Beach Budget Bingo; The Flim-Flam Man Rick Perry


So. Just a quick note today to provide further reasons to not trust Rick Perry. OK, also a quick note that is one of those “I told you so” dealies.

Our paper, the Austin American Statesman, printed a story explaining just some of the hocus-pocus the pompous prick Rick Perry and his right-wing Christian Texas legislator buddies used to balance the $27 billion state budget deficit earlier this year. The Prickster promised to find a balance with no new taxes, so here is some of what they did.

Here in Texas we we have a name we call budgetary-disadvantaged persons. When a guy has a hundred dollars in his pocket and thinks he’s flush with cash—even though he hasn’t paid his rent and they cut off his electricity—we call him either “Aggie rich” or “Okie rich”[.] Both names are derogatory in their intent based upon football rivalries, and each is meant to indicate stupidity.

I guess that Squatlo would call the same guy “Bama rich” or “Gator rich” as he supports that other UT, Tennessee.

Our Governor used the Aggie rich philosophy to solve massive chunks of our state’s budget shortfall. He is, after-all, an Aggie, and he is, further-all, dumb as a weathered cedar fencepost after the cows have rubbed all the bark off it.

Just like the dumbass with his hundred-dollar bill, Perry used unspent balances of money appropriated to social services to “trick” the state’s balance sheet into thinking we have enough cash to pay our bills. Our State Comptroller, Susan Combs, has, reluctantly it seems, made public some of this Aggie rich scheme.

The state budget has $851 million previously budgeted to help low income families pay their electric bills. Those funds were gathered from fees we pay as part of our electric bills, and every dollar was purposed to help the unfortunate. And this year, with record numbers of 100-degree days and rising energy costs, the money was withheld from those in need and used to demonstrate the ability to pay for other things. Another $654 million was to be spent to improve the state’s air quality, air quality that has worsened under Perry’s reign as Caesar.

Net results: our balanced budget is actually $5 billion short IF there is no further erosion of tax and fee collections. And let’s get fucking real about that. Forget the loss of property tax base suffered in the fires that have devastated our state. Sales tax revenues—the taxing bell cow for Texas taxation—are down, down and down some more. Things are far worse that they seem.

Fucking asswipe Republican shitball right-wing Christian dumbass greedy pricks.

On last night’s news, I heard that the City of Austin electric utility has something like $30 million in delinquent debt on late utility bills. The City isn’t about to cut utilities off when it’s 102-degrees outside, and that $851 million sits unspent by the State even though it should be used to pay the City.

Ugh. I need Carta Blanca beer. Manana, y’all.

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4 Responses to “Beach Budget Bingo; The Flim-Flam Man Rick Perry”

  1. Squatty says:

    Okay, first of all, is a fence post smart until the cows rub off the cedar bark? I’m confused…

    Secondly, it’s socialists like you who think it’s a good idea to collect money from people who pay their bills, to help pay the utility companies when Aggie-rich assholes don’t pay theirs. Socialism, pure and simple. You’re taking dollars from the wealthy and distributing them to the poor, indirectly, by paying for their air conditioning and making sure their Wii boxes and iPads and Tampods have plenty of power. I’m surprised Ricky Perry hasn’t found that policy offensive as hell and made a point to dismantle that system completely.
    Thirdish, “Fucking asswipe Republican shitball right-wing Christian dumbass greedy pricks” might just make a great song title for my man Todd Snider. He already has one called “Conservative Christian Right Wing Republican Straight White American Males”, and it’s great. But I like yours better.
    Fourthly, I just read your response to my previous comment and have to dig through the recycle box in the garage to find yesterday’s Doonesbury. I stopped reading the comics page when I stopped finding anything amusing there. Other than Dilbert (which is in the business section of the Tennessean, for some fucking reason) there’s not much humor in there lately. Ever read the comic strip “Nancy”? It’s been in the papers for a hundred years and hasn’t brought a smile to anyone’s face in all that time, unless you count the weirdos who drool over Aunt Fritzi’s tits…
    And now, I’ll take the Fifth: your boy Prick Perry was in Knoxville yesterday and got his ass heckled. Couple of good ol’ boys told him to stay out of Tennessee. Not because they found his ignorant ass repulsive, but because they disagree with his immigration policy in Texas. go figure…

  2. Squat. OK, first(after all), if you’ve heard the expression “Dumb as a fence post” you can then understand that a weathered cedar post without bark is really fucking dumb.

    Second(ly), I appreciate you’re noticing that I am a socialist. For some reason I find it honest to wish to assist those less fortunate because I wish to do so. To follow the Prick Rick Perry’s logic, I should want to help the unfortunates because Jesus tells me to, from a misplaced sense of obligation. I would far rather be a socialist who actually helps others than a Christian who promises to do the godly thing, and then not do so.

    Third(ly), that little fucker did find a way to circumvent the electric fees for the poor. He simply doesn’t fucking pay electric bills and spends the money elsewhere.

    Fourth(ishy), maybe I might should copyright that “greedy pricks” dealie. I’m not getting rich with “Fuck Rick Perry!”[.]

    Fifth(erly),I only read Ben Sargent when he prints, Doonesbury and Non-Sequiter. Most comics are for morons, or Aggies or Bamaites, duplicities intended.

    Sixth(sensibly), I find it absolutely hilarious that Perry is catching it from both sides. Sort of poetic justice for how he’s been sticking it in both ends of our state for years. But wait, the best is yet to come. Perry has a TERRIBLE temper and it will show up when he gets cornered.

  3. Q says:

    If you listened to Slick Rick during the debates, then you would think that Texas had more money than some countries. That dude is laying it on thick. I personally think he’s made himself look bad. Scratch that. Made himself look worse. The Grinch keeps talking and digging a deeper hole for himself. I think Conservatives will see him for what he is. I don’t think he’ll win the nomination, but I’m afraid that someone will choose him as a VP.

  4. admin says:

    TQ. I think we need to quate Squatlo on this one. “Never underestimate the stupid’s ability to miss sarcasm.”

    OK, I missed that one completely, but you catch my drift. Many Americans simply don’t care if their leaders lie, cheat are stupid and just plain mean. So long as they share a common ideology, in this case Christianity in its current deformed condition– so what if they can’t remember which side of the American Revolution Paul Revere took?

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