Double Dose Of Two-Faced Rick Perry; Texas Gov Still An Asshole


So. Sometimes I hate when I love that I was right. Wait. I love when I wish I was wrong and I wasn’t. How does a person properly provide elucidation to unpleasantness?


I made two predictions about the pompous prick Rick Perry, and my newspaper confirmed my presciences in today’s edition, and I wish I’d been wrong. I hate when people have nasty predictable tendencies. In articles almost side-by-side, the Austin American-Statesman had Pricky Perry stories that should provide coffin nails for his presidential candidacy. Yet I fear that the national right-wing Christian Republican fan base is no smarter than their brethren here to Texas.

The first story was about the new upper-level management salary structure for TxDOT. I was telling you guys about how Perry had appointed a former aide and lobbyist as the new head of TxDOT and had doubled the man’s salary from what his predecessor had earned. Out of one side of his mouth, our governor preaches financial restraint and slaughters our education, social support and environmental services budgets.

Then out of his other mouth, the two-faced former Texas Aggie yell leader showers his one-percenter buddy with a reward at taxpayer’s expenses. That was a month ago. Today’s story quotes that new head of TxDOT as saying that he wants to almost double the salaries of the next-in-line management positions at TxDOT so that he can, “Attract top private industry talent.” Read that to mean “more of the Governor’s ass lickers”[.]

In the several positions mentioned, if those salaries were kept level, and the new Texas Roadway Kingpin was paid as the last, we could hire three professional engineers and a half-dozen base-grade workers with the listed salary increases. To me, this situation says everything you need to know to have a keen understanding of who Rick Perry is, and how he runs his elected offices.

The second article was telling us that little Ricky has decided to take a pass on some/all of the remaining Republican debates. Since he is, as his staff will tell us, “Not a good debater,” he’ll just do what he did in Texas last gubernatorial race, and refuse to debate.

Like the rich kid in the neighborhood who owned the one football, Perry only plays when he feels he has the advantage or he takes his ball and goes home. Too bad the little shithead hasn’t got any balls, and too bad he’s so stupid he doesn’t realize just how dumb he is.

Rick Perry is Forrest Gump without the kind spirit. Wait, that didn’t quite get there. Rick Perry is a mean spirited man. He is one of the misguided Christians who feels that his faith and prayer should make him lord and master of the realm. He thinks that God has ordained him to be President of the United States, and he’ll do ANY-FUCKING-THING to make it be true.

Rick Perry is a two-faced weasel who panders to his financial backers. And he gets elected.

Ugh, ugh, uggga-ugh.

At least it’s Friday. SAC Ellen will be back in town and I’m having me some sex tonight! I’ve got an appointment down to Ingrid’s Hot Wax Emporium to get my ass prepped for tonight’s events. I’ve decided to go with a Halloween theme and get my ass plucked and dyed to look like a Jack-O-Lantern, and I think I’ll get my front side all done up to look like the Grim Reaper. Gram is knitting me a wool scythe blade to put on the end of my pecker.

Squirt and Yoda want to be Harold and Maude. We watched that great old movie last night and it sealed the deal. Anyone have ideas about just how this will work? I can’t think of anything but makeup and clothes to get them into character. When I expressed my concerns, Squirt said to me, she said, “Vous pouvez nous acheter un Jaguar XK twelve banger.”

I looked at her like she was crazy. “Are you crazy? That’s a $75,000 car. I’m not spending $75,000 on your Halloween costumes. You, little lady, are out of your mind.”

That was at breakfast, and at 8:30 am, a terrific breakfast time of day. A time previously negotiated by me in exchange for doing anything the dogs want to do one day a week.

After we finish at Ingrid’s, we’re going bone shopping.

It’s Friday, so drink your Carta Blanca beer cold, and responsibly. Manana, y’all.

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5 Responses to “Double Dose Of Two-Faced Rick Perry; Texas Gov Still An Asshole”

  1. Squatlo says:

    Yeah, I just posted about Ricky and his decision to attract voters by hiding from them. Works for that Marco Polo guy, just hang out at any swimming pool and listen to kids calling out for the dude.

    Michele Bachmann says Perry’s stealing her best ideas. How’s that for an endorsement? Perry’s campaign is so weak he needs to steal ideas from Bachmann to keep it afloat.

    How’d you guys elect this prick so many times?

  2. Squat. Dumb, and way fucking dumber. I hate to say it, but we Texans, as a variety, seem to be living on the bottom rung of the genetic ladder and we just keep on keeping the little prick in office.

    Or maybe it’s the last fifteen years of dumbing-down through lower education. If so, maybe we can reeducate our asses out of this hole.

  3. Squatlo says:

    Just saw a Rachel Maddow segment in which she interviewed Sarah Silverman (funny lady, and gorgeous, to boot) who’s holding a comedy rally thingie in Texas dedicated to Rick Perry’s N*****head Rock, saying bigotry shouldn’t be so quickly forgotten. Proceeds are going to the local NAACP.

    I think my basic dislike for the guy stems from his strutting smirking resemblence to the last strutting smirking asshole you sent to Washington. I’m thinking it might be good for us to build that wall everyone’s talking about, only put it on the northern Texas border. We’ll wait until you and yours have cleared the state line before we turn on Herman Cain’s electric hook up. Bring some Carta Blanca, it might get hung up on the new border…

  4. admin says:

    Squat. OK, first, Sarah S is a personal favorite, and a frequent dream visitor. Second, I see her point, but how can we even start to forget something still alive?

    Just like the prick Rick Perry’s political career, it should be D-E-A-D over, but it’s still early to rejoyce.

    As for my reasons to didlike him–oh, let me count the ways. He: is a liar; has ruined the education of Texas; laid waste to our state’s environment; infected every state institution with his cronies as the decision makers; created a $27 billion budget deficit, and so on.

    But the biggest reason is that he is ruling my state based upon his religous fantasies. FUCK RICK PERRY!

  5. bj says:

    Harold and Maude is one of the best of the best Yoda and the Squirt are apparently intellectuals. Say what you want about Prick Perry .. guy’s got GREAT executive type HAIR!
    Fuck Prick Perry and Michele Bachmann! As for fucling Rachel Maddow and Sarah Silverman …. well … I have my own thoughts on that subject. heh I HEARD Sarah Silvermann was …..

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