@cv2012 Put Up Or Go Away


So. I just looked at my Twitter account and was again flabbergasted at my numbers. I’m back at 25 Followers, which for the week is a plus 14 and minus 15. Last time I checked I was at 26 Followers. I find it hard to see how I would have more than eleven followers to stick after reading my shit. Wouldn’t surprise me to have only three.

Of the 25 who have stuck, one recent addition fascinates me. He (she or an it, maybe?) would be @cv2012. The photo with the profile is washed-out, but it appears to be a thirteen-year-old white kid. The site is dedicated to a Conservative Victory in 2012, and if it is a thirteen-year-old, my stuff is too adult for consumption.

I hate it that most of the ultra-conservative fuckballs are white, and Christian. I guess the white part stems from being a favored race for so long, we feel empowered to make personal choices for others. I’m sure that the Christian part is because that religion less resembles the teachings of Christ, and more and more looks like just one more terroristic bunch of religious fuckballs.

Anyway, @cv2012, hey dude or whatever you are. Why don’t you either say something or go away? I’m proud of my low Follower list and I don’t like you mucking it up unless you can contribute something. Come on, take a shot. I say, “Fuck (P)Rick Perry!” What might you say? I say that, “As a rule, the basic ultra-conservative is either a privileged white asshole or a stupid one. Hell, there’s even some stupid and privileged white assholes.”

I’ll print anything you say as long as it contains no threats. So, put up or go away. You’re fucking up my numbers.

If you drink Carta Blanca beer you can stay regardless. Just provide proof of purchase.

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2 Responses to “@cv2012 Put Up Or Go Away”

  1. Squatlo says:

    Coming from a Twitter-Free lifestyle, I have to say that this obsessive attention to followers is hard to fathom… I like daily affirmation as much as the next guy, and I’m always happy to find that more than six or seven hundred individuals have bothered to check out my blog on any given day. But I don’t get too wrapped up in my meager “followers” total… any more than Jesus was all torn up because he only had twelve unemployed guys following him around. And he performed miracles here and there to entertain them, something most of us are reluctant to attempt in public.

    Here’s what you oughta do, Mooner: Send out a Tweet with a pic of your pecker. Doesn’t have to be YOUR actual pecker, since it makes big news when one gets Tweeted these days. Then claim your account was hacked, the penis in question is MUCH too dainty to come from Texas, and demand an investigation into the whole matter. Next, hold a press conference in which you ask your followers (by this time you’re bound to have thousands) to forgive you for your shitty behavior, promise to behave yourself, and then write Fuck Rick Perry in capital letters across the bottom of your final Tweet. Sign off. Become a mysterious missing legend they write about for decades.

    By the way, your Daft Scots Lass has an interesting post today, speaking of peckers and the proper treatment of them…

  2. admin says:

    Squat. My problem is with unwanted attentions. As for my pecker pictures, I’ve already enough woman/women problems without gathering fish with my dangling bait.

    And OK, let me say this. I saw the Lassie’s latest and I have had a boner ever since. Her clinical eroticism is charming and sexy as all hell.

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