Publishing Establishment and Self Publishers Agree On Something


So. I have now managed to piss off many on both sides of publishing- the traditional publishing establishment, and the self publishing upstarts as well. It seems that by having appreciation for each method, I’m writing myself out of Twitter followers.

I’m now down to but a handful of Twitter Bugs in an apparent response to my taking both sides of the publishing debate. I have taken both sides because both sides are right.

And both sides are wrong.

What is starting to be funny to me is that everybody takes themselves so… fucking … seriously!

Anyone entrenched in the publishing establishment who thinks that alternate publishing is a passing fad is delirious. If you think that way, we need to help you find a touchstone back to reality. You are losing market share by the buckets full. Bucket fulls, maybe. That one always snags me.

Those who think that in a year that alternative publishing will be the only profitable methods for publication of new works are likewise full of shit. You don’t have enough buckets to steal all of the business. If you think that the big houses will let you take everything, you are wrong.

History is a strong a predictor in this business as it is with any other. History will tell you that if there is but one rule in life, that rule is that nothing ever stays the same. History will also tell you that what typically happens when an established industry faces enormous technology upgrades, new players emerge, many established players go up in flames, and many established players adapt to what’s new and thrive as well.

What I love is that little old me can manage to piss so many people off on both sides, by simply stating the obvious. My guess is that the people who are blocking me on Twitter over this issue are likely angry and narrow minded fuckballs.

When I told my Gram about losing so many followers, she says to me, she said, “Who gives a shit, Mooner? Let’s go pee inna sink down to City Hall.”

My God I love that woman.

“I’ll drive,” I told her.

Drink Carta Blanca beer. Manana, y’all.

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