99designs Logo Contest- Help Mooner Judge The Winner

I have got way too much to tell you today so I’m going to do two separate posts. This one is about the logo contest I’m doing on 99designs. Holy chuck-a-fagoli folks, have you seen this before?

I told you that I was going to get off my fluffy butt and get things going here to the bloggie and website and I have. The first tangible evidence can be seen if you click at www.99designs.com/logo-design/contests/mooner-johnson-logo-45150 and connect to the 99designs site. Once there, you can see the many logo entries in my “contest”.

I decided a budget, did a profile that you can read if you want, and then the designers started making submissions. That was the easy part for me.

Now the hard part. I am required to make intelligent replies to critique each entry so that they know what I like, don’t like and what they can do to improve the design to suit me. I was up all night last night making those replies.

My ADHD got all fritzed-up because I basically like everything submitted and my mind was wandering, and wondering as well, and I’d had a few cold Carta Blanca beers and an acid stomach from eating too many homegrown tomatoes. I always overeat and drink when special events occur in the tomato season. Yesterday’s special event was the ripening of my first one-pounder.

Anyway, I need help. Not psycho therapy help, which is a given, I mean help in choosing my design. I have two most favorites, but since I know I am one biased, opinionated sumbitch, I’m looking for other opinions.

So- who better than you to give me some opinions. Please log on to my 99designs contest and then tell me what you think.

I love this entire process and highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a great design on a budget.

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