Parental Concerns; A Religious Sentiment


So. It’s 5 am and I can’t sleep. I’ve been without my two adorable puppies and the fucking cat this weekend, and I miss their pesterings so much I can’t sleep. Who knew that the absence of pain could cause insomnia? I miss getting crowded out of my own bed and I actually miss the cat’s needle sharp caresses.

I have a 10:30 psycho therapy session wherein I’ll get Dr. Sam I. Am-Johnson’s evaluations of one, my animals’ states of mental health, and two, her clinical opines as to my mental health as reflected in my parenting said animals. Based on these evaluations, I’ll bring the animals home with me, or not. I’m not really worried about the results except that the Squirt is fully capable of fucking with me on this dealie to gain an advantage somewhere. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that I need to be more responsive to their needs, or some silly shit like that.

If I was writing a book, that last sentence would be foreshadowing. Here, it’s but a simple prediction.

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Which reminds me. If you have been here before, you know with certainty that I am a staunch supporter in a woman’s right to choose. I support a woman’s right to choose any and every fucking thing as it relates to her body, person and mind. While that might have been a tad redundant there, it does properly describe my levels of support for a woman’s rights.

In my last posting, I mentioned my support of a woman’s reproductive rights and I showed a picture of my latest anti-anti-abortion protest picket sign. That’s the sign I’ll use when the anti-abortion protesters show back up over to Planned Parenthood. Squatlo made a comment that, “… conception begins at puberty…,” a comment aimed at the silliness of recent right-wing Christian statements that the instant a sperm sniffs out an egg you have yourself a baby.

That silly sentiment was debated by the Catholic anti-abortion lady and me on one of my last visits with her. I think a baby is what gets born outside a woman’s body, a plain and simple belief. Catholic A-AL now believes the sperm-meets-eggie bullshit. Since we’ve been protesting against each other, her “belief” as to precisely when a human exists in the procreation process has regressed from during the third trimester, to the second trimester, to when a sonogram can determine sex, to when you can detect a heartbeat, to now—egg meets sperm.

Following that illogical pathway, Squat decided the next place to look at conception would be puberty. The idea would be that as soon as you CAN conceive, you HAVE conceived. Not a silly idea in the previous context.

But here is my thought. When Catholic A-AL and I argued this issue, I asked her why she kept changing her tune, why she has so much trouble making her mind up about all of this. Her answer was somewhat confounding. “God is a living God and the Bible is a living book.”

Translated, she meant that whatever her priest/preacher told her to think is what she believes. So my first question to her was, “But I thought you previously told me that God knows all, sees all, and is the Maker of all things. Right?”

“You got that right, heathen. Everything that ever happens is God’s will. Ev-er-y thing ev-er!” she replied.

Oh, re-a-ly? Everything that happens is God’s will? This was the last time I was slapped. I said back to the lady, I said, “Well, then, if everything that happens is God’s will, then a woman getting an abortion is simply doing God’s will. She doesn’t have a choice. So, since you don’t want a woman to have a choice you are getting what you want when the woman gets the abortion.”

She looked at me dumbfoundedly and said, “But God gives us free will.”

Two… three… and four. “Now wait, little darlin’,” I advised her. “You don’t get it both ways. Either your God decides everything that will happen and then makes it happen, or He lets us make our own choices. But you can’t have it both ways just to get your way. But whichever you choose, your God is OK with a woman making her own choices about her own body.”

Again I got the dumbfounded look, which turned into a squinty-eyed stare, which lead to a, “Slap!”

To me, this underscores the absurdity of any attempt to force any religion or religious belief system on persons not followers of that religion. Faith-based religion is illogical by definition, so once you push your religious dogma past the pulpit it is illogical to the rest of us. You can attempt to convert us to your way or you can try to convince us that your way makes sense.

But what makes you think you can tell us what to do? Why should the rest of us be forced to follow your illogical beliefs? What gave you the right to force your shit on us?

I really don’t care what you believe. Think whatever you wish. If you choose to think that Earth was created in the course of a week 4,000 years ago—knock yourself the fuck out. If you want to believe in an exclusionary deity, go right on ahead, asshole.

Just leave me alone.

On the ADHD front, not having the additional stimuli of the dogs and fucking cat around has been a mixed bag. I don’t have the stress of being a good parent ever present in my skull, but I do have a parent’s concern about whether they will embarrass me when out of site. I usually don’t worry about getting embarrassed. I do way plenty stupid shit all the time so I suffer no embarrassment at my own hands. But I do suffer from that silly parental concern.

OK, I need to get ready for therapy. Please buy my book and I’ll see you, manana.

