For The Reckmonster; Help Our Vets (Reprint From 10/2010)


So. We had a good meal at La Fogata down to San Antonio. Squirt was a scream as she sat like a “good girl”, not begging at the table for food scraps. She so wanted to beg that she was vibrating.

She’d look up at me with this face that says, “I’ve just been released by kidnappers who didn’t feed me for two weeks.” She sat mumbling and whining, but not begging through most of the meal. But when our waitress delivered the fresh guava empanadas with vanilla ice cream- she lost it.

She hopped around in circles for a minute and then sat up like a bunny rabbit, this giant expectant grin on her face. But she didn’t say anything, so I said to her, I say, “Good girl, Squirt.”

She thought my comment meant she was getting a bite of my dessert. When it didn’t come, Squirt threw herself to the ground and grumbled. “Good girl my rosy red ass. Ach um himmels willen. Qu’est-ce qu’une fille doit faire to get a fucking morsel ya chakula around here.”

Just as I wound up to scold her, Gram pinched a small piece of her empanada and pitched it to the Squirt. “Stop yer bitchin, ya little German monster. I never saw a mutt didn’t think about nothing but her stomach.”

I jumped to grab Squirt before she could slaughter five languages to give it back to Gram. Otherwise, the meal was great.

We got home just in time to catch 60-Minutes on the tube. The piece about homeless vets was on. I can’t stop thinking about it.

I am stoutly anti-war, a position I carried from birth, then lost in the late 1980’s, and found again when Bush Two invaded Iraq. I have come to the conclusion that America knows neither why to go to war, nor how to win one.

I now believe that WWII taught us that war can be big business, so we practiced in Korea to wet our beak in conflict for profits. The Korean Conflict, not the Korean War because we were just practicing, gave us that first shot of societal Novocaine. The drug to numb our intellect and help us adjust to losing wars, but gaining profits.

Since Hitler had taught us so much about propaganda in the recent past, we also practiced and perfected the spin doctoring that I think has ruined the art of history forever. How can history ever be accurate again? When special interest groups control news, there is no accuracy in truth.

Now I’m ranting and digressing my point, which is this.

Shame on us, shame on America for not protecting and caring for our soldiers as they return home. Shame on all of us. We recruited men and women to go fight in Iraq and Afghanistan starting in 2001 during the greatest economic growth period in history.

While they are off fighting a stupid ego and business-driven war, the same bunch who sent them to war were busy destroying our robust economy for even more profits. By the time it’s decided to wind things down in the war zones, those brave people come back to a broken economy, broken marriages, and broken dreams.

Many come back to a broken America, broken themselves. They endured unimaginable hardships fighting these wars we don’t fight to win. We didn’t even provide them with adequate armor for their bodies or vehicles. SWAT police go to work with better protection than our soldiers have to go to war.

Their Rules of Engagement, which we learned to crisply write in Viet Nam, basically require of troops to take casualties before they can defend themselves. If you want to know if a war is just, I say read the Rules of Engagement. If you want to know if a war is instead business-driven, therein lies your answer.

So we bust them out of their jobs, take them from their families, put them in harm’s way, then give harm additional advantages. They fight bravely, sometimes heroically. Then, they come home missing limbs, missing life and many missing sanity as well. They return to a hero’s welcome, right?

They return home to a cold shoulder, a hideously under-funded veteran support structure and a corporate business structure with no more need for them. A retired soldier is no more profitable than a dead one, right? It’s all about the bottom line.

Where are you George W. Bush? Why the fuck are you not standing out in front to show support for the men and women you sent to fight your stupid fucking wars? Show some gratitude and raise money and awareness of the plight of returning soldiers. Help them get medical treatment and housing and jobs.

Do one right thing in your pampered life. Pay these people back for trusting you to care for them. Repay the trust they honored you with.

Get your spoiled ass on the road and raise money. Be a man, George, and do something for someone with actual needs. For one time in your silly fucking life.

You want a legacy other than “History’s dumbest national leader”?

Be a man. Help our vets.

The rest of us need to do something also. I going to grab a sixer of cold Carta Blanca beer and figure out what I’m going to do.

Manana, y’all.

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4 Responses to “For The Reckmonster; Help Our Vets (Reprint From 10/2010)”

  1. Squato says:

    That one’s timeless, Mooner. glad you reposted it!

  2. I love you, Mooner! You have officially stolen my bitchy, frothy, obnoxious little heart!!! And a big mother fucking resounding AMEN! on this post! I live this every day I walk through the doors at my hospital…watching America’s finest citizens (old and young) getting jilted out of WHAT WAS PROMISED TO THEM IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE! Cutbacks, policy changes, condensing of services, you name it…they’re getting shafted. And I hate it, hate it, hate it! But I think you are the SCHIZ for reposting this! You’re a fucking rock star, man!!

  3. admin says:

    Reck. Does this mean you’ll do the the gooey mold booty cast for me?

  4. Fine, Mooner. Send your guy over.

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