Keep Your Proboscis Out Of My Prostate; Amish Gangs Terrorize Ohio


So. On Wednesday I printed a story about PTSD and how many of our current returning vets are suffering from it. PTSD is at times an insidious disorder as it hides from it’s victims, waiting to strike. Please go read that post if you haven’t already, and then PLEASE READ BJ’s comment on it.


OK, first, in local news, it rained enough to wet the concrete at the ranch. Nothing measurable—not even a trace of a trace—but at least enough to connect the dots of splattered raindrops. This is the first time since the middle of May, and we hope to get a little actual rain over the next few days.

Next, I was reading the newspaper this morning, and three articles stood out as important in the stew pot that is my fevered brain. The first told of the excessive murder rates in El Salvador and the Honduras—something like 82.2 per 100,000 population. The article’s author blamed “the rise of gangs” as the reason behind the murders.

Bullshit. Poverty is the reason behind the gangs, and the fucking Catholic Church is the reason behind the poverty. The invading Christians created entire populations of serf-class workers as their invasions of Mexico spread South. Centuries of subjugation were especially harsh on the jungle-rural peoples of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Without large cities and the social structures of higher society, those countries lag far behind the social progress made by other in the region.

Look. Things are so bad at home that Guatemalans immigrate illegally to fucking Mexico to improve their lot in life. Can you even imagine how bad things are that you will go do below minimum wage work for the same people who flee to America to work for below minimum wages here?

The dishwasher in my taco joint sends money home to his family in Mexico, who spends it on groceries picked by some schlub from El Salvador who sends his checks to his Momma back in Santa Ana.

In Santa-fucking-Ana. Saint Ann, as named by the fucking Catholics, and the site of much slaughtering of the Pipil tribesmen as Cortez’s army punched through the jungles. The Pipil are related to the Aztec, and just as capable of fending off the attacks of the Spanish.

It’s the poverty causing the strife, and the inability of central government to provide basic human services. When we were all living in loose tribes, humans were able to care for themselves and provide social services for the weak locally. But there are too fucking many of us and we’re all bunched-up together and we are not agrarians any more. The village is too big, and in the absence of strong infrastructure, gangs give a social structure and structured benefits to their members.

Gangs are filling the void. Oh, and by the way—gangs are violent.

Next was the piece about the Amish bunch up there to Stubenville, Ohio. Seems that those silly shitballs are cutting each other’s beards off to demonstrate differences in religious philosophies. Give me a fucking break. Here, again, is the gang mentality and once again, gang mentality whose causal base is religion. Can’t blame the Catholics here, but it is still another Christian-based bunch of shitheads.

Am I the only one sick of this shit? Somebody shoot somebody up there, for shitsakes. Represent your hairy asses. Burn a buggy or something. Let the air out of a horse.

The third article that pissed me off was the one that said doctors should stop giving healthy men PSA tests. That’s the blood test that supposedly demonstrated early detection of prostate cancers. It is now thought that the tests only have served to cause invasive additional procedures and cause significant wasted money and efforts.

Why this one pisses me off is that I am one of the men who suffered from having a PSA test. My doc had me take PSA as routine to my annual physical. It was high, so he sent me to a specialist who then prescribed a prostate biopsy. The modern prostate biopsy is a medical marvel. In my case, an instrument containing twelve biopsy needles—count them folks I said twelve needles—was jammed up my ass where the twelve needles were then rammed into my prostate to take tissue samples.

This procedure hurt like a motherfucker. Then I spent the better part of four weeks with blood in my stools, blood in my pee, and blood in my semen. That’s right, pissed, shit and fucked blood for a month. I was a sexy sonofabitch for certain.

And then, after a couple months time, I developed a peritoneal infection, the one I spent so much time writing about last summer and fall. Caused, I think, by the twelve-needled dealie. I think one of the needles strayed from my prostate and made a tiny puncture in my colon, and that leaked to cause the infection.

I’m going to stop reading the paper.

What I am going to do is load up all my pets into the flatbed truck, load our anti-anti-abortion posters as well, and head over to the Planned Parenthood place off of US 183. That’s where Catholic anti-abortion lady hangs out. I need to teach Honor the cat and Yoda how to protest, and my gay pig and ostrich need a road trip.

If you’re driving over there later this morning, I’m the guy with the giant head wearing a sandwich board that says, “I’m an abortion and I’m OK!” Rick Perry will be the ostrich, Rush Limbaugh the giant pig laying in the shade of the truck, and the other three you can determine for yourself.

