A Sad Day For America; A Really Sad Day For Texas


So. This is a very sad day for our country. The Short-Attention-Span-Theater that is America’s voting registered voters has once again turned its brain-dead ears to the rhetoric of the religious right.

Biased, prejudiced and untruthful rhetoric is the cornerstone, and bedrock, of religious fanatics of any kind. Today’s political spin doctors from all parties twist and stretch information in clever ways to influence people. My opinion is that the reason spin doctors are so successful is because your basic American is too lazy to study issues for themselves.

It’s far easier to get the facts from Rush Limbaugh than it is to read the New York Times. It’s far easier to take the words of the talking head pundits at Fox News than it is to talk to people actually involved in an issue, and listen to their words.

My opinion is that the spin doctor’s fabrications are ripping the fabric of American freedom.

Freedom is a thought-based institution. Acquiring freedom requires reasoning, unselfish motivations and struggle. Keeping freedom requires factual knowledge, communication and limitations on self-serving interest groups.

Spin doctoring is not a new phenomenon. Most Americans were not alive when the first modern era, mass-media spin doctor grabbed control of an otherwise intelligent people. That man, Adolph Hitler, was a master manipulator using bias, prejudice and untruthful rhetoric to gain control of a free nation.

The Germany of the 1930’s was in a depression- many Germans were without jobs, business was stagnant and the economy was in a terrible state with Government debt and taxes at all-time highs. Racial tensions were high, Christian religious leaders castigated all non-Christians and called their beliefs evil. Homosexuality was outlawed and homosexuals were punished.

Adolf Hitler, spin doctor, shredded the rich fabric of German culture and rewove the tattered remains into his mighty Reich. Hitler turned German against German, and brother against brother, by twisting truth as justified through the filter of right wing Christian dogma.

Adolf Hitler stole freedom from the German people one speech, one election at a time. His inflammatory rhetoric pushed honest, kind people to do unspeakable things. Using fear tactics and twisted logic, Hitler stole the German peoples’ freedom in the name of Christianity.

Today’s America has many similarities to 1930’s Germany. Many Americans are out of work, business is stagnant and our economy is a mess with Government debt and taxes at an all-time high. Racial tensions persist in spite of the gains made, Christian leaders proclaim that American needs to be ruled by Christian belief systems and claim that Muslims are evil.

Homosexuals are denied the basic rights that every free American citizen should have, and punished for not being the expected norm.

And here we stand America, the day after. The day after Sarah Palin influenced the structure of our Congress. The day after the angry religious right pushed their candidates into office. The day after Texas Governor Rick Perry was reelected.

The day after my State School Board District elected a person who declared that her Christian dogma would rule her choices in the defeat of a woman who declared that her choices would be made to the educational benefits of our State’s children’s education.

It’s a sad, sad day for America. And a terribly sad day for Texas.

Fuck Rick Perry.

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