Social System Abuse; It’s All Eve’s Fault


So. The weekend past is one of sweet sadness for the Johnson family of Austin, Texas. Our beloved Texas Longhorns were brutalized by a far superior Oklahoma Sooner football team, and that makes me want to slit my wrists. And this ass whipping was just that—they kicked our butts all over the field. Congratulations, you maroon-clad bastards. Well done.

But I find myself far less than devastated in the face of this most terrible loss, because it rained. That’s right, it rained. For the first time sine early May, it rained. At the ranch, we got just under an inch-and-a-half of good, strong rainfall. It was perfect as it started slow to adjust the surface tensions of our drought hardened soils, and then soaked in like water to a sponge. Very little runoff.

This rain didn’t do much for our lakes and drinking water supplies, but it will save what vegetation didn’t already die from drought.

Then there would be the joy I receive from watching the Republican Presidential hopefuls self destruct. When I see Rick Perry accept the accolade that he is a “true Christian, and therefore worthy to be President” while the same right-wing religious fuckballs call Mitt Romney a “cultist”… well, that just warms my heart. Wait a minute, I thought all religions are cults.

I just went to my handy-dandy dictionary to assure that my memory of the definition of the actual word “cult” means: “A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.” “Veneration” means respect, and I would guess profound respect or maybe a mindless devotion sort of respect, like these silly fucking charismatic Christians.

Does anyone doubt who is pulling the strings of the Republican Party now? And have you guys seen the prayer posture Pricky Perry assumes at these Christian confabs? Look up some of the old art works of King David at prayer. Like the one by that Solomon guy. Put a $3,000 suit and pompadour haircut on old Davey boy in the painting, and you can see how the Prickster has patterned his prayers.

All hail King Ricky.

Which reminds me. Another commenter who says he/she isn’t Theo showed up over the last few days. I still think it’s Theo in spite of the protestations otherwise, but I really don’t give a shit. If he can make counterpoints to my ignorant ramblings, he’s welcome. If all that comes out is ridicule, “Adios, motherfucker.”

But the commenter known as Stanly Ann did manage to raise a point of interest with me. He was bitching about the Veteran’s Administration and how many vets abuse their support system. He claims that many vets are “coached” by care providers on how to fake the symptoms PTSD. Now me, I agree with the Reckmonster when she says that just going to war is enough trauma to spark PTSD, and I think any vet who desires treatment should get it.

But I think Stan-Ann managed to isolate one of the main differences between the people who think as I think, and the typical Republican and Tea Party folks.

I acknowledge that every social system ever created has a basic design flaw—every human system will be worked by the humans. Your Christian hardliners can blame Eve for starting the trend. The first social system in recorded semi-history would be when God told Adam and Eve that everything would be supplied for them so long as they don’t screw with the apple tree.

Interesting also, that God’s original intent, as taught by Christians worldwide, was to create a society of pure socialism. Everything was to be shared by everybody equally and as needed. Creationism is, by its very nature, socialism by benefactor. Or in this case, Benefactor.

But Eve was just like Stan-Ann’s greedy vet who wants PTSD treatment without actually suffering. She wasn’t satisfied with all of the other benefits her government (that would be God’s role in the first social system, He was the government), so Evie broke the one law of government and got everybody kicked out of the Garden.


In imitation of that first sin, we humans have worked the system any time there is a system to work. And did you realize that to this day, many cultures consider rules breakers to be sinners? Lawbreakers as sinners is as cultist as it gets. But I’m digressing the shit out of things.

My point was to be pointing out a difference between the left and the right. We lefties see the world as shades of gray, where as in this case, the few that cheat a system don’t warrant killing the system. Just because the baby pees in the bathwater, don’t flush baby and bathwater both. Granted, some lefties want to over-fund programs to cover the losses due to abuse, but most of us seek to have enough funding to create successful programs and tight controls on the spending.

Righties seem to be more black or white when evaluating social systems. It either works—or it is a dismal failure to be eleminated. Not an always unreasonable position to take, but if you take it, take it on every fucking issue. Don’t be selective.

If you want to eliminate social security because of corruption, eliminate Congress as well. Self-serving and self interest groups working through the Federal Government have stolen many times more money that the greedy doctors and old folks have taken from the SS system. Let’s close Washington and try something else.

