Planned Anarchy Is No Anarchy At All; ADHD Kills


So. Today’s bloggie posting is an experiment. I sat down to the keyboard with absolutely nothing to say. Nothing is planned, I have no Postie Notes outline to guide me, and I don’t have anything bugging me more than anything else.

My ADHD is active, as usual, but the activities are more like the Mississippi as it rambles through the Louisiana Delta in a dry summer, rather than a flood-fueled Colorado River as it gouges new boundaries through the Grand Canyon.

Same comparative brainwave activities, different looks.

This morning’s ADHD influences are of the still-water-runs-deep variety, and that is as comfortable as my frazzled brain ever gets.

Except that I just started this entire posting with a lie. I said I had nothing to say, no planned thoughts. Except I did have a plan, which was to not have a plan. I was simply going to sit to the keyboard and start typing. But that’s a fucking plan.


OK, let’s examine this because now I’m wondering about the definition of a word, one of my favorites. Anarchy.

Effectively, anarchy would be when there is no structured government, right? Sort of an every man for himself dealie. Like before there was any civilization at all. Before the first two humans on planet reached any agreements– and certainly before sex had been had the first time.

I find it impossible to believe that anybody had any sex without someone setting out ground rules of some kind. Think on this logic:

“Rules equal agreement; agreement equals structure; structure equals structure and therefore, ipso facto and shazam we’ve got ourselves the first fucking government. A set of rules for interactions between one, or more, parties.”

So, and follow my logic string here because I’m having a difficult time following me, I think the next knot in my logic string is this:

“Unless you outlaw sex during anarchy, there will be no anarchy. And since you can’t stop people from sexing, there is no such thing as anarchy.”

Right? But then, if you have the rule for sex, you have a rule, which means an agreement and agreements beget (begot?) structures and then we’re back to that entire government thingie. And then there is no anarchy.

Now, I hope that you are getting the drift of my mangled thinkings this morning. I have managed to prove that one of my favorite words doesn’t exist. Anarchy is not a real word.

Now, don’t start on me with, “Yes, Mooner, but what if everyone agrees to have no rules? Won’t that negate your logicalizations?”

“Nope,” I would say. “You used the word ‘agree’ and that negates your negater and double-negativities back to my point.”

Then you might say, “OK, but what if the people don’t agree among themselves to have no rules, they just decide as individuals to have no rules.”

“Well,” I’d tell you, “how is agreeing with yourself distinguished from agreement with others in my logic string?”

It isn’t.

Double ugh.

Now I’m starting to fritz. Think about this. Anarchy is one of those words whose original design was to define limits. You know, yin to a yang. If having a government that controls all aspects of your life using a belief system that you disagree with is yin, then anarchy is yang. Right?

Like what we have in many state governments now. In my state, I’ve got a Christian-based belief system guiding men of low morals and intelligence to write stupid laws and make ignorant decisions for me. In my fevered mind I was thinking of suggesting anarchy as the antidote to the poison of their venomous governing.

Ugh, again. I think I need help with this one. I need to consult with Squatlo and Reckmonster and Thundercat832, get a side of the Peachster and find a way to logicalize myself back into anarchy.

The sick result of today’s bloggie plan is this conclusion. With my ADHD-fueled synapses creating dozens of disparate and disconnected thoughts, and all without any organization whatsoever, the only anarchy in the world might be inside my own brain.


I need a Carta Blanca beer and some therapy.

Manana, y’all.

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9 Responses to “Planned Anarchy Is No Anarchy At All; ADHD Kills”

  1. Mooner, you don’t have anarchy in your brain. You make your brain follow rules – even when it drives you bonkers. Besides, anarchy is overrated. Who the fuck wants to live in a world with NO rules? I’m sorry, I must have the rules. The rules that say if you’re driving and I let you in front of me, you give me my fucking “Thank You!” wave. The rules that say Blue Moon draft beer MUST be served with an orange slice. The rules that say if you are a woman, you’d BETTER trim those fucking chin hairs before you head out in public. The rules that say I can say anything I want in this great country (short of threatening to “off” someone). The rules that say I can vote even though I have a va-jay-jay. The rules that brought BACK Mooner’s ability to purchase Carta Blanca beer. The rules that say deodorant is required at the peak of summer time.

    Without those kinds of rules, Mooner, it would just be uncivilized. I’m not down with being uncivilized. I am all about questioning shit if you don’t agree with it. I’m am all about saying what you think about the shit you don’t agree with (short of you threatening to “off” someone). Just take the word anarchy out of your vocabulary. See…problem solved?

  2. Squato says:

    Anarchy in and of itself would suck, Mooner. We’d lose college football, for God’s sake! Can you imagine what the dickwads down here in this southern heat would do without college fucking football to help defuse their vicarious testosterone sloshing dementia? Why, we’d go around poisoning 130 year old oak trees and stuff like that!

    Listen to Reckem, she’s a wise woman (and probably knows more about your disorders than you do…)

    BTW, I’ve written a post entirely devoted to the evolution of internet pornography, and had you in the back of my mind (Jenna jameson was in the front) when I started writing. I’m sure you have some stories and comments to add to my sordid tale.

    In the meantime, gotta say I loved your line about low morals and intelligence writing laws for you to follow. Yep… There’s a lot of that shit going around.

  3. The day they outlaw sex, is the day they give me the death sentence! I can’t live without it! Hell, even when I’m getting it on the regular, I LOVE TO HAVE IT BY MY DAMN SELF! I don’t know why, I’ve been a little freak like that since I was 13. Ha, let them try to outlaw that shit…I will cause a large rebellion!

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  5. admin says:

    Reck. Will you please be my new therapist. I like your rules and your strength of character. We could bond over some cold Carta Blanca beers and sweaty sex[talk]. Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. admin says:

    Squat. I get your points and shall likewise visit your porn site exposition. I need to clarify why the idea of losing anarchy is such a problem for me.

  7. admin says:

    T-cat. The man who could outlaw sex with you in the world is a dickless troglodite. I’ll stand at your side [behind too] to fight those efforts.

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