Today’s Posting, Part Dos


So. I’m a total scatterbrained left-wing liberal dumbass. I’m supposed to be promoting my book at every turn of the corner, or the page, and I can’t even remember to do it here. I’m supposed to post the linkster to the Amazon spot where you can buy it. The book, that is, buy the book. So here it is:

Go over there and take a look even if you don’t buy it. They just got a picture of the cover posted. You might think it “pricey”[,] but it’s 440 pages and it is printed with the larger, readable print.

I wanted to print it like regular books, but all of my advisors had the same advice for me when it came time to make decisions as related to font size. I guess my Editorator said it best when she said, “Look, Mooner. Your prose is difficult enough to read and follow. Print in larger font to assist your readers.”

I did, and I ended with higher printing costs—more paper, more ink and more weight. But it is easy to read, at least from the legibility perspective, and it’s thick enough to stop a 22-caliber slug or the heavy rubber bullets cops shoot at demonstrators. That will help you if you get caught in a stray drive-by. It wouldn’t stop any bullets of larger caliber in my tests, but it will also deter a tazer blast. So take it with you when you go to your Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. It seems the authorities have less patience that demonstrators have grit and determination.

When I finish with this posting, I’ll do some tests to see how it does under a knife attack.

I might need to order some more books.

Another part of the price of Full Rising Mooner would be the charitable donations I will make from each sale. I have my favorite ones, currently the Food Bank and the Texas Paralyzed Vets. But if you provide me proof of purchase—like a photo of you holding the book—then I’ll donate a dollar to any charity of your choice in addition to the donation I make to mine.

Also, the Kindle version should be ready by the 9th of November. And the 30-second commercial dealie will be done soon.

And remember this. I will print any review you have of my book, however negative or positive it might be.

So, FUCK RICK PERRY and buy the damned book for shitsakes.

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