De-Civilization; Nobody Stopped


So. I’ve been missing in action for a few days because my hand hurts too much to type. I had a terrible car wreck Sunday morning and smashed the Chevy Tahoe I drive for work into recycled, mangled parts. Luckily, I am basically OK, except for bruises, contusions and maybe some bone fractures in my right hand and foot.

I won’t discuss the specifics here because the man who ran a red light and pulled in front of me said it was my fault. I will say that ABS brakes, air bags and crumple zones in today’s modern cars likely saved three lives, and prevented any serious injuries.

I did have one of those slow-motion experiences and will tell you about it after the insurance companies figure what to do about the “He says, and the other he says the opposite” dealie. What I will now say is this.

When you witness an accident you should stop and render aid. It’s the law, for one thing, and the most basic of human kindness for enough more. This wreck was witnessed by people in at least a dozen other cars and not a single person stopped.

Not one single fucking person bothered to even see if the three humans involved in a major accident were OK. This wreck happened at a time when people were headed to church. I saw how some were dressed in church lady finery as they slowed to look for carnage but refused to stop.

My guess is that many said a prayer to their God that we were all alright, and I bet each said a, “Thank God that wasn’t me,” prayer during the reflection time in their church service.

I am terribly offended by my fellow man right now. I’m hurt and disappointed that I might have literally been ignored to death. If one of us in the accident had needed some immediate life saving help…. well that was just too fucking bad. These fine folks had an appointment with God at church.

My family raised me to put the safety of my fellow man at the top of my to-do list when I see one of those situations. I stop when I see a wreck, I stop when I see a car beside the road. I stop when I see someone in any kind of distress. I get involved when I see someone endangered by the actions of another person.

Don’t strike a woman, don’t bully a kid, don’t seriously abuse a waiter in my presence. I’m that guy, the big one, who takes sides for the little ones.

Gram says I’m too sensitive about this. “Who gives a shit, Mooner. Yer OK. Now shut yer yap an pass me tha tomaters.”

I see Gram’s point and I am grateful that I have but aches and pains, and a completely ruined large SUV. I just see this as one more bit of evidence that the human race is de-civilizing. Somehow all of the religious factioning is fracturing the fabric of humanity. Maybe that should be religious factionizing.

Ugh. Carta Blanca beer won’t soothe this one.

Manana, y’all.

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6 Responses to “De-Civilization; Nobody Stopped”

  1. Squatlo says:

    Mooner, Glad you survived the “he said/I said” encounter with workable injuries. Could’ve been much worse, from the sound of things.
    I agree with you on the apathetic nature of modern man. We’re too wrapped up in our own problems to give ten minutes of our precious time to check on the welfare of others these days. I’ve been the first person on the scene of half a dozen wrecks in my life, and I’m always amazed that people will sit behind my stopped vehicle blowing a horn because I’ve left it blocking traffic to prevent a pile up from getting piled into…
    Once had to help a cop pull a motorcyclist back out of a windshield he was halfway through… while the station wagon’s driver (stuck under the steering wheel) screamed because the biker was bleeding on him… and all the while, cars rolled by and drivers rubbernecked without offering to help.

    Here’s where it’s all forgiven though. Every now and then you see a gesture, something inconsequential to most, but moving to others, and it makes it all better. When my dad’s funeral procession was rolling through the countryside on the way to the graveyard some of the approaching cars (not all, but some) pulled over and put on their headlights out of respect for the passing hearse and funeral procession. A black man was jogging up the side of the road, saw the oncoming funeral, stopped, took off his cap, and put his hand over his heart as we passed.
    I’m not a sentimental fool who tears up over minor things, but have to admit, that caused me to choke up. You don’t see that kind of thing very often these days, with everyone in an I/Me/Mine frame of mind, so I’ve learned to appreciate it when I see it.

    And I pay it forward.

    Hurry up and marry Reckem, she’s planting ‘maters two weeks early just to keep up with your ass!!!

  2. WHAT?!! Someone tried to kill and then lie on my future fiance?! I.will.kick.someone’s.ass!!! And they didn’t even stop to see if he was okay and get the secret recipe for growing tomatoes?! UNBELIEVABLE! Well, Dear Mooner, I am glad that you’re okay (from the accident – we all know you’re not really “okay” in general…tee hee hee). That is so raunchy that no one stopped! I’ll admit that I am no prize-winning first responder – but I will stop and call 911 and see if everyone is okay. I’ve even stopped (where people have already gotten out to see if the people in the accident were okay) to give my business card to the party who was “in the right” so that they would have someone as a witness. I’ve had a couple of insurance companies call me. I stopped once for this young teenage girl who got clipped by a truck making a fucked up turn – and the poor girl was in tears – I let her use my cell phone – and when she was on the phone with her dad – she was even MORE upset bc he thought it was her fault – so I offered to speak to him – and I explained to him that there was nothing she could have done to avoid the accident because it was simply NOT HER FAULT. I hope that her old man lightened up on her. People just suck these days. Sorry that you had an accident AND a shitty experience with human beings. If it were me and Squat…and you had that accident in TN – you know DAMNED well we would have stopped for you!!!! XO and feel better!!!

  3. Squatlo says:

    Welcome back, Mooner!!!!!!!!!

  4. Squatlo says:

    Hey, I didn’t have to purge my cookies to get here, either…. unless this isn’t your most current post, you may have fixed this mother>>>

  5. Dammit, your website may be another element in the prenuptial agreement…FIX IT FIRST…or the deal with number 12 doesn’t get sealed!!

    Oh, and glad to see you’re back, dahhhhhhhling! 🙂

  6. Squat. Yes, it appears to be fixed. Changing Hosts was the final. (I hope)

    Reck, Baby. I love when you go all hardball and make conditions and shit. It is good to be back!

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