Manana, y’all.

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33 Responses to “Keep Your Proboscis Out Of My Prostate; Amish Gangs Terrorize Ohio”

  1. bj says:

    Gang activity has been a problem through the ages …. just like religion! What WE should do is ban together and start our OWN Gang! …. like THESE folks!

    Your 12 needle ‘dealie’ is called a Fine Needle Aspiration and as a biopsy is only about 20% accurate. Ms. Baby just had one about a month ago on a Lymph node in her neck. It hurt her VERY much, caused her neck to swell up like she had fuckin’ goiter or some shit, and didn’t really tells us anything. A complete waste of time, money and a sensory experience. She had the node (and her tonsil as well … “well, as long as we’re THERE…”) removed surgically Monday a week ago and is still in great discomfort…. so we FEEL ya’ on that one!

    Good luck on your Anti Anti Massa-Cree

  2. BJ. OK, first, “My brain hurts.” M Python is classic funny shit. Maybe we could call our gang “The Sixties”.

    As for the fine needle aspiration, it is my aspiration to talk anybody out of using it as an ass examination. I have spoken to people who had as many as 35 needles stuck in their ass. WTF? Why not just take a shovel and dig a few pounds of ass out of there and move on.

    I hope Ms. Baby recovers soon from her exposure. Fucking doctors. “Well, as long as we’re taking yer tonsils, folks don’t really need their gall bladders, their adenoids, or their appendix neither. Give ya the group discount on any two.”

  3. stanley ann dunham says:

    moon-hole, hey saw your comments posted over at squatlo’s rant. he’ll post your comments because you’re just an alchy and no real threat to him. but when he can’t come up with a whitty answer to a point or counter point, he just doesn’t allow it to post. he uses a selective editing technique similar to msnbc so he can give the illusion of being smart. but we now the real answer there. you’re just part of his lib echo chamber circle jerk. he’s a marginally talented photographer but should give up nature shooting and go back to his roots in shooting kiddie porn, he might make more money. hey, saw your comments on ptsd, many of the guys in my neighborhood have been “diagnosed” with it and are on disability. it’s “insidious” alright. it seems to selectively keep one from working but never from hunting, fishing, bowling, flying on commerical airlines, drinking, drugging, hanging out in crowded movie theaters, shopping malls and etc. a very mysterious disease alright, vets seem to get sick from in proportion to what they think they can bilk the government out of.

  4. admin says:

    Stanley Ann. What you say is interesting. As a commenter, you are a coward. Anonymous comment is the mark of a weak character. Always attacking without ever having an actual counterpoint is the mark of a weak mind, a follower. Demeaning those with whom you disagree is the sign of an asshole who has no original thought.

    If all you can manage is vitriolic nonsense, I’ll ban you here also. If you have something smart to say, I’ll print it. I don’t have to agree with you to think you have a well-thought idea. Just as I have done with the other anonymous right-wing trolls, I’ll give you a forum. Pick a subject and take a stand that shows you have the ability to think. I’ll post it.

    Otherwise, go away. If I wanted to read infantile stupid, I’d logon to Facebook.

  5. stanley ann dunham says:

    your classic “do as i say and not as i do” defense is right from the libtard playbook and you talk about me being weak?? you jump into the comments section of squatlo’s blog, make tangential smart-ass comments and then feign umbrage when the fight is taken to your door step?? i guess you are so use to just rubbing vaginas with squatlo that you have forgotten how to make salient debate points yourself. like i was saying, in the earlier post , squatlo’s only defense is to block posts and then mentally pat himself on the back about how much better he is than his dissenters. whatever helps him seep at night i guess. what’s your real story? you seem to be smarter than the average occupy wall street protester.

  6. stanley ann dunham says:

    maybe if you give squatlo’s ‘little man in the boat’ some extra attention, he’ll show you the comments that i made that he didn’t seem to have the courage of his convictions to post. i will admit the: “irony and parody must be the least favorite dildos that you use” comment was pretty offensive, very funny but offensive. remember of course this is “racist & bigotted” to a “man” that uses fuck and etc on a regular basis. i also mentioned that calling people racist if they use aunt jemima syrup was a little hysterical. the pathetic, hypocritical and fake moral high ground that libs pretend to occupy while practicing their brand of racism as well as any attempt to criticize of their “work product” is hillarious, it would even be funnier if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  7. admin says:

    Stan. Maybe I was unclear before. If all you want to do is spew your infantile bullshit, I’ll pull you off my site as well. Either take a position and state your case, or spend your time elsewhere.