If our public school systems have failed so miserably because we have bad teachers, then how about we outlaw organized religion. How many children must be raped and abused by the leaders of churches to turn their white robes to black in your eyes. How many innocents needed to be murdered in Christian crusades to make it a failure under the black-or-white evaluation system? I say shut the churches and turn them into gas stations. That makes more sense than cutting the Social Security payments to people who were promised the money would be there.

Oh yeah, those people also paid their entire fucking lives to have the bennies as retirement funds. We on the left don’t pretend that systems are not abused. We simply prefer to repair them, not kill them.

Speaking of which, The Reckmonster has just published something you might want to read. Click on her name over there =} and check it out.

Drink Carta Blanca, the world’s best brew, and come back manana, y’all.

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19 Responses to “Social System Abuse; It’s All Eve’s Fault”

  1. Squatlo says:

    Here’s the thing about mouthy trolls, Mooner… every now and then one of them makes a point worthy of examination, instead of just the usual homophobic rant or anti-socialism knee-jerk spasm we’ve come to recognize from their ilk. The idea of doing away with programs that have incidents of fraud or abuse seems to be a case of selective memory for righties. If not, why would we still support defense contracts for firms that have habitually ripped off taxpayers for years. I would offer this to the Stanley/Theos of the bitch-about-everything-to-the-left-of-John-Birch (look him up, troll…): so called entitlement programs are a drop in the bucket historically in comparison to our military budgetary spending. If you’re serious about reducing waste and fraud, you’ll point your dull bludgeon at the Pentagon, not the VA or Social Security benefits.
    I love reasoned discourse, and welcome intelligent comments. What I won’t abide is rude behavior (touch of Woodrow Call in me, I guess) and insults that have no basis in the argument at hand.
    And a word to the wise… fuck with Reckmonster at your own peril. Not that she needs anyone’s help, but some of her friends in the blogosphere are proud to say she’s one of the good ones, putting her own heart and mind into healing the hearts and minds of our vets. You slap at her ass in this blog or any other, and you’re going to find out how quickly a backtrace can locate your server… Don’t even go there. Say what you want about me and Mooner 69’ing our way down the Yellowbrick Road if that’s what makes your little tiddly wink, but keep your Reckmonster slings and arrows to yourself.
    Ain’t that right, Mooner!

  2. admin says:

    Squat. Right on, brother, and power to the people. Let’s march to the John Birch Society headquarters and burn it down. Oh wait. I already said we should close all the churches. Same thing.

    It is that selective application in evaluation processes that pisses-off people like me. It is also the great weakness in that debate style. The mirror is a harsh critic, but you must look to gain its insight. I fear that many people simply don’t realize that they judge with bias.

    I’m starting to confuse myself. I need lunch.

  3. bj says:

    In reference to Social System abuses I stand by the credo “The only thing wrong with ‘The Public’ …. is PEOPLE!
    In reference to YOU and Squatlo …. (I’m still enjoying the ya’ll ‘rubbing Vaginae’ mental picture) 69in’ down the Yellowbrick Road …. 69 yer way into a photo booth and spend a couple a bucks on some photos of yinz doin’ that shit! Christmas is comin’ and I just put copies of them photos on my wush list.

  4. stanley ann duham says:

    may i interrupt ya-alls self congradulatory circle-jerking for a moment? i know that you love to fall for the lastest tear jerking story and throw tons of tax payer money at it in a self righteous attempt to relieve your collective guilt but all i mentioned was that the va system wasn’t prefect and overdiagnosing ptsd just for job security is a good example, key word: “overdiagnosing.” (i like to be repetative because squalto is so slow to keep up). there are many other tax payer hungry maws out there and the military is a big one as well as the “many-headed-hydra: acorn” and other social-government programs. but one at a time please. i am all for va benefits. but a huge techno-bureaucracy (and growing) like the va could very likely be done better in the community. i already mentioned that the gov pays vets to travel to the va to get treatment even though they chose to live far away from their heath care venue. i called my local va (80 inpatient beds) and asked what services they DON’T have. well for such a big va, there is no cardiac surgeon, no neurosurgeon, a partime orthopedic surgeon, no on site dermatologist, no nephrologist, no sleep lab or sleep physicians, no allergist, no ear nose and throat physicians, a part time urologist, no gastro-enetrologists and i forgot the rest. well guess what circle-jerkers? they fly the patient to the closest va that has those services or they send them to the community hospitals under contract, got that part slow learners? they send them to community hosptials under contract. so why not cut out the middle man and save money by eliminating the huge money eating federal bureaucracy??

    also unlike squatlo who is apparently afriad of the conservative or church going boogey-men, i am not afraid of reck. one metaphysical kick to the ole box will give her a sprung pelvis.

