Come Out GW Bush


So. Now I’m truly pissed. Some asshole in Georgia is telling me to lay off George W. Bush- “…or else!”

Or else what?

Fuck you Bart from Macon, and your AK-47. Big American hero and you buy a Russian rifle. Mike Kalashnikov- communist hero and inventor of AK rifles. What, you thought AK stood for American Killer? And tell me, how much did you pay the woman to let her picture be taken with you? And just to be certain, it’s you on the right, correct?

And fuck George W. Bush. In fact, gather up every last one of Bush’s cronies who had a hand in starting the Iraq war, and fuck the whole bunch of them.

I want to call all of them out. It’s time for them to do something to support our homecoming troops besides acting like tough guys when someone calls you out. Why are you angry, huh- can’t stand the truth?

Does anybody have an Email address for Georgie? Drop him a line and let him know it’s time for him to stand up and be a man. Tell him I’ll help- I’ll stand with him.

What about you guys at AmericaCalling? Do you think George owes anything to our troops? Oh wait, you think it’s the Democrats and our President who should be held responsible for the mess that happened from George’s wars. You seem to think everything was just great when Bush vacated the Big House.

Is it just me? Am I the crazy one?

OK, bad question. Am I the only one feeling this way?

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