  8. stanley ann dunham says:

    your blog your rules (that you break but hold other people to) my first point was already clear, squatlo is a pussy because he selectively posts what he wants to give the impression that he has some modicum of intelligence. his blog – his rules, but that weak comment you made about me applies doubly to him and his vag. point two: you like to jump into comments sections and spew just as much junk but when the commentor bites back you get into a ‘holier than thou’ defensive mode and try to come off like your offended when instead you’re just being hypocritical. point three: ptsd which can be crippling is way over diagnosed and they have found people (especially the dav reps) coaching vets so much just to get the disability (job security for them) that the va is considering decreasing compensation for it. the other thing on the chop block is the equally nebulous agent orange affliction. come on, an overweight guy with family history of diabetes who drinks and smokes and never once ate right developed diabetes because of a chemical he might have been exposed to over 40 years ago? if you believe that, you’ll probably vote for obama again. i am a veteran myself and very clearly sympathize with many of their plights but 4 years state-side pushing a broom really doesn’t entitle you to craddle to grave care.

  9. admin says:

    Stan-Ann. Much better. OK, first, when Squat posts to HIS site he will, by definition, post his opinions. He will sometimes post the opinions of others but makes it clear when doing so. As for selectivity, again–it’s his website, yet he gives you the chance to state a differing opinion.

    Here at my place, I like when a commenter disagrees with me so long as he can state his position in a way that is something other than a childish attack. Again, when your best shot is to tell me that I like to lick Squat’s pussy… Who gives a shit what you think.

    But you have brought an interesting point to the table when you speak to the abuses of a key social program. The Veteran’s Admin is the only tangible way a grateful country has to demonstrate our appreciation to our warriors. Each and every program in the VA was created to provide assistance to veterans with real needs. Millions of deserving vets have gotten vital support and have led better lives with the assistance.

    Yes, many have abused the programs. If I read you correctly, you say kill the programs because some vets abuse them. In my eyes, that is the prototypical right-wing conservative attitude. You seem to say that any program that is abused should be shut down. Like Social Security, food stamps, public health care and so on.

    To boil that position into its essence, “If something doesn’t have complete success, then it is a failure and needs to be shut down.”

    Black or white, right? Then what about the death sentance. The logic would state that if one innocent man is killed then you shouldn’t support the death sentance. Which of the Presidential candidates do you support who wants to kill the death penalty?

    Pushing a broom stateside doesn’t warrant vets benefits. Joining the Army, and getting assigned to pushing a broom stateside does.

    I still offer you the forum to say something. And just so you know, I think you are the commenter formally known as Theo.

  10. bj says:

    WELL! ….. Number 1, I’m still trying to get the picture of you and Squatty … uhhh …. “rubbing vaginas” (How long before you come to visit?) and ‘B’ SOME vets keep their PTS disorder suppressed, even hidden, and is only revealed when they attempt an intelligent conversation …. but come across as a blithering idiot with nothing of any consequence except malevolent antagonism. Et numéro TROIS ….N’est pas amusant quand vous pouvez dedue combien la vie de quelqu’un est malheureux par leurs initiales examing? heh Pauvre connard triste!
    and ‘D’ …. I’m still thinking about you and Sqaut 69in’ …. my day’s ruined

  11. stanley ann dunham says:

    “BJ” years since french but roughly: “Is not fun when you can (show) how someone’s life is unfortunate by examing their initials? Poor bastard heh sad!” … well your “moniker” is then very telling, does it mean that mooner’s balls are slapping your chin often?? what exactly is your point?? cette fois en anglais afin que chacun puisse profiter de votre stupidité

  12. BJ. Oh, you silver-tongued devil you. I think it was Plato who said, “Castrate me second, after you.” Or was that Ralph over to Ralph’s Spoil Sport Motors? It is the coward’s way our boy(?) Stan-Ann takes as he disregards his own shit and gains his sense of well being from his mindless attacks.

    Indeed, the mirror can make for a poor, sad duckie. But self examination requires strength of character. He seems lacking.

    As for my vagina, please allow me to say this. Had I one, I would share it with the world. I would take on every man and woman able. I don’t know how women can get anything done in this world. If I had one, I’d be diddling myself if I had nobody to diddle it for me. I’d have to make myself stop to eat. Hell, I’d get a solar panel installed on top of my head to run my little vibrating rabbit so I could leave the house.