  5. admin says:

    Stan-the Man. OK, so you want to fix this how? In the semi-final analysis I read from you, you are unhappy with the system(s).

    Guess what. So am I. But I want to fix the system not dismantle it. I want funding for the VA at levels to provide the care as promised our veterans. One of the Republican Presidential candidates has an idea I like. Mr. Cain’s 9-9-9 is a solid idea. It needs to be 15-15-15, or so, before I can get solidly behind it, but what a great compromise to reach a balanced budget and fulfill our promises.

    Any difficulties with that?

  6. stanley ann duham says:

    “Thousands of Christians gathered for an outdoor Columbus Day Service in San Francisco to publicly mock gays and native americans and humiliate gay and native american heroes. The flagrant attack, which included skits, obscenities and impersonations satirizing native americans, gays and gay stereotypes, sent shockwaves of outrage and disgust throughout the region and across the nation. This report features photo and video documentation of the free public Columbus Day Service service, which was attended by a majority of Christians in the city, who laughed at and insulted gays and the homosexual community. Thousands of Christians make fun of gay stereotypes by dressing up as native americans and gays in Mission Dolores Park as they watch an anti-gay religious service and performance. Furthermore – – -”



    If this had been an actual case of Christians mocking gays and native americans, you would have heard about it in the mainstream media. (but never the other way around)…..

  7. stanley ann duham says:

    test complete

  8. I would attempt to shed a tear at the collective protective wing being cast over me by my bloggy-bros…but I’m too busy MENSTRUATING! (do you all SEE how that word is spelled?! Fuck. It takes a REAL vagina to spell it properly.)

    I would comment on the social system abuses and all..but I think I’m on the verge of passing a clot since I’m on my MENSTRUAL cycle right now. I’ll have to get back to you. I have a shitload to say about social system abuses…and even more to say about mother fuckers who complain about shit instead of actually BEING a part of the solution, but I need to go grab a kotex pad…because it’s that time of the month…time for me to MENSTRUATE.

  9. BTW…when I get finished MENSTRUATING, I would love to see anyone ATTEMPT to deliver a “metaphysical kick to the ole box [that] will give [me] a sprung pelvis” – and I only say after my menstrual cycle is complete because I’d hate for someone to get blood on them from attempting to deliver said metaphysical kick, or did someone actually mean “metaphorical” kick…because I seriously doubt anyone would be stupid enough to actually threaten me with physical harm.

  10. stanley ann duham says:

    see, you proved my point again, you’re bleeding all over the place… if you would prefer a metaphorical kick instead of a metapshyical one look at my last comment on mooner’s previous post.

  11. stanley ann duham says:

    hosemonster is just grumpy because she was outed as a misleading lair in the last blog post. take some midol and chase it with robitussin-dm, it’ll ease those cramps….

  12. Christ on a mother fucking pony, you sure are a feisty little fucker, aren’t you?! I’m also not a misleading “lair” – nor am I a “liar.” There’s nothing for me to admit. It’s public information – you act like some kind of conspiracy theorist…like I was withholding information. I like how you try to goad people into arguing by throwing insults and making threats and twisting people’s words. It’s “basic” – but then again, so many folks aren’t terribly sophisticated these days, so it probably does work for you most of the time in accomplishing your goal. Bravo. I’ve been insulted, assailed and threatened by far more sophisticated (and intelligent) sociopaths…so carry on, if that’s what makes you feel good. Really…it’s okay…I work with people like you. Believe it or not, I actually have a pretty keen understanding of people like you, so I don’t take any of it personally.

  13. Squatlo says:

    Oh, it’s on, now.

  14. Squatlo says:

    Mooner, start deleting this shit from your hard drive in case there’s a mysterious missing persons case in Trollville. I’ll call over to the hospital and let them know Reck needs some personal time for her “Menstral” cycle. Heard she was taking up the lute and singing folk tunes for weary travellers in the forest, now.
    Any prick found with a lute impaled in his colon should be considered coincidental collateral damage, and we can take turns swearing Reck was seen at the Pharmacy when it happened.

