Not A Happy Post; Where Is My America?


So. Now I’m really pissed. Some fucking asshole Federal Prosecutor from up to New York has arrested the bigwigs at several of the largest I-net poker sites. In its continuing effort to rob American citizens of their rights, our government has targeted poker.

Poker. Our legislators and their puppet law enforcement agencies are trying to kill our right to play poker. What in the fuck is wrong with my country?

The Christian right is a dangerous commodity and dangerous in many ways. They brag about wanting to protect our rights and then kill our rights and steal them away at every turn.

What they mean when they say that they stand for protecting Americans’ rights is that they want to protect the rights that they want to keep, and fuck what rights anybody else wants protected.

Protect the right to bear arms? You betcha. Right to cheat the American people of their Social Security and Medicare/Medicade benefits? You betcha. Right to force my kids to study the Christian religion in public schools? Well, you atheistic commie bastard, you double-down betcha!

What about the right for you to make decisions about what my wife or daughter does with her reproductive organs? Are you kidding me Mooner? God’s giving me the right to protect the Public from baby murdering women. Who do those fucking women think they are, anyway?

Look, I have a childhood friend, well had a childhood friend, named Billy Marty. Billy was one of those people who didn’t know when to stop. The boy had no brakes. No amount of anything was ever enough for Billy Marty.

The term “Give him an inch and he’ll take a mile” was invented as descriptive narrative in anticipation of that boy’s birth. Maybe it was some Christian prophet who conjured up that saying in his infinite fucking wisdom.

Anyway, Billy was a hog of serious proportions. And like most hogs, he found that many nicer folks would bow down to his piggishness. Some from fear, some from desires to avoid conflict and some because they felt sorry for the guy with no visible means of self control.

Billy Marty barged his way through life and developed into quite a bully. He badgered his way through school and even managed to get a degree from SMU up to Dallas. I didn’t bear witness to his schooling up there, but he got through high school by stealing homework and with parents who bought him out of problems. My guess is that his parents, big Methodists here in town, greased the skids for Billy to escape Southern Methodist with a sheepskin.

Daddy gave Billy a job in his construction company, and started him as a building superintendent building houses. Paid Billy a great wage and gave him heavy authority for a newbie. Neither was good enough for Billy Marty, no siree Bob. Nothing was ever good enough for Billy Marty.

His first efforts to hog from his daddy’s trough (I hope that is the right spelling) came when he started demanding kickbacks from the subcontractors doing the work on daddy’s houses. I guess Billy figured it was really Billy’s company so why the fuck not. Actually that’s not me guessing. Billy told me and Streaker Jones just that when we saw him at Cisco’s for breakfast this one time.

“Yep,” Billy said, “I started taking a little rake off the subs first. Then I figured what the H E Double-L. I’ll start taking a touch of the real estate commissions as well. It’s my F U C K and I N G company.”

Billy loved to spell cuss words when he spoke.

His crimes of piggishness grew, and before long Billy was gobbling up all the profit from his dad’s business. I won’t go into all the gory details, but Billy’s end came when he was turning his stolen dollars into a big land deal down to Mexico. This was back when Americans first started moving to Mexico as a retirement haven, and Billy wanted to do a big development down there.

He teamed up with a Mexican bunch reputed to have funding from some nefarious Mexican types. Now, allow me to herein inform you that you might think you know a nefarious type. But until you have met a nefarious Mexican, you can’t type nefariousness at its maximum.

I hope to H E Double-L that made sense.

Anyway, hog that he was, Billy couldn’t help himself so he made plans to skim a little taste from the Mexican surveyor and pass the cost on to his partners. Naturally, the surveyor was cousins with one of his partners and the last thing anybody saw of Billy was his head as it stood parked atop the hood ornament of his Rolls Royce. The car was sitting in the driveway of the mansion he had built from money stolen from his daddy.

OK, my point. I have an uneasy feeling about what is going on in America right now. The Christian backed right is growing power hungry and greedy. Each time they win a point and steal a right, they come back to the trough to gobble more from the rest of us. They are hogging all of the rights for themselves. They keep pushing the limits like the bullies they have become. They grow fat and stupid from gorging themselves.

I fear that we are as close to having an oppressive government as we have ever seen under our Democracy. Actually, I already feel oppressed.

I’m worried.

I love my country and I fear for it. We are polarizing at the same time we are arming ourselves with stupid gun laws.

Ugh. Where is my America?

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