Special Diet to Drive People Away (Part 4)

SAC Ellen and I just watched the movie Crazy Heart and I want to say how glad I am that somebody can still make a good movie. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy your epic Batman or Kung Fu or end-of-the-world epic blood and guts offerings, or even what Jim Cameron is making, because they can be good entertainment.

But they are not good movies.

A good movie will move you in a special way. It makes you sad or thoughtful or angry or proud at the most basic level. Good movies can stir social change. They can create awareness for an unseen crisis. They can highlight the good deeds of an unknown benefactor. A good movie can help you see your faults by using a character to mirror your weaknesses.

A good movie can make you want to be a better man.

I have always favored good quirky movies. Slaughterhouse Five, Where’s Poppa?, And Catch 22 are three of my favorites. I think maybe Crazy Heart might make its way onto my favorites list.

I said that SAC Ellen and I watched the movie together, but that is almost the truth. Is it the truth if the actual words are true but the message of the speaker isn’t quite as precise as the words? What I mean to say is that tonight when the clock rolls around to 12:59:59 on American Central Standard Time, I will have completed a full week on my March To Respect- One Man’s Struggle For Appreciation.

That would be the onions and garlic diet and no bath or tooth brushing regiment I started last week to be appreciated for everything I do for others. Since I’m not allowed into the house, I’m sleeping out to the barn. The loft has a big screen TV with cable and everything.

So, when I said we watched Crazy Heart, what I should have said is that the SACster watched inside with the rest of the family and then they had Dixie lay the CD in the yard for me to pick it up when they finished. I had to wait for them to watch it twice so they could feel good about the $49.95 price I paid to buy the new release.

We had rented Avatar from Blockbuster Friday night but they wouldn’t take it back after I touched it, so I’m just gonna need to buy CDs for awhile.

Gram says to me, she said, “Mooner, it’s kinda like that Mission Impossible jobbie back to the TV inna sixties. Ceptin their tape dealie would burn all up and you just put them CDs to a smoldering.”

So, I’m sorry I misled you or lied to you or whatever it was that I did.

But that isn’t what is caught in my craw right now. What is buggerating the ever-loving shit out of me is the lack of social graces I see everywhere I go. I know I’m likely prejudiced when I say that most of what I see in the younger set is what social commentators call “entitlement,” but that’s my observation.

I was talking to my Editorator out to the big Barnes and Noble bookstore in the Galleria area out to US 71 at 620 and we were talking about our recent encounters with tweeners and teens. I don’t remember what it was that was bugging her, but loud talking on cell phones when in public places with other people around is my personal major pet peeve.

And yes little blond girl in the Westwood High School cheer leader outfit, that large and crazy looking man in the hemp cloth Hawaiian shirt and baggy cargo shorts who started talking to himself very loudly as you were yakking away to your girlfriend as we stood in line over to the Starbucks on US 183 last Tuesday morning, was me. You know the me I’m talking about, right. I’m the me who got louder and louder and kept crowding closer and closer to your phone and parroting your idiotic conversation about, “I just don’t see how Emily can wear her hair that short.”

I’m the one who kept after you until you left the store in a panic. And I happen to be the same man who reentered the coffee shop to the applause of the remaining customers. A proud moment for common decency.

After my Editorator and I had bashed our topic almost to death, I actually had what I think was a moment of clarity. Here is what I think I know:

“We have not been teaching our children how to act. Instead, we are teaching them how to act up and act out.”

Look, I’ve quite a bit to say about this but my body vapors are overpowering my will. I need to go get some fresh air.

What do you guys think about this subject? Tell me what you think.

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  2. admin says:

    Thanks What.

    Are you kidding? I can barely manage this bloggie crap for now. Who’s gonna teach me to My Face speak and twitter tweet?

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