    Isn’t anonymity a great thing? It “embiggens” the smallest mind.

  15. stanley ann duham says:

    we all enjoyed hose-monster’s little diatribe that was on display above (you’re excused to get the tampons honey, remember extra large this time). because it was a fascinating journey through the mind of a government employed prog. very telling was her inability to see that the metaphysical kick would be because of differing political philosophies. however, even more telling was the reference to perceived potential physical harm to her when obviously it never ever existed. she is so use to using thinly veiled threats of reporting remotely possible physical violence to get her way that it has made her a sloppy debater. she then merely used distracters like going off on tangents about her menstruating but never ever addressed the argument points. she has been around vets that are so wacked out and can’t think straight that it never accurred to her that when she’s not at work, she is far from the smartest person in the room.

    let’s review:

    Me: “va’s can bill private insurance.”

    Hosemonster: no response.

    Me: “va’s then keep that money at the local level”

    Hosemonster: (finger-banging noise) “I know all about insurance billing…and how they even allow the double-dipping and charging of Medicare too…so my FUCKING facts ARE straight. I just don’t feel the need to share ALL of my knowledge with people who are ill-equipped to participate in meaningful discourse.”

    Me: “then what’s the difference between hospitals if the va can keep private insurance?”

    Hosemonster: no response (more furious finger-banging noise)

  16. stanley ann duham says:

    @squatlo: it’s really sweet that way you lick hosemonster’s ass in support. don’t go much further than the taint, you’re likely to find a branch in that fork…..

  17. admin says:

    Holy fucking shit. I take a few hours to go fishing and I’ve got a hundred-thousand words of comment. For those of you Catholic commenters who each sent the same, tired shitball letter, yes, I just took fifteen minutes and trashed each one. It felt so good. I recited the Lord’s Prayer as I hit the cute little “TRASH” button in my WordPress admin. It’s a red button, BTW.

    If you don’t have an original thought, the least you can do is take the time to repeat your Catacism in your own words. And try to burn my soul in hell with my body in one piece. I think that even my heathen, herratical soul deserves to burn as a whole. And by the way, it’s spelled ‘Johnson”. It’s a tough one, I know.

    As for the rest of the comments, I’m having me some fun. And I’m starting to wonder if Stan-Ann isn’t a closet leftie.

  18. Hey Mooner, I’m technically a “Catholic” (albeit a bad one), but we can still get married, right?

    And if I don’t respond to someone’s “liking,” it’s purposeful. It’s because I don’t fucking feel like being badgered into responding. It’s not because I don’t have a response. I respond when I WANT to respond, not because YOU want me to respond. I think you might actually have some valid points about how the VA could be run better – but I don’t play well with mean people. The minute you delve into making asinine and rude remarks, and then continue with the same, ad nauseum – you hit the “OFF” button with me. You ever heard the old adage “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”? The same applies to having intelligent verbal discourse with someone. Everyone can have different opinions, that’s fine – it’s what makes the world go ’round. People can even make some off-color comments and I’ll usually laugh – I’m no stranger to crude humor. But, Stan-Ann, you’re not even funny.

    And yes, I think I did initially misinterpret your “metaphysical” kick comment…my bad…we all make mistakes. The difference between me and you is that I AM human and fallible, and I DO make mistakes (and can admit them). I know your type, though…and you are just reinforcing my initial diagnostic impression. How simple.

    Now, I’ve got to go hang out with my “wacked [sic] out” vets so that I can boost my ego and think I’m the smartest person in the room. 😉

  19. stanley ann dunham says:

    reck: your diagnosis is absolutely correct, i’m an asshole! sorry about my crudeness, it’s one of my better points. let’s just say, i’m better at spelling than at people skills. i have found that using honey with many libs just gets you even more shit in return. i’ll stay away from your “bikini areas” when it comes to inappropriate comments from now on. (remember the “good touching versus bad touching” child development stuff??) let’s all hold hands and sing “Kumbayah” while squatlo gets his weekly anal pap smear. squalto was warned that there is a down side to gerbiling (both references in the urban dictionary).

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