A Mooner Mention: Check Out Good To Be Gay


So. I have but a minute this morning but I wanted to give you an interesting link. Sister, she would be my actual sister and a lesbian who is now married to my third ex-wife, told me about this newsletter/newspaper that she has been reading. It’s called Good To Be Gay and I have been tuning in for several weeks. I wanted to read a few issues before sending you guys their way to insure the integrity of my recommendation.

I’m ready to recommend that you go over there to the site by clicking onto the linkster at:


I have been unsuccessful so far in determining just who (whom?) is the author/publisher of GTBG, but I salute him. I get a sense of rock-solid feet-on-the-ground observations and reportings from this paper, and I have made it a routine read. Some of the stuff makes me uneasy when I read it, and I think that is a good sign. It has often been the things that I hear or read that make me uneasy which have dealt with important issues of social change.

OK, let’s stop a second for a grammar check. That last sentence is problematic with the “that” versus “which” issue. I love the word “which” which should be evident to all of you which read this shitty bloggie with routine. But I know I use it improperly and I know that, somehow, a comma can make all the difference between that and which.

But like Gram says when she’ll say, “Oh who gives a shit, Mooner. That witch is a bitch.”


I can remember just how uncomfortable it made me when the owner of the hardware store refused to allow my friend Javier inside the store. I was just six or seven, but I knew something was wrong when my skin crawled as the owner pointed his finger at Javier, and said, “No wetbacks!”

And I have vivid memories of Baptist preachers standing at their pulpits to tell my sister she would rot in hell simply because she prefers a woman’s love to that of a man. I watched my sister squirm in her seat time and time again, as preachers told their congregations that the God of Love condemns homosexuality. Fucking asshole right-wing exclusionary Baptists.

Anyway, before my ADHD takes us on a trip to Mars, click on to Good To Be Gay and check it out. There’s this neat article about how those silly fuckballs at American Family have decided that gay marriage will lead to a take-over of America using communism and satanic cults.

And think about a purchase of my book. You can check it out by clicking over there ===}}} to the Full Rising Mooner linksters. Manana, y’all.


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4 Responses to “A Mooner Mention: Check Out Good To Be Gay”

  1. chrisinphx says:

    At the age of 6 you knew that it wasn’t right to call Javier a wet back, yet there are grown ass people that still cant get that through their thickheads.
    In my opinion there are SOOOOOO many better reason for you to hate me than the fact Im gay. You really dont even need to try very hard to find something, Im an asshole and make it easy 🙂
    You can talk all kinds of shit about me or to me but they better be valid actual facts. Im fine with just about anything anyone can possibly say to me, except fag. Call me a fag and I will knock your fucking teeth out, as my red neck inbread neighbor found out. When the ex and I were moving into a new house few years back. He made some stupid comment out in his driveway about the fags moving in etc… Before he knew what happened this fag knocked his ignorant ass out….Funny thing is Mr Tough Guy didnt call the police, I just assumed he didnt want to explain how he got a beat down from the homo.

  2. admin says:

    Chris. “Have bigotry in your heart” would be the first “Thou shalt not:” if I was God. Between bigotry and greed, you can explain the root cause for every war and oppressive act in human history. And why some straight people think that gay people are sissies dumbfounds me. Hell, my own lesbian sister can still kick most mens’ asses.

    And you brought up a point. In yesterday’s posting I used the word faggot as a means to display Rick Perry’s thoughts. While I truely do think Rick the Prick Perry will still use that particular word when among friends, I wonder if I was right to use it as I did.

    If I put offensive words in another’s mouth, is it the same as if I said it myself? Ugh. So many questions, so many answers.

  3. chrisinphx says:

    If I was god, pants would be an abomination.
    As for Rick the Prick, I totally agree with you Im sure he is still throwing around faggot with as much disdain as he does nigger. I do not for one second believe that behind closed doors (hell, sometimes in public too) he isn’t the stereotypical confederate flag waving texan good ol boy who thinks people below him (read: anyone not rich, white, and a bible beater) need to be reminded of their place.

    I’ve always tried and not worry about what other people think and say. Unless you are speaking to, about, or within earshot of me Ill normally let you sit and stew in your own stupidity. I am having an increasingly difficult time doing this and find myself pointing out how ridiculous or stupid people are being. I used to just shake my head and walk away but I just can’t resist telling some asshole what a stupid asshole they are.

  4. admin says:

    Chris. Under or overpants?

    I find myself becoming more and less tollerant both. (each?) I’m much more at ease with the common foibles exhibited by good people and far less of bigotry and exclusionary behaviours. And yes, grammar police, I know. I added the u with purpose because I like how the English pronounce it–you know, like “bee-have-yours”[.]

    I would actually be the guy that tells the asshole to shut the fuck up. Sounds like we could be buddies.

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