Environment To Suffer For Rick Perry


So. Here we go again. The Texas state legislature is gearing up to fuck us once more. A Sunset Bill is being readied at the bidding of Governor Rick “Fuck the environment, I want more businesses” Perry that will gut and castrate our state’s environmental protection agency.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is what we call our environmental protection group. You might wonder why we would take the protection out of our environmental quality, but you would be forgetting that our state’s legislature has been big business controlled since George W. Bush was elected governor.

Legislators from around the country keep asking why Texas has seen so much business growth since Bush was elected. Of course Prick Perry takes all the credit and explains his tactics as smart thinking and free market supportive. The reality is quite a different commodity.

The main method employed to lure new business to Texas has been to reduce or eliminate the new companies’ property tax burdens. In Texas we have no state income tax, so our main method to raise taxes to support our state and city governments, oh yea– and our fucking public schools, is with property taxes. Some of these incentives equate to many millions of dollars in lost revenues to local governments and school systems.

The “You don’t have to pay property taxes” method is the in-your-face and obvious way Texas has enticed new business enterprise. We have also had the governor work behind the scenes with various state agencies to “adapt” regulations to better “accommodate” a company’s needs. Special dispensations for new businesses are more common in Texas than dollar bills in a titty bar.

The legislation I mentioned is a clear demonstration of just how greedy the conservative Christian right has become. Historically, at the federal level and in every state in the union, when it comes to any business plan that has objectionable environmental issues, the business planning whatever is objectionable is responsible to provide the proof that its plan is safe for the environment. In other words, if you want to open a 25,000-acre strip coal mine next to the river and the neighbors are unhappy and the Sierra Club thinks it is a bad idea– the mining company has to prove that it is protecting the environment and the project will have no negative environmental impact.

When I upgraded my license to produce compost almost ten years ago, I spent about $400,000 in costs directly contributed to demonstrating the environmental safety of my operations. Landfill operators, mining companies, cement plants and the like can spend millions of dollars on each of their projects to do the same.

Folks, it takes millions of dollars of investigation to be certain some of these business plans are safe. The cost of these investigations has always been born by the businesses that will profit from the operations when opened. But if this bill passes, the burden of proof will shift to the public.

That’s right, folks, Alcoa won’t be required to spend $10 million to provide the research that its strip coal mine expansion is safe, the family farmers and homeowners whose property will be ruined must foot that bill. Texas families who won’t have a combined net worth of $10 million will be held responsible to prove Alcoa’s plans are unsafe.

To again quote The Reckmonster, “WHAT IN THE HOLY FUCK???”

Am I the only one that sees this as screwy? To me, we just declared the environment of Texas to be “Guilty until proven innocent”. The same as if you were arrested for murder and was required to prove you didn’t do it. Sort of how things were with that fuckball Adolf Hitler. I wonder if Rick Perry is the same hight as that little German shitwad?

A bigger problem with this is that many other state legislatures have come to Texas to, “Learn how to do it too.” That means that our cancer will spread to a state near you.

I need to start looking for a compatible donor. I’m drinking Carta Blanca so early and so often, I’ll need a liver transplant by the end of the year.

Manana, y’all.

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5 Responses to “Environment To Suffer For Rick Perry”

  1. Squatlo says:

    First of all, it’s soooo cool to come over here without having to reboot my computer, dump cookies and temporary files, and basically submit to a GoDaddy cavity search to read your blog. Many thanks for finally having enough of that shit and getting it all put together…

    This kind of environmental-spasm legislation is what happens when the Chamber of Commerce owns a legislature. They see big bidness as the ultimate responsibility of government, and it must be encouraged, deregulated, and be given loads and loads of incentives, tax breaks, and subsidies at the expense of all else. Why else would the “bold and courageous” Ryan budget plan in DC give energy companies $40 billion in subsidies PER FUCKING YEAR while cutting medicare, education, health services, and vet benefits?
    At some point (as Texas burns) your shitheaded fart in the wind governor will ask the Feds to step in with federal tax dollars to help put out the fires, clean up the messes, and all the other emergency response stuff he was willing to secede away from a month ago… and I wish the feds would politely tell Rick Perry to please suck a cock on the public square in Austin before they consider sending his ass a dime in aid. Explain to us again how that secession thing would work when you need our help, asshole…

    The environment isn’t something Rick Perry or any other Republican is concerned about. There will always be a nice place for them to play golf and ride their horsies, it just might not be in Texas when they’re through with it. Landfills aren’t built next to THEIR gated communities, so they’re okay, too. When Houston’s air quality is on a par with that brown sludge they breathe in Bejiing, someone might wonder who gave away the henhouse to the foxes… but by then it will be too late.

    Drink up, Mooner. Your state is afire, your leaders are corrupt, and moving to Mexico might not be a bad idea in a year or two.

    Up here we’re debating whether or not to strip mine and pave the Cumberland Mountain Plateau, and now that the GOP controls both houses of our legislature AND the gov’s mansion, guess who’s winning that fight…

    “you pave paradise and put up a parking lot…” as Joni would sing.

    I need a beer. If I weren’t so hung over from last night, I’d get drunk.

  2. admin says:

    Squat. I think what drives me most crazy about this issue is that we ware talking about our planet here. Our unique, carbon/nitrogen/oxygen rich, water covered planet. The one known place in all of the universes where the special circumstances exist to have created, nurtured and developed protoplasm.

    If you are a Christian, how the fuck can you not be an environmental protector? How can you take Genisis as God’s true words and support plundering Alaska’s tundra for oil? Doesn’t God tell Christians to nurture Nature?


    Thanks for supporting me here. I’m feeling lonely.

  3. I got yer back, Mooner. And I love that you quote my profanities. I used to live in Texas (a bajillion years ago) and have never been a huge fan. Now, after reading all that you have to report about the political workings in your state, I’m even less of a fan. The only thing I will say I swear by – the table-side made guacamole at the restaurants on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. To die for. But, if you’re comparing Prick Perry to Adolf…you’d better be prepared for relocation re: wifey # 12… Just sayin’…

  4. We should get together and tar n feather this mother fucker already! I think I already have the ski masks….hmmmm my cousins Dey Dey and them are already using them if you know what I mean…but if they don’t get caught he’ll bring them back to me and it’s on and popping! 😉 lol

  5. admin says:

    Reck and T-cat. What a support system I have with the two of you. I had a dream the other night that Prick Perry shot himself with his girly pistol when he was out jogging. In the dream he gets frieghtened when he thinks a garden hose is a rattle snake.

    I guess I’ll have to live with my dreams. By the way– I think the three of us would make a great tuxedo cookie.

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