitstorm.

Pat has distinguished himself with his work providing criminal defense for the defenseless- standing up for the rights of people whose rights get trampled. He’s kind of semi-retired now and spends time teaching at the Texas Tech Law School up to Lubbock.

Maybe semi-retired are the wrong words. My guess is that Pat is more like spreading himself thinner than before. You know, he’s still got just the one spoonful of peanut butter but now he’s got two slices of toast.

Lloyd lives out to California near Los Angeles and he’s working for a medical appliance manufacturer and of course, he is in Customer Service.

You can tell for sure that my brain is fritzed because I haven’t seen either of these two guys for years, and thinking about George Takei has made me think of them. Hell, Pat and Lloyd likely don’t remember anything about me except that everyone thought that I was nuts.

I’m still nuts but I think this last thirty years of psycho therapy has finally found a little purchase on the slippery slopes of my brain. Maybe realizing that George Takei, a gay man, is more manly than I- a fully heterosexual man with ten ex-wives, is a sign of growth.

Now that I’ve been cogitating this over, I think that what this might be is a part of my attempts to miss people before they have left my life. Like my so-far feeble attempts to appreciate my Gram before she passes. Maybe if I tell George and Lloyd and Pat how much I admire them now, my acknowledgment might have some actual meaning to them, and not just me.

Telling people you admire how they have lived their lives has little meaning to anyone but yourself when the first telling takes the form of a eulogy. You know, like the difference between when your mother makes you apologize to your sister for setting her hair on fire and if you had been smart enough to apologize before Mother even finds out about how you needed a punk for lighting your Cherry Bombs and struck a Match to Sister’s pigtail.

The first “I’m Sorry” is a sorry excuse for an apology while the other has true meaning.

What if I could find an actual way to introduce George, and Brad, to Lloyd? That might buy me a little credit in my Paid-forward Account of Life. Maybe I can Google George to find out where he lives. I could buy flowers and write a poem to George and surprise him there to his house. I know what George would say when he opened his door to me. He’d say:

“Oh my!”

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32 Responses to “Happy B-day George Takei- I Admire You”

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  2. Theresa D. St.Johnswort says:

    Dear Mooner,
    No, you didn’t offend me. I’ve been out of town, collecting agave. I cut you alot of slack because I know that most men, especially the religious ones, think about camels and sheep and stuff all the time, but unlke those with ADD, they have the filter system in tact not to say what’s on their mind. (Although they may act it out). You can’t help it. The ADD mind works in multiple ways and without the stops. It can see things others cannot see, such as how religion may have begun with a mispelling. Teresa St. Johnswort

  3. admin says:

    Thanks How To.

    If I had any idea what you are talking about, I could maybe say something.

  4. admin says:

    Ah Delores, you are back!

    I have missed you in so many ways. Sometimes like I missed cold Carta Blanca beer while incarcerated, sometimes like when an old buddy goes incommunicado, and sometimes I miss you like I imagine I would miss my Gram if she ever stopped meddling in my life.

    Welcome back.

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