Contest Reminder; Enter Your Grammer Brackets Here


So. I’ve been working on a posting, laboriously, but I can’t seem to get it into publishable form. When you see it you’ll understand my problems. Having written that last sentence, I realize just how much I love the word “laboriously” [.]

If you had already read the posting I referred above, you would know that I am going to place all punctuation that relates to quote marks that don’t corral an actual quotation into brackets, and insert the bracketed punctuations after the quotes. Like this: [.], [,], [?], [!]. That’s what I did up there to that last paragraph.

Since the regularly-scheduled posting isn’t ready, please now refer to my lasted posted offering titled, Big Announcement!!! FUCK RICK PERRY Haiku, and give me your entry/entries into the contest. Enter as many times as you want and do your best to stick to the 5/7/5-syllable haiku format.

Which reminds me. Over the last week, my Twitter Follower number has had thirteen new additions and sixteen Followers who have clicked the “Unfollow” button. Therefore, in the last week my net number of Followers has dropped from twenty-nine to a new net for the week of twenty-six.

Not that I give a shit, but I find it interesting. In the eight months I have been with a Twitter account, I have had more than a thousand people click the “Follow” button and as of this morning, all but twenty-six have un-clicked me.

Anyway, please enter my haiku contest and win an autographed copy of my book. To prime your pump—try this on on for sizes:

He kills public schools,

Wonder not—Aggie grad he,


Drink Carta Blanca beer and feel better about yourself. Manana, y’all.

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8 Responses to “Contest Reminder; Enter Your Grammer Brackets Here”

  1. Squatlo says:

    Still counting your twits, I see… Hmmm… this daily affirmation you seek, is there an underlying reason it’s important to be followed? A lot of people followed Jesus around, and look what happened to him!

    Basking in anonymity has its advantages. First of all, you might someday be known as the “quiet loner no one suspected” when a horrible crime is being investigated, BUT, on the other hand, you might avoid the psychopathic killer who leaves his house with the express intent to murder everyone who’s ever awakened him with a conversation outside his open window. Nothing wrong with quiet and unnoticed.

    Dump Twitter, buy another case of Carta Blanca, and get on with this haiku (gesundheit!) nonsense. Sooner you poets are done roasting Perry in verse we can get back to roasting him in prose worthy of attention.

  2. Squatlo says:

    What the hell are “grammer” brackets, anyway? Brackets used by grandmothers? Did you possibly mean “grammar”?

    Grammer Brackets sounds like your Gram’s NCAA basketball picks. Just sayin’…

  3. admin says:

    Squat. OK, first, I don’t check my Twits daily, I look weekly. And only then to see the tenor of the flies I manage to attract. Reading the “about me’s” of the Followers is quite entertaining. Someday I’m doing a story on those guys, so fuck you.

    Second, I find it interesting that you managed to both catch, and then fucking question my little pun with the bracketology. I thought it rather clever and now you’ve likely spoiled it for the rest. You’ve hurt my delicate feelings and driven me to my cooler of icy-cold Carta Blanca beer. The only thing that can brighten my mood, OK other than some sweaty sexing, is to go sit on the dock and fish with Squirt and the cat and suck the carbonation from a sixer.

    On a side note, the fucking cat just got back from New Mexico yesterday afternoon and has already shredded one of my best tee shirts and a lace doilie on Gram’s favorite chair. Now I’m hiding the cat with the gig and ostrich. I’ll need to remodel my closet if this keeps up.


  4. Future President?
    Christ. What the fuck, Rick Perry?
    When pigs fly from butts.

  5. admin says:

    Reck. Alrighy! Two-for-two!

  6. Pokey from MJ says:

    Here’s my Rick Perry Haiku:

    The phoney cowboy
    shot the harmless coyote
    thinking it was gay.

  7. Why fuck Rick Perry?
    America well be screwed
    Vote Democratic

  8. admin says:

    Pokey and Jerry. Well done, my men, very well done indeed. Thank you very much for the entries.

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