Trojan Horses Killed; Mooner Can Posting Pics!!!


So. Hip-hip hooray!!! Ben from Balcones PC came over and fixed the latest Trojan Horse infection on my computer, and he showed me how to post pictures while he was at it.

This infection was as serious as the last, but it was caught before doing any real damage. Someday the computer geeks will develop a condom to prevent Trojan Horse infections. Meanwhile, I’ll use this posting to put up some pics for you. Wish me luck. I’ll attempt to put both pictures and info both.

The Squirt is in my lap and Yoda is sitting on my mouse pad.

That’s Bob from Squatlo, Michelle the Reckmonster and future 12th Fiance, BJ from Uo-original Thoughts in Bob’s arm pit, and the most dangerous Cindy in the rear.

OK, look.  This is a new toy, as is my camera, and all of my pics of the dogs are sucky.  I’mma attempt to get better pics and post them.  I’ll try to not drive you nuts with pics of my babies.  Now I’m drinking me some Carta Blanca beerskies!

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6 Responses to “Trojan Horses Killed; Mooner Can Posting Pics!!!”

  1. Squatlo says:

    Well, congrats on getting the antibiotics necessary to kill off your social disease… (start putting a helmet on that soldier and watch where you send him!)

    Glad you figured out how to post pix. Now we’ll never get any peace. Next thing you know you’ll be posting vids of Rick Perry in drag, etc.

  2. Squat. Phto post is my middle name, and dangerous is my game!

  3. Glad you got your trojan horse all slayed and shit. Now Q is telling me that he gets some warning about malware on my site when he tries to visit it. I ran diagnostics on it and it said there was no malware, and I also scanned my computer with my McAfee thingy and nothing…so I dunno if blobber is just being a jackass. It’s been giving me huge pains in the ass this last week.

    P.S. When posting pics of your pals…please choose “flattering” not “fattering” photos…just sayin’ (BAHAHAHAH!)

  4. admin says:

    Reck. For what it’s worth, my Trojan was confined to my computer operating systems and didn’t go near the website or blog. My computer guy said it must not have liked my writing.

    I used the wide angle lens on the camera. Maybe that explains things.

  5. beej says:

    Well …. congratuliZAtions on bein’ able to post pics on your page! Ben musta werth his salt and a man of mettle as well. Now I wanna see Rush and Ricky all hugged up a’soixante neufin’ and shit. I also need a good pitcher of yer face, without a mask or anything blockin the view …. so’s I can compare it down to the Post Office … none of them fellers has got a piece of paper across his face … but they’s a BUNCH of ’em that kindly FAVORS ya’. BTW, I’d be glad to keep all the ‘puters you keep fucked up alla time werkin’ properly for ya’ … and fer FREE too! ‘Course you’d have to buy me my own personal Lear Jet to swoop forth and back in ….. every fifteen minutes or so dependin’ on how quick you can RE-fuck a ‘puter back up, though, so there would be that ….
    And Michelle …. perspective is a cruel prankster …. the only thing ruining YOUR pic in that pitcher …. is my big ol’ ASS a’stikin’ out from behind ya’. See …. the REAL problem there? YOU is just too tiny to cover alla my ugly up!
    Lastly, Mooner …. them lil’ dogs a’yorn look a lot sweeter than you make ’em out to be …. Squirt’s right … maybe Sie sind ein Arschloch!

  6. Beej. And maybe you, dear friend, are a trouble maker. Those two hounds need little or no encouragement to be pains in the ass. In my Xmas spirit, I have made each wear a necklace of red velvet with giant fluffy white balls and a half-dozen tinkle bells.

    They are truely pissed at me and keep trying to get them off. So far they haven’t thought to rip each other’s off, and Squirt calls me an asshole every five minutes.

    Thanks for the offer, but I like you too much to expose you to my computer miscreants and malfunctions. Besides, I like bitching about it. It gives me an excuse for fucking things up.

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