A Tennessee Williams Memory


So. I obviously needed an attitude adjustment after getting pissed about our country’s treatment of veterans. I decided to dust off my copy of Where’s Poppa?, the great movie from back in the ’60’s. I attended a lecture by Tennessee Williams at UT, and halfway through he said to the audience, he said to us, “Fuck this. Let’s go next door to the Dobie Theater and watch Where’s Poppa?”

Mr. Williams said it was the best movie he’d seen in years and he wanted to see it again. Off we went, maybe a hundred of us, to the Dobie. The Dobie Theater is located adjacent to UT, and maybe a block from where we attended the lecture. Many of us lit doobies on the short walk, and a music student with us started singing about doobies at Dobie.

What a great time. Tennessee Williams is another of the men I most admire.

And what a great movie. I feel better now that I spent the time with the movie and my memories. I’m still unhappy about the vets, but I’m making plans to make a difference.

I’m also aggravated with my lack of progress rewriting my book. I keep getting distracted, both by my ADHD and the outside world. It’s time to renew our medical insurance for all of our companies, and I’m pissed about that now.

Fifteen years ago, insurance for each of our employees cost $37.55 per month for full medical, dental and vision. Doctor visits were $10 copay, prescriptions were free for generic, and deductibles were $500.00 per year.

This year, the closest I can come to duplicate that plan costs $595.00 per month, has $30 copays, $3,500 deductibles and charges 20% after that- it doesn’t cover 100%. Basically, that’s more than a 1,500% increase, 100% per year, and an important decrease in actual coverage. Then you have to haggle over every fucking thing to get them to pay for any fucking thing.

It’s a wonder we don’t have a medical insurance crisis. Asswipe Republican HMO’s.

I’m going to drink a few cold Carta Blanca beers and rejuvinate my sense of humor.

Manana, y’all.

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