Innoculate Texas School Board Against Indoctrination; Vote For Sanity


So. We’re approaching voting time for this year’s elections. I’m concerned about the probable loss of seats in many places to conservative, brain dead right wing Christians. However, this year my major concerns are for our Texas State School Board.

I attended a neighborhood meeting for sensible candidates this week, and met Judy Jennings. That would be Doctor Jennings, a professional education specialist. She told me that one of each and every eleven public school students in America attend public school in Texas. That’s right, 9.1% of all public school students are in Texas public schools.

That also means that almost 10% of our nation’s public school students study from curriculum that is determined by the circus act that is our State Board of Education.

This got me to thinking. My first thought was, “Oh, my fucking God! We’re screwing up that many kids.” Then I got to thinking about what this might mean in a more global thought pattern.

Since Texas obviously does not have 10% of all American school age children, then other states have a higher percentage of kids in private schools. By definition, private schools will have biased curriculums (curriculummisses?) chosen by the private parties served by said school. To my knowledge, the vast number of private schools have religious bias, next would be socio-economic bias oriented in nature, and then some other bias like military.

So, in other states, their religious fuckballs are more considerate than our Texas variety. I’m thinking that it’s highly likely that they are also smarter in those other states. After all, here in Texas they have anointed Rick Perry their leader.

Logic tells me that those biased, curriculum-based school systems are good servants to their supporters. You want to teach that Darwin was delusional and that the world dropped from the sky just as it is a few thousand years ago- knock yourself out. But do it in your private school.

If you choose to think that dinosaurs didn’t really exist and that the close genetic proximities of all primates is meaningless, that’s OK too. But prohibit science and reality over to your private Baptist School . Do it on your dollar over there and not on my public tax dollar.

Separate your religious beliefs from fact-based education. Train your future generations of morons in you own schools and at your own expense. Get your smelly asses out of our public schools. Stop using my money to spread your religion.

And please stop the dumbing-down of our children. If you were true Christians, you wouldn’t want to control public school curriculum. You wouldn’t be afraid to have ideas contrary to your own taught in school.

But you are afraid that you are losing your grip on your own kids, so you want to control all kids. You can’t seem to indoctrinate them completely enough in church, so you want to indoctrinate all children through idiotic school curriculum.

When will the Christian religious right realize that they are no better than a Muslim Mullah who indoctrinates his religious ideas by forcing it in school? Please explain to me how you differ.

I say, “Fuck you. Go home to your church and stay out of my schools.”

Dr. Judy Jennings is the right person to occupy seat 10 on our State Board of Education. In our one little piece of the world, let’s have a voice that is sanity based. Let’s have a voice to speak for educating our kids rather than to indoctrinate them.

Inoculate our public schools against indoctrination. Restore common sense to education.

Vote Dr. Judy Jennings for Texas State Board of Education Place 10

And drink Carta Blanca beer. Manana, y’all.

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