  13. BJ. OK, now I see that my translation was off a tad. You didn’t say you can judge someone’s misery by how he see’s himself. You said that sometimes it’s in his initials. That is SAD. Maybe he’s reaching out.

    El mismo nombre de origen ego son oscuros agujeros culo ingenio.

  14. stanley ann dunham says:

    ¿quieres que me vaya y le dará las niñas privacidad mientras la lengua de cada uno asnos theo must have been another fan. i never mentioned shutting the whole ptsd program down but merely the abuse of the system. it is pretty easy to fake the symptoms especially when you have people coach you. libs always fall for every tear-jerking story and throw tons of money at it(but always other people’s money). also law firms are starting to line up to “help” vets get their benefits. it is now becoming a huge red tape bureaucracy. money is tighter than ever and everyone gets to take a few cuts.

  15. bj says:

    That’s pretty much the reference Mooner. … and by stealing/choosing Prezzy’s momma’s name … subconsciously the poor S.A.D. bastard is screaming for attention/help. Hope you find some soon ….. IF you are a Vet …have YOU tried the V.A., SAD?

  16. stanley ann dunham says:

    bj, isn’t imitation the highest form of flattery? she’s had so many names i figured she wouldn’t miss this one.

  17. bj says:

    Oh Yeah… and ….

    ” NANCY: [SLAPPING NOISE] Oh Nicky, Nick, Nick, Nick! Are you all
    NICK: [Coming To] Uhhh..Yes.
    NANCY: Then stop slapping me!”

  18. stanley ann dunham says:

    I like this one better, frank and edna are in their 80’s…

    Frank: edna, you’ve got a flat chest and a tight box!

    Edna: frank, get off my back……..

  19. Stan-Ann. Isn’t this more fun? What do you propose to do with the VA to provide the needed benefits and reduce fraud?

    Grubs again? Grumble, grumble.

  20. stanley ann dunham says:

    moonie, the problem is vast and multifactorial in nature, there is so much waste in every gov “industry” that should probably just give vets a card that lets them get their service connected injuries/disabilites paid for by the gov and provided by regular local hospitals. This way you cut the tremendous over-head needed to run the multiple VA hospitals and put the money back into the community. i am no expert on the va system. but they started to let va hospitals charge vets private insurance (if they have it) so what’s the difference??

    despite all the press and “preformance measures” and extra money the gov dumps into the system and touts, their care is no better and according to many vets many times worse…. for example:

  21. Squatlo says:

    I’m just trying to get my “tribbing” tutorials lined up before Mooner comes to visit. Damn, that was a rough visual.

    Hey, isn’t it fun when shallow people post anonymous hate speech on other people’s websites, then cry when their comments are culled from the conversation? You’d think a man/woman of so many opinions would have his own blog to spew them in, instead of trolling around for his fantasy fights.

    The difference between a person being willing to sign a name to their opinions and posting anonymously is the difference between an artist signing his work and a monkey slinging his feces at the other monkeys. Theo has returned, Mooner. Bank on it.
    The troll swore we were divorced, but like a dog to his vomit he’s returned.

    We should really work to keep abortion legal in this country. Stanley Ann is proof positive it’s an under-utilized service to society.

  22. stanley ann dunham says:

    squatlo, boy theo must have made some impression on you. i would really like to shake his hand. the starry eyed way you talk about him leads one to believe that you have drawn a picture of what you imagine his face to be and turned it into a mask, that you make your wife/grilfriend/boyfriend wear when they strap one on and screw your ass. but then everyone here probably already knew that. if you removed the terms “hate speech”, “racist” and “tolerance” from the dictionary progs like squatlo couldn’t debate period. i agree, keep abortion legal! just look at squatlo if you want to see the horrifying consequences of consanguinity.

  23. Man, oh, man…I hope Stan-Ann never sets foot in my hospital. For every one veteran who games the system, there are 100 standing in line behind him who truly need the services and DESERVE them. And fuck the whole “faking” PTSD bullshit idea. DAV reps don’t need to “coach” vets to fake PTSD for job security…they barely have time to see all of the people who want to make appointments. Just like BJ said – the vast majority of REAL vets who have served in combat actually keep their shit to themselves (not all wounds are visible)…for as long as they can. It just so happens that the insidious thing about PTSD (especially as regards COMBAT PTSD) is that it outs itself with greater energy than the vet has to keep it squashed.

