7 Dealies And 1 Thingie


So. It’s Monday morning and I have the following observations:

  1. The Packers won the Super Bowl. Who gives a shit. Plus, it pisses me off that they do that stupid fucking, “I’m going to Disney World,” dealie. I hate Disney World. Everything about it.
  2. I’m getting a little thin-nerved when I encounter people who seem to think that homosexuality and ADHD are diseases of choice. So far I have been able to resist choking them until they blow snot bubbles from their ears, but I’m unsure how much longer I can contain my restraints. Maybe I’m wondering about maintaining my controlled restraints on containments. I have an absolute certainty that I’ll get locked up to the loony bin should I create a disturbance so soon after my last, most recent disturbances.
  3. In my last bloggie posting, I foreshadowed my own fuck-up by saying, and here I’ll quote myself, playing the part of myself playing a writer, when I (we) said, “I’ll post the http jobbers for their bloggies at the end of this if I remember.” I don’t know why I keep trying to use reverse psychology on my ownself. I did, of course, forget to post their https, so now I have to take the time to do it. The other award winners, as awarded by the Reckmonster over to her place are: http://www.squatlo-rant.blogspot.comhttp://wwwthepeachy1.blogspot.comhttp://www.thundercat832.blogspot.comhttp://www.musingsofaconfusedwoman.blogspot.com .
  4. This item Number 4. is pissing me off. This is the one where I decided to hire myself a rethinker, you know– a smart and focused person to use as a filter for my thoughts before I speak. I thought (still think) it’s a brilliant fucking idea. But, of course, I go to my regular therapy session early this am, which I’m now calling “buzz-kill central”, and you-know-who shits all over my proposal. [Dr. Sam I. Am Johnson] “Oh for godsakes, Mooner, where do I even start with this one?” [Me] “How about you start with how this is a brilliant fucking idea, then follow with the part that I won’t get into so many toe jams by stuffing my feet in my mouth. I love the taste of a woman’s freshly buffed feet,but mine always leave a nasty-assed taste in my mouth.” [Dr. Shitball] “But Mooner, my dear ex-husband and father to our children (and chief monetary supporter of her fucking psycho therapy dynasty… this is meant to be an aside comment of an aside comment thought by me, Mooner, at the time Sam is saying this shit), that, simply put, is a terrible idea. Anybody stupid enough to stand between your brain and the rest of the world, is well………..”
  5. Squirt and I are starting our journey to find an appropriate cat to give to my ungrateful psycho therapist/ex-wife as the replacement for the Squirt. After considerable research, it seems that the only best way to pick a cat is to allow the fucking cat to pick you. This is problematic, and in many ways. Think about it. How can Squirt and I pick a cat that is best picked by picking us, when the cat’s destiny is to live with Dr. Sam I. Am? I thought this would be easy. Anyway, after considerable considerations, the Squirt had a good idea. We gathered: some photos of Sam and her house and therapy offices; photos of her pantry and friggie and upholstered furniture; pairs of her worn undies, socks and shoes, and sheets from the hamper; cans of tuna and “mixed grill” cat food and a bag of catnip. It’s a pretty day so we’re headed to the Town Lake greenbelt to set up for our cat shopping. (How the fuck can you tell when a cat picks you?)
  6. All of my non-typical visitors have gone back to their own abodes. The weather turned nice and power has been restored everywhere. The only lasting problem is the dent in my food and beer pantries, but I’ll fix those today.
  7. Speaking of beer, Carta Blanca still leaves me uncalled to duty as a paid spokesman for their storied brand. What must a man do to draw their attentions?
  8. Manana, y’all.
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4 Responses to “7 Dealies And 1 Thingie”

  1. AWWWW *hugs* you seem so frustrated boo! I tell you what, go out and GO OFF! I will bail you out and I even have a fantastic lawyer 😉

  2. THA FUCK? This site has become your fucking therapy journal. Dr. SAM should at least cut you a fucking break on the rates – on account of you doing so much “outside” work on your own. I think you’re headed in the right direction with the cat and how to snag one for the money grubbing bitch. You procreated with her? Ay cono carajo. I say you let Squirt be your “Rethinker.”

  3. admin says:

    Reck. Thanks for your support. I agree with you.

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