@Monkeeboy Saves Day; @Reckmonster And @Thundercat832 Must Approve Fixes


So. I’m so happy I could shit myself. After months of fighting operational difficulties here to my bloggie and webber, I think they are fixed. My confidence in the fixes remains at the “cross your fingers” stage, but like Gram said at dinner last night when I said I was tentative about the fixes, she said, “Who gives a shit, Mooner. That Monkee-Ass feller done picked tha boogers outta yer spiderweb. Now quit yer bitchin an fetch me an Hilda a fresh beer.”

Fresh beer would be icy cold Carta Blanca long necks, Monkee-ass would be Monkee-boy.com and the boogers in my spiderweb would be the bloggie and webber pains in my ass I’ve had for the last half-year.

I just thought that an ass fistula was painful.

Let me say this about that, and then I’ll shut up about it. For starters, I’m less than a rank amateur at a computer keyboard. I have had an assistant for most of my adult life and my current assistant, that would be Gnat, has been with me for most of twenty years. Gnat keeps as much of my life as can be organized, organized, she keeps my appointment schedules and reminds me to do shit and she makes my excuses when I forget shit.

Gnat doesn’t like me to write about her and she’s going to be mightily pissed when she reads my forthcoming book, Full Rising Mooner.

I’m a hunt-n-pecker typist, I’m scatter-brained, I have no internal filters so I’m quite inappropriate, and, by the way, I’ve got a killer case of the ADHD. When I sit to the computer keyboard to type stuff I’m always thinking about something else and going off on tangents. Then, next thing you know– I’ve fucked something up.

Now. This computer problem started when I was invaded by Catholic hackers, allegedly, and was surely exacerbated by my lack of computer savvy. I love the word “savvy”, don’t you?

I am dead certain that I made things worse with my efforts to fix things. My Gram often accuses me of making things worse. She’ll say, “Oh fer shitsakes, Mooner. Stop picking tha scabs offa stuff.”

Anyway, hip-hip-hooray, my problems are over!

Unless they are not over. Please try to comment on this to tell me if you have any difficulties. Thanks, and manana, y’all.

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One Response to “@Monkeeboy Saves Day; @Reckmonster And @Thundercat832 Must Approve Fixes”

  1. Squatlo says:

    Mooner, I’ve been coming over here for four days and finding nothing but the last post wherein Theo says farewell. So once again I had to delete all temp files, dump cookies, clear cache, and do a restart !!!!!!!!!!!! just to see your shit!

    I promise you, I can’t be the only person having to jump through these hoops to get to your place.

    It’s damn frustrating that it won’t just open the fuck up like everyone else’s blogs, but hey, you’re worth the effort.

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