Still Dum After All These Years; F Rick Perry


So. I am really dumb. I thought that St. David’s Hospital and all of it’s affiliates were Catholic. Turns out that St. David’s is Episcopal, not Catholic, and that means that much of my anxiety with my ass surgery was mis-focused. My new bloggie buddy, Doug, just informed me of my error.

Now, I need to clean up after myself by first apologizing for all of the nasty Catholic thoughts I had about the folks over to St. Davids. I guess them not being Catholics explains all the missing Catholic stuff.

I am sorry.

Second, I need to figure out if I should have been anxious about the Episcopalians. I don’t know anything about them. I have been married in just about every brand of church there is, but not Episcopal. I couldn’t tell you if the Episcopals have priests who wear robes and sashes and shit, nor could I swear they’re actual Christians without the strong hint from the “Saint David” dealie. My research tells me that only the Christian faiths have Saints in the classical manner.

Somewhere in my addled brain are memories that maybe the Episcopals were Catholics who weaned themselves away from the Mother Church. You know, like how the Second Baptist Church splits off from First Baptist when the deacons start arguing over whether or not to fire the pastor for diddling the church secretary on the pulpit steps.

So, I again apologize for thinking you were Catholic, but reserve the right to have felt anxious about you as Episcopalians.

I wonder what the Pope thinks about Episcopals. I know how the Baptists feel without checking, since Baptists think anyone who has a Saint of any name is an idol worshiping heathen, and doomed to hell. Does the Pope think that Episcopals are doomed to hell as well?

But I think I’ll quote my Gram here, and say, “Who gives a shit? We’re all going to hell if we can’t wrestle control of Texas away from the fucking right-wing Republicans.”

I feel too puny to finish this rant, so I’m headed to a sitz bath. And since I took the last of my prescribed antibiotics last night, I’m taking a cooler of Carta Blanca beer with me.

But let me finish with this:

Fuck Rick Perry.

Manana, y’all.

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