Boehner. Hitler…. Boehner. Hitler; Compromise Assholes


So. Did you guys see the speeches on the debt ceiling last night? Is it just me, or did Boehner contradict himself all over the place? I thought the Prez presented a thoughtful, cogent and non-threatening method to keep America open for business.

I think that if the Republican fuckball we call Speaker of the House had ended his presentation with a “Sieg Heil” I would at least respect him more for his honesty. The way the Christian right-wing hides behind their moral superiorities offends me. Hitler’s politics were based upon his rock-solid belief that the white Aryan Christian race of uber-perfect humans were the only humans deserving to make decisions.

Our boy Adolf apparently also thought that white Christian folks were the only ones deserving to even occupy space on Earth’s bountiful crust. I’ve seen no evidence that America’s religious-based conservatives are genocidests as of this date, but hell, we’re still in the early stage of their development. Hitler was in power for several years before he started actually killing people with differing heritage or ideologies.

But just like Hitler’s Nazi party in the early stages of their reign or terror over to Germany, the Republicans are instituting castigating laws and policies that oppress and steal the rights of their opposition. Hitler condemned any religion not Christian, he oppressed gays any way he could, and he insisted that people marry and have babies to further the cause.

Does any of that shit sound familiar to you?


Which reminds me. I had a batch of comments on my bloggie two days ago, 48 to be precise, that turned out to be spammers who took the time to hit my site en mass. Not to profile them, but the names sounded Indonesian and that would explain their Indonesian addresses. The silly fuckers were promoting sales of a Yamaha 2000 power generator.

Whatinthefuck is up with that? Why is my site a target for generator sales? Do the Indonesians think that I’m such a back-woods hick that I don’t have indoor electricity? OK, don’t answer that one.

Anyway, when I figured out that I was under spam attack–that would be after approving and responding to a few of their comments– I sent all of their comments to the Trash heap, and decided to go to my visitor evaluation plugin widget dealie and see what might be attracting them to my site. Most of them appeared to have arrived via a lemming trail, but the first few had Googled the words “gay male poo tang scent feet” as the entre to my site.


I was totally flummoxed by this revelation. At breakfast this morning, I had to ask the family what they thought of this. I HAD to fucking ask.

“Well,” started Gram, “You got that ignernt-fuckin’ pig an his sex pal tha bird fer starters.” Gram gave me the evil eye and added, she said “An iffn I catch ’em in my potion pantry I’mma plug ’em, an good.”

My grandmother was referring to slugs from her twelve-gage shotgun and Rush Limbaugh and Rick Perry, my VERY gay pet hog and ostrich. I think Gram was right though, the two of them might explain the “gay” and the “gay male” parts of the Googleating dealie.

I then said that I thought that maybe having a lesbian sister and a lesbian ex-wife who are now married to each other would add additional weight to the “gay” parts. In a straw vote around the table, we got near unanimous agreement. For some reason Honor the cat refused to take part in this discussion. She just sat on her stool, always placed where it is in whatever sunlight filters into the kitchen, and licks her ass while she ignores the rest of us, like a cat does.

“OK,” I said but what about the ‘poo tang scent’ parts? That makes no sense to me.”

Squirt answered with, “Puet-poo ist Indonesisch fur skunk veneno?”

I thought about that for a minute. “Good call little lady. Maybe Indonesians call skunk venom poo tang scent.” I kissed her little nose and told the table how very proud I am of her progress as my translator.

The fucking cat continued to preen and pretend we didn’t exist. Which reminds me.

Brandon over to Lost in Idaho is designing some FUCK RICK PERRY! Tee shirts so we can put them on sale here and elsewhere. His first designs are killer and I can hardly wait to get them aboard the store. He’s doing them in a way that will allow other bloggers and webber personages to take off my logo and put theirs on.

It is my desire to have as many bloggers and websites as possible selling the FUCK RICK PERRY! shirts and other stuff. Stay tuned for details.

OK, I need to go since I promised my sweet little puppy and ungrateful fucking cat I’d take them fishing. The Carta Blanca is already iced-down, so all we need to do is dig some worms and head to the dock.

Manana, y’all.

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5 Responses to “Boehner. Hitler…. Boehner. Hitler; Compromise Assholes”

  1. Squatlo says:

    Personally, I find the Yamaha 2000 Generator to the top of the line! Your blog interests me greatly, especially because it is powered by a Yamaha 2000 Generator. I always use my Yamaha 2000 when I read your very interesting blog.

    I get the same sort of comments from time to time, usually attached to a post I ran a month or two ago… as if someone is going to back surf to see what the hell I was ranting about in May?

    Makes me want a generator, though. Never know when I’ll need one.

  2. Squatlo says:

    and by the way, peeps, I’ve seen the preliminary design of Mooner’s Fuck Rick Perry logo, and must say Brandon did a kick ass job! Can’t wait to put on one of those shirts!

  3. Squat. Now my problem is getting all my shit straight over to cafe Press. If you go over there at you can the incredible job I have completed in only three hours of effort.

    Ugh, and ugh one more once! If I only had a brain.

  4. Brandon says:

    As the doodle-monkey in the FRP campaign, I can say I’m happy with the way they came out. And for last night’s speech, I have never seen a house speaker that arrogant in a long time. I mean, he has more press time than any other speaker I can remember! If he wants to be the voice of his party, why isn’t he running for prez?

    And when do I get to make a “Heil Boehner” design??? hahahaha…

  5. Brandon. Well, if i can manage to get through the effort required to design a fucking tee shirt, it will be available tonight and we’ll get going on the next set of designs.

    I’m such a dumbass I’m having trouble getting it finished. Having a nice dinner and a few Carta Blanca beers before I tackle it again.

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