Brandon Reviews Full Rising Mooner; One Full Fuckless Page Of Drivel Below


So. I’m stuffed to the gills, I’ve got the recently-sexed after-glow that can only be the resultant high color of really good sexing, and my beloved Texas Longhorns just beat the Texas A&M Aggies as time expired.

I’ll be stuffed again, and I’ll for absolute certainty have more sex, but I may never see another Texas/Texas A&M football game again. I’m happy that we beat the favored team in their stadium and extra happy to beat them for the last scheduled game between us.

But this is the end of a 117-year rivalry, and a healthy rivalry at that.

Likewise, I’m still buzzed in several ways both from yesterday’s activities and today’s as well. If I were a pop song from the 1960’s, I’d be Donovan’s “Mellow Yellow”[.]

That’s right, Slick.

And I just discovered that Brandon did a review of my book over to his place. You can click over there ====}}}}}}}}}}}}} on my Bloggie Roller on the Lost In Idaho linkster dealie and read it. It makes me want to cry.

Hell, I am crying.

I’m happy sad about Brandon’s kind words, I’m likewise re: the football game and my family and my having had sex. And I was thinking about my buddy Lloyd, the finest man I have ever known, and an incident that occurred on Thanksgiving many years ago. It was a defining event in my life—one of the positive ones—and Lloyd told me last week that I had misinterpreted the entire situation.

If I had not gotten the wrong impressions of what happened, my life would likely have taken a different course, and for the far worse at that. If I can get his approval, I’ll tell you the story because it’s one of those dealies that is chock full of deep meanings and shit.

Anyway, I’m gone Friday and Saturday and will be out of touch. But I’ll be back and likely have something interesting to tell you. Maybe not, but who really gives a shit?

Enjoy the rest of the holiday season—with a special shout out to Melanie—and I’ll see you manana after de la manana. And think about buying my book. And look, I wrote an entire page without saying fuck once.

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8 Responses to “Brandon Reviews Full Rising Mooner; One Full Fuckless Page Of Drivel Below”

  1. melanie says:

    awww…how special do i feel right now? quite, i must say (especially after my husband felt the need to share with me the shitty story of how bitchy his sister and her girlfriend were at his mom’s house for Thanksgiving because I was not there…sorry, I have a fucking job at a hospital where we help people. I don’t just get the night off because it is fucking Black Friday – oh, and don’t get me started about the corporate greed and all the stores that were open on the actual holiday. Bastards. Anyhow, I am still pretty pissed off about it…although, it was quite nice having a quiet house today.) AND, just as soon as I finish up the little bit of work I have to do (because yes, I am working right now and being a slacker) I will be downloading your book onto my phone so that I may start reading it on my break. Because there’s an app for that. Happy Black Friday. Glad your team won and you got some!

  2. melanie says:

    Oh, also, I thought you might appreciate this. I got scolded by my mother for saying fuck in front of my grandmother at Thanksgiving dinner. Actually, not even in front of her – just in the general vicinity. The woman is 85 years old. I am sure she has heard the word before. I am willing to bet that it has even escaped her mouth on occasion. God love my grandfather, but I would be dropping f-bombs every 15 seconds if I had to live with him. And they have been married for 63 years.

  3. Mooner, I swear, there is NEVER a “bloggie roller” that appears on MY screen, so I’m not sure if you’re just full of shit and you’re fucking with us, or if my program is just a spaz.

    Glad your Longhorns beat the Aggies! I know that is akin to my Wolverines beating those nasty fuckeyes!

    I’m heading over to Brandon’s blog to read the review!

  4. Granny Ook says:

    Mr. Mooner, Since I have more curiosity than a herd of cats and a ferret farm, I finally gave in and bought your book. I am now on Chapter 16, and I have this to say: “*-*-*-*-*-gasp!*-*-*-*-*-” {**speechless**}. Also ROFLMAO. You really are the most inappropriate man in the world. Under the circumstances (helpless with laughter between attacks of the vapors, and the fact that I’m almost 70) is it SAFE for me to finish the book?

  5. admin says:

    Mel, and Mel. I didn’t know you are a nurse, and I am even more respecting of you in the knowledge. When you get the book, you will find my homage to the nursing profession therein. For next, isn’t it interesting how some folks spend Thanksgiving bitching about what they don’t have? For lasties, my grandmother is the one who introduced me into my life-long love of the word fuck, and it’s many derivatives.

    Rckster. Congrats on beating the Stinkeyes. And I swear I’m not fucking with you on the Roller dealie. I can see it as I write back to you.

    Granny Ook. OK, first, drink a few Carta Blanca beers, smoke a touch of toot, or double-dose your anti-depressants before finishing. You made it through the herd of camel toes, learned how I got my name and have witnessed one of my many arrests.

    Be careful, the action is picking up, and quickly at that. And BTW, thanks you, and thanks again, for buying my book.

  6. Granny Ook says:

    Jeez, Mooner, If I took a antidepressant AND finished the book, I’d probably start laughing and never stop. The “psycho” therapists would have to invent a new syndrome for me- malignant persistent hilarity disorder, maybe. Luckily, I don’t have a weak heart (tho my bladder’s a little iffier), so I’ll borrow some of my mother’s Depends and soldier on. It’s been an education- before I found this blog, I thought a camel toe referred to the hoof of a humped quadruped.

  7. Squatlo says:

    Alright, all of you folks gloating over your college teams’ wins this weekend have made me come out from under my rock… My beloved Vols took a shit on the program Saturday by losing to Kentucky. After 26 straight wins over the Wildcats, these dolts managed to make the worst team in the conference look like world beaters. But I guess if you lose to the worst, you ARE the worst… Heavy sigh…

    In the meantime, I’m going to try to be magnanimous for a moment, and congrats to the Meeshigan Wolverines and the Texas Longhorns. There. I said it. Didn’t even spit afterwards, either.

    I think I’m getting better.


  8. admin says:

    GrannyOok. Maybe I get your thinkings here. However, to be the first diagnosed with what I’ll now call MPHD, your name would go down in medical histrionics. And stick with us, Baaaaby, ’cause education is my middle name.

    Squat. Every once in a while we all have a season like yours. Cinch ‘er up and make plans for next season.

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