    Oh, and btw…I AM an expert on the VA system (in my own mind) – and privatizing services is a really stupid idea. Think about how much money private sector docs make…and how much they charge…and then do a quick and dirty comparison of what V.A. providers make (and go ahead and include those “bennies”)…real BIG savings, huh???. And you want to talk about overhead? How much does it cost to fancy up that private doctor’s office…oh wait, that’s funded by all of those pharmaceutical company reps. Yeah, now we can make sure that our vets are on the newest and fanciest meds that cost a bajillion dollars because some pharmaceutical rep just dropped off a bunch of tissue boxes and pens with the company’s logo on it. Excellent way to “practice” medicine!! Now, factor in that vets will no longer receive specialized care (how much do you know about poly-trauma????) or worse – the RESPECT they deserve – in the private sector (“We don’t care if you ARE a veteran…you’ll get seen when you get seen. We don’t CARE how many years you spent in the military, you’re JUST ANOTHER PATIENT.”)

    And if you want a seriously GLARING example – take a real fucking close look at Tri-Care. Most private docs won’t even accept Tri-Care because it’s a shitty form of insurance that fucks military retirees in the ass without lube.

    The VA system is FAR from perfect, and there is a LOT of bureaucratic bull shit that goes on that actually impedes the provision of “good care,” but privatizing shit won’t help vets. As for your link regarding re-admissions to VA hospitals – read that article carefully – the VA tried to emulate how another entity did business – instead of FOCUSING strictly on veterans’ specific needs…and BAM! They have the same rates of re-admission. How predictable. But hardly proves your point that doing away with the VA is a stellar idea. Copying how another system does business or using the same standards that exist in the private sector doesn’t do veterans any favors. Having HIGHER standards and addressing the specific needs of the veteran population IN a veterans-only system is the best way we can serve our veterans. I could go on and on and on…but I won’t. I need a beer now. Mooner, pass me a Carta Blanca..

  24. admin says:

    One, and all. Like Theo the First, Stan-Ann has been given the opportunity to present cogent argument to back up his nasty allegations, and Stan-Ann has proven to be nothing more than Theo-Lite. Stannie, your comment that you are a vet and that you want to privatize the VA are fucking verbaitum Theo rants.

    Again, I had hoped for some reasoned counterpoints to my own thinkings. And again, you failed to deliver. As long as you don’t attack the indivdual commenters in your typical viscous way, I’ll post you. Otherwise, adios.

  25. stanley ann dunham says:

    Reck: so the va pours tons of money, personnel and resources into their performance measures and still has the same re-admission rate?? yep, more governement waste on display. i must have struck a cord with you, what are you 100% service connected and get all the extra treats and are scared they’ll go away?? if you privatized the va system, then obviously you would have to pass laws that hospitals and etc would not have the option to turn vets away. my mom’s cancer is being pretty well treated with just medicare. a better system could be done for vets in the private world. one advantage would be that we wouldn’t have to pay vets that live so far from the va hospitals travel pay just to come to their appointments for their service connected diseases. that’s right folks, we pay not only for their health care but pay to have them travel to get it. imagine the money to upkeep those hospitals, supplies, equipment, salaries, pensions, insurance and etc poured into vets benefits and not into the infrastructure. think about it.

  26. stanley ann dunham says:

    admin mooner: wow, 2 people state the same idea and it immediately becomes a vast right wing consipracy??

  27. admin says:

    Stan-Ann. No conspiracy, just two opinions. If you aren’t Theo, then you should meet him. I think it’s important for any two people who share a brain to at least meet each other. Your voice, ideas and in many cases precise and same words lead me to see an identical twin-ness.

    But really, I don’t give a shit so long as you remain civil. Dumb as I am, I like some of your comments.

    As for privatizing the VA, I’m not sure how that would save any money unless you cut the levels of service. If you think vets game the VA, then you must think that private docs, insurance companies and other providers game us all, and to much larger gains. Gov’t health care for vets and other retired employees already pays significantly lower levels for the covered persons. It seems to me that service providers who are dedicated to the veteran as a treated class is a better option.

  28. bj says:

    Not ALL veterans want a handout or feel they are ‘owed’ anything… some don’t want a dadgum thing from the gubmint….. but ‘cept to be left alone. Hell, I haven’t even tried to buy a HOME with a V.A. loan … let alone register with them and claim maladies caused by my service or exposure to Agent Orange. I submit that there are many veterans who feel the same.

