Squirt Corrects Gram; Rick Perry Feels Stupid


So. It’s Sister’s birthday, so we’re all heading down to San Antonio to have a late lunch at her favorite Mexican restaurant- La Fogata. La Fogata might be my favorite if it was located here in Austin, but I’m too loyal to break with local establishments.

They do, however, have salsa as good as it can be made, fresh authentic ingredients, a great staff and fabulous empanadas. Their staff is mostly long term employees with happy moods.

Oh, yea, and Carta Blanca beer. Why won’t Vivo carry Carta Blanca beer?

Anyway, I always order El Paquito del Todo, which means a little bit of everything. Two big plates of Mexican culinary wonderment. Way back when La Fogata was just a dining car with a couple tables outside, I ordered a Numero Veinte, a Number Twenty. As the years have passed, I think the little bits meal has been bumped down to like twenty-two or so.

But like Gram says, “Who gives a shit Mooner. It’s jist as tasty at Tainty-Tainty as what is was ta Tainty.”

Squirt’s making this trip to sit on the patio at La Fogata while we enjoy our meal. She tried to correct Gram’s fractured Spanish by fracturing a half dozen languages of her own.

“Mein Gott, Madam Gram, but you masakra la lengua Espanola. You say it Viente e Dos. Zer bestellung einer Twenty-Two, you say, Veinte e Dos.”

I took Squirt for a walk when Gram started giving her the evil eye. We took Rush Limbaugh, the pig, and the ostrich Rick Perry with us. Those two shitbirds are still hiding in the closet- afraid of both their shadows and the truth.

Rick Perry started complaining that people think he’s stupid. I told him that as long as he acted stupid, said stupid things and allowed Rush Limbaugh to tell him what to think- he is stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does. Manana, y’all.

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