I R Dum and a Liar

OK. I need to come clean with BlogCatalog. When I signed up with them, my name was alrerady in use. So, I had to put a name and I asked Streaker Jones if he would fill everything out like it was his account, and then tie it all into my bloggie. This reminds me of the time back to third grade when Woozie Wozniac had been made to wait for a bathroom break, and peed his pants just a little. Woozie is now our Sheriff here to Travis County.

Mrs. Browningwell, our teacher and Pastor Browningwell’s wife, was a nasty old hag, and asked Woozie if he’d had an accident. I piped up and told her that I had squirted him with the squirt gun I had secreted in my pocket. Saved Woozie a world of discomfort, and it only cost me three swats.

Anyway, I lied. I’m sorry for lying to BlogCatalog. I don’t like liars and I’m a little ashamed for this one. I think it is justified because I planned this full disclosure and confession when I realized what I needed to do.

I think maybe a right wing Republican fuckball is using my name at BlogCatalog. Streaker Jones will find him and properly deal with the problem.

Again, I’m sorry for the lie and promise to not lie again.

Manana, y’all.

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