  29. Stan-Ann, I’m not 100% service connected at all; I’m not even a veteran. I just happen to care very deeply for this special population of American citizens and have dedicated my career to making sure we keep our fucking promise to “Care for him who hath borne the battle.” And I happen to think that the performance measures are the very things that fuck the entire VA system up. They cause staff and providers to spend more time “answering to numbers” than actually CARING for the veteran. It’s the bureaucratic bullshit I’m talking about. When you have a patient admitted to the hospital, and you have utilization review on your fucking back to get the patient OUT and discharged as quickly as possible – because that’s what they do in the private sector…you can bet your fucking ass they’re going to get discharged prematurely…and GUESS WHAT??? End up RE-ADMITTED. Then, you factor in your performance measures and performance monitors that spew out numbers for, oh, wait for it…RE-ADMISSIONS…and you sit in fucking meetings answering questions about why your “numbers” are like this or that…instead of talking about why it’s a stupid measure in the first place because it’s not focused on the INDIVIDUAL…and it’s more about MONEY – which, big surprise, is what they focus on in the private sector. The private sector is a FOR PROFIT entity. The V.A. is NOT.

    I find it reprehensible that you accuse me of being a 100% service connected veteran – like that’s a fucking BAD thing to be…like there’s some DISHONOR in that. In MY world, I respect veterans; I don’t assume them guilty of gaming the system and being good liars because they ARE 100% service-connected. Yes, there ARE vets who are less than honorable…but like I said before, for every ONE of those kinds, there are 100 veterans who DESERVE respect because they have earned it. I’m wondering why you have such a beef with vets who are service connected. Were you dishonorably discharged? Did you get your own claim for service connection thwarted? Shit, have you even SEEN ONE DAY of combat??? If you have been in combat, I can guaran-fucking-tee that you wouldn’t be downing other vets. And spare me any “You’re not a vet, you don’t know” bullshit commentary.

    And until you come and work for the very system you are downing, you have no idea what it’s like to be on the “care giving” side of things. Maybe you need a new job.

  30. stanley ann duham says:

    wreckmonster: the va now bills vets private insurance if they have it, you were aware of that weren’t you?? the va hospital that bills the insurance gets to keep it locally. you did know that right?? get your fucking facts straight before you start mensturating all over the place. no is talking about removing vet’s benefits, it could be better served by the private hospitals that’s all. name one institution that the gov runs better than the private sector?? many va’s run worse than the post office. you’re just pissed because you have a dog in this race, they will still need dav reps just not the va hosptial system per se. just give the vets a card that covers their service connected or whatever needs and they could go into any e.r. or hosptial or establish care with whoever they want. they would likely get better quality of physicians, faster care and jump through far fewer hoops.

  31. stanley ann duham says:

    @wreckmonster: there are many hospitals that are “not for profit” that make pretty good money, you were you unaware of that, right?? va’s can and do bill veteran’s private insurance and get to keep it locally. many va’s make more money by keeping the insurance payments locally than they get from the government. or didn’t you know that you dumbshit!?! why do you think providers have to go through all that billing and coding complaince stuff, you numb-hole?!? the best part about this “”conversation” was that you very clearly proved my point and showed that you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground and are part of the va’s overall problem. prehaps based on your current knowledge the vets would be better served if you scrubbed toilets instead.

  32. I know way more about the VA than you think I do. I know all about insurance billing…and how they even allow the double-dipping and charging of Medicare too…so my FUCKING facts ARE straight. I just don’t feel the need to share ALL of my knowledge with people who are ill-equipped to participate in meaningful discourse.

    And, for the record…if you ARE going to start coming at me with douche bag comments…at least learn how to SPELL the fucking word:

    MENSTRUATE. Not “menstrate” or “mensturating” as you have fucked up the last two times you tried to be nasty. You’re not even an effective nasty person. There’s nothing worse than a mean person who is stupid. Note to Stan-Ann: when there are red squiggly lines underneath the word, that means that it is misspelled. Don’t fuck up the word “menstruate” again, please.

  33. stanley ann duham says:

    Reckmonster aka hose-monster, so you admit that va’s can bill private insurance and that those hospitals get to keep the money locally? they make pretty good money that way then don’t they? if they are going to take insurance money then they have to follow medicare guidelines just like community hospitals do, right?. well then, what’s the difference numb-hole, between the va and a private hospital? they may as well be a county hospital if they are going to take gov money and bill insurance. why run a separate heavily government funded system when the private sector can do it just as well? also, while your finger-banging yourself, please name a few institutions that the gov runs better than the private industry?? like before, you only proved my point by not letting people know up front that the va bills insurance and that they keep the money. what a misleading douche you are, I spelled that right didn’t i??

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