#NPRBOOKS On Pretty Boy Rick Perry: Freedom Takes A Hit


So. I had been feeling better about the results of Tuesday’s elections. I was getting over the fact that in Texas, more voting adults think that religious dogma is a more important political policy factor than is freedom. Or common sense, or fairness, or even simple human kindness.

I was getting over the feeling that maybe I need to sell everything I own and move to Oregon, when I saw a Tweet by NPR that caught my eye. “Texas governor Rick Perry fed up!” it said. Since I have such a hard on for Pretty Boy Ricky, I couldn’t resist clicking to http://n.pr/cFkeJl -a huge mistake.

I made the mistake of reading the posted article about Perry’s new book and his feelings about freedom. Now me, the word freedom has but one true definition, and that definition is that an individual has the right to choose for himself. But Ricky has a different idea.

See, Texas Governor Rick Perry wants the freedom to choose for us Texans. He wants to choose to apply the religious dogma that he, and his his right wing Christian supporters, consider to be more important than actual freedom.

Rick Perry wants the freedom to deny homosexuals the same rights that good Christian folks get to enjoy. He wants to keep Texans from playing Texas Hold’Em poker. He wants to persecute the unwashed mass of immigrant workers that fuel the Texas job growth he so proudly advertises.

This braindead fuckball wants to provide our school children with an education taken straight from the Southern Baptist Convention’s Vacation Bible School Workbook. “Darwin?” they say. “Nope, it’s six days’ work and a day of rest!”

Rick Perry is more concerned about promoting the fantasy aspects of the Christian religion than he is about actual freedom.

Mark my words folks. Rick Perry will soon be standing side-by-side with that other mental giant of the Religious Right, Sarah Palin. They are clones of each other and sadly, hold a combined IQ that might break 100 quotient points.

But they are pretty, and they are willing to take any stand that moves them ahead. The one thing they are smart enough to do is memorize platitudes. Like idiot savants, these two pretty faces can spew that silly crap faster than a goose can shit bacon grease.


I’m sad for my state and I’m really sad for America. Texas just voted Rick Perry to another term, and America voted just enough support for Palin’s insanity to give it legs.

Ugh, again..

I say” “Fuck Rick Perry and Sarah Palin too!”

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning and already I need a cold Carta Blanca beer.

Manana, y’all.

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