My Comment Problem; More State Budget Smarts


So. This is a very quick note to tell you how sorry I am that my comment stuff is all fucked-up here to my bloggie.

My computer fixer guy is out of town so I’ve been attempting to fix it myself. Me working on my computer is as smart, and risky, as hiring a deaf-dumb-and-blind-guy to disarm bombs. I’m a pinball wizard but a lousy computer fixer.

What I have discovered is that the Word Press widget maker for my capcha program dealie has this sign on his website that states very clearly, “This program is being rewritten.” The “rewritten” part was in blue.

“You don’t fucking say,” was first out of my mouth, out loud, and loud.

Whenever Ben the computer fixer gets back to me I’ll get this shit fixed. I promise. Please don’t abandon me. I’m too fragile.

Which reminds me. Today’s paper had an update to give us a peek at some more of Little Ricky Perry’s proposed budget cuts. It now appears that the mental health out-patient care system is facing huge reductions in staffing and other funding.


Let me bottom line this dealio. These are the programs that provide medication, counseling and job assistance to our bipolar, schizophrenic and other less-well diagnosed unfortunates. The programs in line to get these budget whacks provide the drugs that allow many of these folks to avoid jail, hospitalization and homelessness.

Oh yea, and anger, and violence.

Crazy people don’t want to be violent in the same way that people with cancer don’t want to die. Me, I don’t want to fuck things up all the time, I just do. But without my psycho therapy, and the non-prescription potions administered by my Gram, I’d likely be dangerous in far more dangerous ways.

I can afford to pay for my own treatments, I don’t depend on the goodwill of society to protect itself of, and from, me. So I haven’t tracked-down the man who raped me as a kid, and set him on fire with his own severed dick in his mouth. Because I get treatment, I haven’t gone to Walmart and bought the guns that I would use to shoot-up the programmer and designer section of the Micro Soft Vista operating system.

People who need but go untreated, un-medicated, are incapable of controlling their thoughts and impulses. That’s why they need treatment and medication for shitsakes. When their illness goes unchecked is when they act out.

Can anybody say, “Tucson, Arizona,”?

So again, let me get this straight. We’ll just cut off our nose– slash mental health care benefits, and just face the music? That will cause more mental instability and significant acting-out. Then, we’ll arrest those nasty loonies and put then jails or hospitals. We’ve got way too many vacant rooms in those facilities, right?

Brilliant budgetary insights. We’ll cut daily medication and treatment costs of a few dollars a day, and replace that cost with a jail cell.

Why don’t we just buy each person on the mental health roll a gun with 2 bullets. We’ll go to Walmart and get a special deal on our Saturday Night specials. Then, a one-hour gun lesson on how to stick the gun in their ear and pull the trigger. We’ll get our lawmakers to do the training, make them look each each crazy in the eyes before sending them to meet the Maker. (The second bullet is because we crazies sometimes require two shots to get things right)

Ugh, and fuck Rick Perry.

Five am and I need Carta Blanca beer.

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15 Responses to “My Comment Problem; More State Budget Smarts”

  1. Yeah, it seems like these fuck nuggets want “less government” because it just seems cool to say. But really, without all of the programs the government administers – an assload of folks would not recognize their lives – and they’re the ones jumping on these nutbag bandwagons listening to and voting FOR the likes of Rick Perry (because you KNOW…it’s THEIR aunt living in her Section 8 housing, on SSD-I and medicaid, and receiving food stamps – so that THEY don’t have to “worry” about her or think about her; if there weren’t all of those “goddamned government programs” – Auntie might have to come live with THEM!) . Talk about cutting of your nose to spite your face. But, Mooner, your post today is spot on. Oh, how this warms my mental health professional heart! (and yeah, I know how you feel about mental health professionals!). Shut up and go have a Carta Blanca.

  2. Streaker Jones says:

    Mooner. Lissen ta tha Reckmonster. Smart. fly chick.

  3. squatlo says:

    … and take your Gram’s “medicine” along with the cold brew.

