Rick Perry Screws Pooch; Southern Baptists Too


So. I hadn’t planned anything else for today but that changed when I read this morning’s paper. The first thing that hit me was the prick Rick Perry’s blasting our President as being, “Naive, arrogant misguided and dangerous,” with our nation’s policies towards Israel.

Really? Attempting to mediate peace in the Middle East is naive, arrogant and dangerous? I’ll agree that it might be misguided because those silly shitballs in the Middle East have resisted peace with each other since before they started recording their semi-histories in the New Testament and the Koran.

But for the Prickster to say that Obama is naive, arrogant and dangerous is—in this case—naive, arrogant and dangerous. That silly shitball thinks international foreign policy can be manhandled with the same posturing, praying and and PAC money laundrying as he uses here to his home state. I know laundrying isn’t a word, but I simply don’t give a shit.

Hello, America. Rick Perry is knocking on the door at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Please don’t answer the doooorrr.

The second thing that rankled my shackles was the story out of Nashville that the Southern Baptist Convention wants to change their name. That’s right, the Southern Baptists feel that their reach now extends far above the Mason-Dixon Line. I have always believed that Dixie is a name/term derived from that famous line of demarcation, but right or wrong, it was the issue of slavery that followed the Mason-Dixon line that segregated the Southern Baptists from their brethren.

You see, the only reason there is a Southern Baptist Convention is because those Southern Baptists wanted slavery and the rest of the Baptists did not. That’s right, the Southern Baptist Convention has it’s roots firmly planted in the same rich, red dirt as the KKK. And don’t even try to tell me I’m overstating the status of their bigotry. I attended Southern Baptist churches that did not accept blacks.

In my fucking lifetime, blacks and Hispanics—hell, people of any skin color not Lilly-fucking white—were turned away at the doors of our Baptist churches. Hell, look at all of the major Southern Baptist churches and check the skin color of their preachers.

Rotten motherfucking Baptist Republican asswipes.

I’ve got a couple suggestions for your new name. How about “First Assholes in Christ”[,] or maybe “Church of God’s Fuckwads”[.]

I wish I was a black man right now. If I was, I’d say to the Southern Baptist Convention, I’d say, “Why don’t you suck my big black dick, you punk-ass honky mother fuckers.”

Holy shit that felt good. Why don’t you click to Thundercat’s place over on the Bloggie Roller and grab a quick change of pace.

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