Gram Calls Rick Perry To Task; Texas Governor Ruins State’s Economy


So. I need to make this quick because I’m taking Squirt and Honor the cat on a field trip to our hemp fabric clothing factory, and it’s a five-hour drive. I wasn’t even going to post anything today but my grandmother made a personal request of me.

We were at an early breakfast and Gram was reading the Op Ed page of our local newspaper. I had been first to read the front section of the paper, so I knew that Gram would be steaming when she read this one article. A conservative writer, Rick Wartzman, has written an article that attempts to reestablish the positive aspects of Texas leading the nation in job growth over the last several years. Basically, his logic is that “liberals” like Rachael Maddow have ignored reality when discounting governor Little Ricky Perry’s results in growing jobs in Texas.

I could tell when Gram had reached the above-mentioned article because she was snorting and cussing under her breath. When she finished her reading, she carefully folded and creased the section of paper into a bat shape, and pointed it across the table at me.

“Mooner, I want ya ta git on yer blabby an sit this shit straight. Sumbody needs ta tell tha truth about that little prick we got fer a gov’ner,” were her exact words to me.

“But Gram, I’m driving the kids out to the If You Can’t Wear It, Smoke It plant today. I need to review the winter line of stuff so Streaker Jones and Dixie can get the catalog printed.” Streaker Jones and Dixie are my working partners in that enterprise, and we have some nifty jackets and sweaters coming this winter.

Gram gave me the evil eye and said, “Who gives a shit about yer silly catalog when that fuckball Rick Perry is ruinin’ our en-tire state with his tallywaggins?”

Hunh? It took a second for my brain to compute. Oh, I got it. “You’re right, Gram. Prick Perry is ruining our state with his shenanigans. I’ll dash off a quick ditty and post it before we leave the house.”

So, here is my quick ditty in outline form:

  1. Texas has had no more actual job “growth” than any other state in our fine union. The excess jobs registered on Texas’ ledger are jobs that were stolen from other states. That is to say, jobs that would have been generated in say, California, were lured away with offers of reduced or no taxes and extremely lax environmental restrictions on polluters.
  2. For the most part these have not been what most of us would consider “great” jobs. Since Rick Perry has been our governor, Texas has become a leader in uninsured citizens, at or below poverty rate citizens and we have the highest percentage of minimum wage earners.
  3. Greedy corporations from other states have taken advantage of this “Pro Business” attitude, and moved jobs to Texas at the expense of our citizens. We have an as-yet unresolved state budget deficit in excess of $20 billion– a deficit that has been pushed forward so as to not interfere with Perry’s run for the Presidency. Little Pricky has his chest all puffed out and he’s squawking that he “fixed” things here with our budget. Simply put, that is BULLSHIT folks. The deficit is still there and it will be back in our faces in a year or so.


I could say more but what more do you require to see the truth? Any way you spin it, Rick Perry’s policies have ruined the fabric of Texas’ economy and infrastructure. That’s why I say:


Now y’all drink some Carta Blanca beer and come back manana.

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One Response to “Gram Calls Rick Perry To Task; Texas Governor Ruins State’s Economy”

  1. Squatlo says:

    What sucks (besides Rick Perry) is that the national media (those lame stream bastards) won’t dwell on the true facts of your state’s remarkable successes under Tricky Ricky. The fact that you have the highest percentage of uninsured, the largest percentage of the workforce at or below minimum wage in the country, and some of the worst polluters in America ought to be front page news whenever Perry is mentioned. But no… only the reliable liberals no one but other liberals pay any attention to even bother to bring it up. It’s just assumed Texas is swimming in great job growth, has a wonderful surplus because of it, and anyone who says different is probably secretely a Kenyan Muslim sympathizer. Or left handed.
    I’m convinced the asshole is running for President. Look at the current field of clods and tell me who in the GOP base is going to get seriously excited about any of them? Perry will waltz in after they’ve self-imploded, look like a knight in shining armor, complete with great hair and an executed Mexican National on his resume, and they’ll eat him up like French fries and ketchup.
    Scares the living shit outta me, Mooner. Dammit all to hell, y’all can’t do this to us again! One idiot cowboy Governor per generation, that oughta be some kinda law!

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