Judge Jesus Rules; FRP!

So.  Yesterday that dumbass Michelle Bachmann, Republican tea bagger from Meenie-sota, informed the fine folks of New Hampshire that they, “Fired the shot heard around the world.” Here I thought it was only the right-wing Christian legislators in Texas pushing revisionist history. 
 But who can blame Mz. Bachmann? Massachusetts is solidly Democratic and we can’t let Democrats have credit for starting the Tea Bagger Party, now can we? If we can’t give Mother Nature and natural selection any credits in biology class, we for damn sure can’t let Bostonian’s have credit for igniting the Teabaggers.
  I had a dream last night that didn’t involve celebrity camel toes. My dream-scape dance card has been booked with pocket poochies of the rich and famous for months. While pleasant, these dreams were becoming boring. I have always had vivid Technicolor dreams with interesting subjects and subject matters. But how many times can you dream of having your nose buried in celebrity crotches before it gets old?
 Months, for sure, but after a certain time a guy wants to dream about something else.
 Anyway, last night I had this dream with Adolph Hitler, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Glen Beck and Jesus in it. It was a courtroom trial dream, which I often have, and I was the prosecutor and Glen Beck was the defense attorney. Rick Perry and Adolph Hitler were charged with “Crimes against the future of their peoples”, and Jesus was the judge.
 I won’t go into the details because I’m thinking if I write a second book, I’ll put them there. What I will say is this. Glen Beck’s defense of the Texas governor used precisely the same logic as his defense of Hitler. I guess the reasons for banning and burning books never changes.
 The verdict and punishment as judged by Jesus was incredible, and the reason I’m saving the bulk of this dream. But I will give you the personal insight I have gained from participating in that courtroom drama.
 Shallow wells soon dry up.
 So, I hoist a cold Carta Blanca beer to the future. Manana, y’all.


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  1. Squatlo says:

    Yep, still got the post from yesterday up, Mooner. Is there a new one? I’d nuke this blog host if I were you, just start over with Blogster and we’ll all find you there with a lot less trouble. This would make me nuts. Or more nuts. More nuts! What a concept!

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