Theo Responds Part One


So. What a glorious weekend in Austin, Texas. In spite of the many technical issues suffered here to my webber, I’m in a great mood. The weather was crisp at night and warm during daylight. I love when the overnight temps stay in the 50’s. First, nothing beats open-window sleep when the temps are cool and the air is crisp. Second, and far more important, is that the blooms on my hundreds of tomato plants in our big garden will set with a high degree of success as long as the overnight temps are between 52 and 60-degrees.

I checked things yesterday and if we can get some rain, I’m harvesting a bumper crop this year. Also, and this is to “Nanny-nanny-boo-boo” the Tennessee Connection, I’ll be plucking Early Girls within a week! And you all know how I feel about early girls.

And in more good news, I have received emails from Theo and he has given me permission to post some, or all of them. My rule is that I will post any comment so long as it contains no threats and is not too repetitive, and I will not publish your emails to me without your permission.

Theo’s emails were in response to my challenge for him to step up and take a big boy swing at the plate. I asked him to tell us who he is, what makes him tick, and to give us some logic-based discourse in support of his conservative views. I promised him a forum, and I’m glad I did. Here is the first of Theo’s emails, unedited except to double-space it:

“Theo’s First Email”


(1) It has been both hard to read and post on your website. Your last post stated you were having some technical problems. That post and multiple comments are now missing as of 3/27/11 @ 11:30am Pacific time on my computer. I hope they are fixed soon. I am e-mailing you this so you get it today if you can’t get things back up and running smoothly. (I have been noticing more than subtle changes in the internet but am not ready to commit to a conspiracy theory yet. I guess that’s what happens when Obama gives the internet away but that is a posting subject for another day)

(2) In regards to your history of sexual abuse, of course being raped DOES NOT make you less of a man. Men who have sex with men are not less than men for that matter ( I am not saying you do, I am making a point). I apologize for the priest-altar boy statement, it went too far. The psychological trauma and wounds may have healed but the scars last almost forever and should not be reopened.

(3) Here is my mini-bio if you’re really interested. I was raised conservative by hard working professionals in the northwest. Went into the military out of high school. Did a bunch of college credits throughout my enlisted time. Honorably discharged and went to college. Dual degree in biology and chemistry. My minors were poly sci and economics. Masters in chemistry. PhD in physical chemistry. Some asshole talked me into applying for medical school. Completed med school and went into internal medicine. Now sub-specialize in pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine. I work at a major medical academic center where I get to use both my PhD and sub-specialty training in research, teaching and clinical practice. I own and operate a successful business on the side.

(4) Single but was previously married. My wife and 2 kids were killed by a drunk driver. My wife was a physician and was head of the psychiatry department of where I work, thus my familiarity with psychiatric terms.

(5) I like and identify with the conservative Tea Party movement. (I know what you’re thinking, they are not racist as much as the MSM would just love for them to be.) I am not a fan of the “Rovian Republican Patriarchs” i.e. the Bushes et al as they are big spenders as well. I’ll make you a bet that the Republicans put up a Mitt Romney and Jed Bush ticket. I am probably less of a fan of the Clintons and think Obama is completely unqualified and grossly incompetent (which he has proved multiple times). My uncle was a long time Supreme Court Justice of Illinois, the stories i could tell about the Chicago Machine as well as Obama ………

(6) I do not blame God for my wife and son’s deaths and I have no problem with religion. However, I do have the same visceral reaction to alcohol and alcoholics that you do to organized religions. I must really maintain tight control and put it into perspective as there are high percentages of alcoholics and alcohol related disease at any hospital.

(7) I appreciate the offer to post. I am busy. I have 2 full time jobs that keep me at a dead run. I have time to make comments because I can multi-task unlike Squnt. I will place a post but will send it to this e-mail account and you let me know if it’s something you want to tackle.

(8) I have adopted Saul Alinsky’s community organizing technique now made more famous by Obama’s statement about “getting into people’s faces” when I post. I understand that people have the right to their opinion however, when they twist or misquote facts……


This is but the first Theo posting in this series. I decided to make this a series. I won’t let this dominate my postings because, quite honestly, this is my fucking webber jobbie. But I like debate, I want to hear logical argument in opposition to my own positions. I can change my mind if it needs changing.

I find myself already positively influenced by Theo, and therefore I say to you, “Drink Carta Blanca beer, but do it responsibly.”

Manana, y’all.

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3 Responses to “Theo Responds Part One”

  1. Squatlo says:

    Mooner: First of all, your problems are still fucking this thing up for everyone… had to dump all temp files and delete cookies, favorites, and everything else THEN do a complete restart just to get over to find that Theo can be civil. Who knew?

    Theo, when you come to someone’s blog, blast away in the comments section like a lunatic with a flamethrower, it’s hard for anyone to take your message seriously. If you had leveled a charge or two, noted your problems with theories or philosophies and kept it above the belt like you did in this email to Mooner, I never would have deleted or blocked your comments. Honest debate doesn’t scare me, it’s what I live for. But I could send you back your first few comments to my blog and anyone with an unbiased eye would recognize the hostility and blatant homophobic references that permeated them all. Personally, I don’t care what you think of my sexuality or preferences and don’t feel the need to qualify my heterosexuality in order to pass some playground macho test from a bully… so when I say your comment tenor was off-putting, it’s an understatement.

    If you want to comment at my place and can “play well with others” as you’ve shown here, I’ll post your comments like I would anyone else’s. Not sure if you’re even interested in doing that, so I won’t belabor the point. My buddy Mooner (we’ve secretly been lovers for decades, don’t tell anyone at the VFW when you’re out on the town) seems to have brought out a less-beligerent individual than I thought possible. We might even have more in common than you think… If you can get over the fact that I enjoy a good beer buzz, think organized religion is the root of all evil, and that the Republican party in general and the Tea Party in particular can best be described as the “I/Me/Mine” party of selfish and mean-spirited folks who display “only child syndrome” at every turn.

    You sound like a busy man, and I apologize for suggesting you were still living in your mom’s basement playing Warcraft with the other forty-five year old virgins.

    Mooner’s like Windham Hill music, he soothes the savage beast.

    I’m nominating him for a Nobel Peace Prize…

  2. Theo says:

    (1) Can’t we all just get along? ……(picture holding hands around the camp fire)….. Kumbya my Lord Kumbya, oh Lord Kumbya…Yes I agree that Mooner deserves the Peace Prize as much as Obama did…..

    (2) Squat, some people can dish it out but can’t take it. Like pics of Palin with captions reading you’re full of shit. It may be your opinion but it is usually the people that become so calloused by their own biases that act all indignant and shocked when people make fun right back at them….

    (3) In the current atmopshere of detente, I fully apologize to Squatlo for what he considers to be flaming his posts.

    (4) I think that Buckley summed up liberals pretty well………“Liberals, it has been said, are generous with other peoples’ money, except when it comes to questions of national survival when they prefer to be generous with other people’s freedom and security.”

  3. Oh for CHRIST’S sake…is this now the fucking Mooner, Squat, Theo blog???? The boys only blog?? Mooner, you’d better get back to some of your “crazy” posting bullshit soon or else I am NOT going to be your 12th wife. And, I just might stop following you on Twatter.

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