Does Pope Justify Roman Polanski’s Child Rape?


So. Who would think that the comments I made yesterday about the Pope and Roman Polanski would trigger such a shit storm. All I said is that the Vatican must have hired a new ad agency or a new marketing crew, and that they were going to hire Roman Polanski’s guys next.

The Catholics getting all pissed with me is understandable. Stupid, but understandable. When you have been indoctrinated from birth to believe that an aging queen in flowing gowns speaks for God on a direct line, then…

Well, allow me to simply say that you Catholics can be somewhat excused of many silly positions you may take.

But this Roman Polanski business is an entirely different dealie. This one guy with a Saudi Arabian I-tag commented to me, he says, “…why you must patronize Mr. Polanski when the girl obviously wanted his affections to further her career?…”

I’m thinking this Saudi fellow is suggesting that when a thirteen-year-old OK’s the sex, it’s OK to fuck them. I hope that was what he meant.

Now, I’ll just speak for myself here, but unless the two parties are both thirteen, then I can find zero justification for raping an adolescent. Especially I can’t justify it when you say the teen agreed to it. You can get a thirteen-year-old to agree to anything after you dose them with a couple Quaalude and a belly full of champagne.

Dr. Sam I. Am-Johnson, my psycho therapist, thinks that maybe I have a hardened heart on this issue. She says to me, “Mooner, I think that you might have a hardened heart on this issue because you were molested as a thirteen-year-old.”

Well fucking duh!!!

She thinks that maybe I might have a touch of prejudice towards a child rapist because I was a victim. “Brilliant deduction, Watson,” I told her. “Maybe next you can determine the connection between heat and fire.”

I remember wishing I’d had a better example to throw in her face, but that was the best I could do in the moment. She got the point,

“Look, Mooner. I’m not saying you aren’t justified. I’m simply saying that you need to examine the source of your prejudice.”

“When I ever choose to examine the source of my prejudice, it will be through the gun sight of my 30-30 if I can ever locate that Baptist Boy Scout Leader child raping mother fucker.”

That’s when we started my therapy lessons on forgiveness. In the twenty years since, I have made major inroads towards forgiving the man who raped me. I no longer wish to kill him with my bare hands, or shoot him, or dismember him. Or ram a hot poker up his ass, or remove his heart with a tweezers, or castrate him with a toe nail clipper.

I’m actually at the point where I want to forgive him. I just can’t yet. I’ve stopped looking for him, but I haven’t forgiven.

But this Roman Polanski business is curious to me. How can anyone excuse his actions? Unless, of course you’re a Catholic and you accept that a man occasionally has needs that can only be met by an underage rape victim.

Been working for the Holy Roman Catholic Church for millennium. How do you say multiple millennium? Millenniumusses? The Catholics have justified their child rapes for 2,000 years and still justify them to this day.

Child rape will not end until we stop raping children. And until we end all justifications, child rapists will have a sense of privilege– they will continue to use those justifications to break down any barriers in their mind.

When there is no justification, the only child rapists left will be seen as very bad people. An interesting concept, no?

Manana, y’all.

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