Twitter Screws Mooner; Squatlo Rant Suffers


So. I just now posted my Squatlo Rant added to Blog Roller story. I always direct-feed each posting on Twitter. Then I go to Twitter and log on to the Tweet to insure everything posted right. When I just went over there, I clicked to get to the Squatlo Rant entry, and the way they transfer from Twitter doesn’t show the tool bar, or whateverinthefuck you call the tool bar dealie on the right that shows the Blog Roll.


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2 Responses to “Twitter Screws Mooner; Squatlo Rant Suffers”

  1. Squatlo says:

    What is this Twitter of which you so often speak? I’m told it limits you to 140 characters. Shit, Mooner, you have that many characters joining you for breakfast or a fishing expedition on any given post! Must be a chore paring down the guest list for your Tweets. Or Twits. Or Twats.

    I need one more social networking site like I need an IRS auditor in the spare bedroom.

    Fuck Rick Perry!

  2. admin says:

    Squat. Fuck Rick Perry indeed.

    Twitter is for twits and twats but a useful tool for one as useless as me on the I-net and computer. Wait, usless as I? Anyway, I’m not worth a shit on the computer and Twitter is a backstop for me to insure that I’ve properly posted a story.

    BTW, check out the Rick Perry story about his welcome to EA Sports to Austin. Some very funny shit.

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