Update On Theo Comments And Theo Commenters


So. Basically what I’m doing today is making replies to posted comments. The reason I’m doing it here is because I can’t make a reply as the administrator on my own fucking website. I spend hours replying to the now voluminous comments, and my replies evaporate into thin ether-net air like compassion at a Teabagger Convention.

I can only hope that all of the commenter can view their comments. Sometimes it takes awhile for GoYoDaddy to update, so be patient.

Maybe the easiest and most understandable way to do this is to do a report. Since I promised Theo I would provide him an open forum to air his views, he has posted numerous times. So far, he has kept his efforts mostly civil, he has maintained an air of apparent intelligence and he’s said a couple funny things.


I guess the next logical step in the progression would be for Theo to either pick up the gauntlet and run with it, or he can simply run the gauntlet as challenged. It isn’t enough to mention subjects and subject matters if your challenge is to state your views and explain why you support them. Several times, Theo, you have commented that I/we liberals don’t think there are any views other than our own; you accused us of being single opinionated.

That would be to accuse us of what we accuse you to be. Fair enough. But you need to express an opinion and support it with the why– facts, reasons, theories, emotions even.

Take, for example, a specific slam you directed at me. You stated that I, “Seem to have some real God issues…,” and, “…Was it one of those priest-alter boy things?”

Since you are a new reader here, let me help you. I have no God issue at all. I have an issue with any person who attempts to force me to live by his religious beliefs or standards. I also have a problem with anyone who thinks that his religion provides the only access to God and/or heaven. I think that there are many paths and many Gods a man can follow. So you missed the mark on that one, and by a large margin. Maybe you can show me why I should change my opinions there.

As for the priest-alter boy statement– bulls-eye. Same thing as a bulls-eye. It wasn’t a priest, it was my Baptist deacon Boy Scout leader who raped me as a kid. But what would be your point with that? Why is that important to you? Why am I less of a man to you because I was raped? Do you think that gives you authority to call me unflattering names? Why do you have disdain in your heart rather than compassion for me?

What was your point, Theo? Do you think I’m less a man for having been raped? Really?

I will say this again. Theo, I have a very strong sense that you have something useful to say. I think that you may have intelligent and well-thought positions on issues that might be cogent argument in support of conservative viewpoint.

We can make it personal. You can go back through my stuff here and pick something I’ve done, and then pick it apart. Show me where I’m wrong and tell me why. I have the thick skin of Hannibal’s reference. Or choose your own topic, I don’t give a shit either way.

OK, news. Gram snagged a big carp on yesterday’s fishing trip and refused to throw it back. We do our pier fishing with cane poles and light-weight spin cast rods. The carp, sixteen pounds when I weighed it at home, swallowed the hook on Gram’s rod and took it straight to the bottom of the lake to digest it. Gram’s struggles were almost as funny as Squirt’s reactions.

Gram is cussing and tugging and sweating, her skinny frame of knotted-rope muscles all taught and shaking. Squirt was right beside Gram the entire time, barking and swearing right alongside. Cursing and barking in a dozen different languages.

After ten minutes of laughing as we watched Gram and her shadow fight and cuss, I offered to take over for her. She thought she had a big catfish and refused to give up. I remain amazed at that old gasbag’s strength, perseverance and vocabulary.

“Ain’t no fucking way I’m a givin up, Mooner. Gonna land this pussy catfish an your cookin me one a them puddin Phillipines noodle dishes with it.”

What she meant, I think, was I was to prepare pad Thai noodles with catfish. But it was a carp, a nasty, smelly and slimy carp.

Didn’t matter. “Yer fixin me this here carpal, Mooner. I done worked too hard ta land him.”

I was shocked when the fish tasted good. I fixed it by deep frying the seasoned and flour-dusted fillets and then smothered a Thai sauce heavy with ginger, curry and lemon grass. It was actually yummy.

Served it with rice, carrots and Carta Blanca beer. Manana, y’all.

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