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10 Responses to “Parental Concerns; A Religious Sentiment”

  1. mel says:

    Wow. Thank you. I am sorry you got slapped for someone’s stupidity, but you hit the nail on the head. Now that you have read about my shitty year in 2011, you understand what I went through. If one more person told me, “God will only give you what you can handle” I think my head would have exploded. And people thought that would make me feel better. Umm, no. Even if I would religious (I consider myself spiritual and scientific – logical, NOT religious – there is a difference.) I would have taken offense to this repeated statement. And as far as the whole women’s right to choose – it is. No God that is worth my worship would make me feel bad for making a decision like abortion. And speaking from personal experience, when I had a miscarriage, it really didn’t bother me that much. It was like a heavy period. The still birth was another story. I delivered her and held her. It still didn’t change my opinion about abortion.

    Deep thoughts…and I am sure I didn’t even convey that the way I wanted to…you get the gist.

    Sorry you are missing you animals too. That sucks.

  2. admin says:

    Mel. I think slaps are all about someone’s stupidity–slapper or slapped each. or both. And that only getting what God thinks you can handle pisses me off as well. Again, that thought would be generated from the idea that God decided to fuck with you and lay all that shit on your head.

    My God happens to be a pretty nice guy (Guy?) who (Who?) would never be an asshole like that other God. My God is more of a “Shit Happens, Make The Best Of It” sort of Guy. Has to be Guy, with the capitalization.

    I am back from psycho therapy with animals in tow. Longer story to follow. Which reminds me. The Squirt told me to tell you that she’s sending you one of her chew toys to use next time you pass a kidney stone. It’s soft rawhide and she says you can bite down as hard as you can and not hurt your jaw.

  3. mel says:

    Awww…tell Squirt that I think she is just as sweet as can be, and that I anticipate some more stones to be making their way out over the course of the next couple of weeks…unless Dr. Urologist decides to go in and wrangle them all up with a basket. Or better yet, get all space age on them and obliterate them with a laser!

    As for the whole God debate…I think you are right. He would have to be a nice guy – why else would we look up to him, because all he is a great big dick sitting on a cloud…a sadistic prick, according to those who shared those asinine sentiments with me. I like the way you think!

    Check my page out later…I am getting ready to make my birthday “cake” and will be posting it for all to drool over a little bit later!

  4. chrisinphx says:

    Catholic A-AL need to be slapped across her face with assault charges and a restraining order.
    I would never hit a lady….but I’d be more than willing to knock a bitch out.

  5. I love that you harass the A-AL!! The signs you showed us were fucking awesome!!! You are a rock star. BTW…I told Q that he should have made you Overlord of your ADHD. =)

  6. admin says:

    Mel. Yeppers, my God is even keeled, has a very slow simmer to anger and is supportive as all get out. Or maybe He’s a just a good natured guy sitting up there laughing his ass off at all of us. I’ll check on the cake.

    Chris. I’m a non-violent sort by nature but I share your sentiments on this one. However, each visit I make over there to see her are the worst minutes of her life. The sting of her slaps does far less damage than my sword of truth.

    Reck. Q is an evil bastard. Now I feel compelled to respond. I ordered a crown and sepulchre this am. OK, wait, I didn’t order a tomb, I ordered a crown–fake diamonds and purple velvet lining–and one of those baton thingies. Scepter. That’s it, a scepter.

  7. squatlo says:

    I once got into a slightly heated discussion with a guy who wanted to tell me that unless a person accepted Christ as his savior he couldn’t get into his version of heaven. (usually I enjoy debates with troglodytes, but this guy was also a big fan of a certain Roll Tide fucking football team, and whenever the two of us got into any kind of discussion I’d end up wanting to stomp his ignorant ass…) So I asked him if it were possible for a still-born baby to get into his heaven, and he said “Well, of course!” to which I asked, “How’s that possible? You just said a person would have to accept Jebus as his savior, which implies the ability to hear, understand the concept, then SPEAK his eternal devotion.” He looked at me like a cow reading an algebra book, then said something about my mother. I asked him if it were possible for innocent children in foreign lands who had never heard of Jebus to be ‘saved’,and he said they weren’t eligible for Pearly Gate-ist status because of their parents. Seriously. He believed the innocent kids growing up in some third world piss hole were doomed for eternity because they weren’t born to Christian parents who could at least point ’em in a godly direction. At that point I was reminded of why discussions with morons is a futile exercise, and changed the subject. I think I changed it to something about HIS mother, with a reference to the inbred mutant carnival worker she must have spawned with to come up with someone of his staggering intellect. It went downhill from there.

  8. mel says:

    OH…MY…WORD…and people wonder why I feel the way I do…I am just happy to know I am not alone.

  9. admin says:

    Squat. Your question to that guy is the basic question Christians cannot sluff. It is also, I think, the basis for their prejudices.

    Mel. You’ll never be alone. You’ve got us.

  10. mel says:

    we are like a twisted little family unto ourselves.

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