    We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that thousands (!) of our best and brightest are coming home from two immoral and illegal wars, after seeing and participating in some really horrible things, and most (if not all) of them will suffer some form of PTSD as a result. You know our VAs aren’t capable of handling the load they already have, and every chance Washington gets to dump vet services they slash away like a scene from “Saw” or “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”… We are looking at the tip of a mentally ill/homeless iceburg that will haunt this nation’s streets for decades to come.

    But there’s not enough money to be made in mental health rehabilitation compared to private corrections facilities for incarceration. Prisons are profitable for the folks who build and run them on state contracts, so we’ll always make more room for the loonies we produce.

    I’d rather invest in schools than prisons, but no one asks my opinion.

  4. Squat…do NOT even get me started about the state of the fucking “budget” in the V.A. That is a rant that I could go on and never return from. But, IN THEIR INFINITE FUCKING WISDOM, the dillhole republicans have decided that we need to tighten the purse strings…like these vets coming back in record numbers (with problems the average american asshole could NEVER understand…but voted for the fucking administration that SENT the loyal Americans to these two immoral/illegal wars) will just somehow “go away.” TO CARE FOR HIM WHO HATH BORNE THE BATTLE…that the fucking right-wing money-grubbing war-machine supporting assholes benefited from TREMENDOUSLY in terms of THEIR financial gain. And while we’re at it – FUCK all of the American lemmings whose balls are so microscopic that they actually voted blindly for the idiots who support DECREASING the “services” (for lack of a better word) that will actually help someone they are likely related to or know. Retardation is now an epidemic.
    P.S. Mooner – captchas are for pussies. Just fucking get rid of them for fuck’s sake.

  5. admin says:

    Reck. First, the way we treat our Vets is criminal. I posted awhile back to suggest that Little Georgie Bushkin give all of the profits from his recent novel be donated to returning Vets. Ingratitude to the brave Vets might be the worst of our government’s offenses.

    As for disabling my capcha, did that once and a bunch of right-wing religious fuckballs flooded the site to crashdom. I’m working on a fix as we speak. Good news is a coming!

  6. squatlo says:

    Man, this still sucks. Just came back to read all the comments, including one I posted earlier, and as usual, you’re keeping them all to yourselfish self.


    Found a photo I’ve posted over on mine you’ll enjoy, simply because it puts Knoxville in a very bad light.
    I’m posting one for your horn hookin’ pals tomorrow…

    You’ve been warned.

  7. admin says:

    Yes, suck is the word. Need to find a way to fix without losing everything already posted.

  8. oh snap! If my people Squalto and The Reck Monster are here…then you gotta be cool people! I’m so gonna stalk your ass now! by the way…I LOVE THE LAYOUT!

  9. squatlo says:

    Hey, Moonie! All of the comments are here for your weary travellers to read!

    Did you fix this thing or is it just luring back into complacency?

    Reckmonster is in tune, isn’t she??? Aren’t you glad I found her site for us?

    go ahead and thank me, I’ll wait…

    Brilliant women are worth looking for, in my humble opinion.

  10. admin says:

    T-cat, my baby, baby, baby. Thanks for stopping by. Love your site!

  11. admin says:

    Squat. Dude– everyone who comes here from you is da FLY-SHE-ZITS, to quote the Reckster. And T-cat and SY.

    I manage to fix my problems here… yes, Ben the super comp guru managed to pry everything loose and get it posted. But I’m having major difficulties with my own comments at SY’s place. Can’t do a “Name/URL” and this fucking Vista blocks the others.

    Thanks for the peeps.

  12. ‘Bout damned time you got this comment shit fixed, Mooner! And look out – my sistah T-Cat is in the house…that hooker is CRAZY!!!! You’ll be in for a quite a ride now – your therapist/exwife will probably ban you from all of your blogger friends! hahahahaha

  13. admin says:

    Yea, like I don’t already have enought issues.

  14. Streaker Jones says:

    Mooner. Is yur dealie fucked agin?

  15. admin says:

    UGH!, maybe.

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