Video Trailer For Full Rising Mooner; Check It Out!!!


So. I have been waiting for a full week to get the video trailer for my book back from the video guys. Turns out I have had the YouTube and Vimeo links all the time. It took Justine over to WriteByNight to figure it out for me.

We were working on the big party next Thursday the 12th and she figured it out. Anyway, here they are. Please check this out and then tell me what you think. Please give me your feedback. Even you fucking content thieves—give me some feedback. Just write your comments in a Romance language.


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13 Responses to “Video Trailer For Full Rising Mooner; Check It Out!!!”

  1. OOOOH! That’s all like big time and shit! Very nice! I’m sorry to have to say this – because I FEEL like I should be all starry-eyed in your celebrity-like presence, what, with big time trailers and shit like that on your resume…but since I HAVE met you in real life, I just don’t think there’s ever going to be a time that you’ll be any “bigger” than your regular crazy Mooner self. That’s like a nice way of saying that you’re way too down to earth to ever get all big fer yer britches. But, if necessary, when in your presence, I will act like some kind of a groupie if that helps to “hone” your celebrity presence! LOL

  2. mel says:

    Impressive…most impressive. Unlike my dear Reckmonster, I have not met you in real like, so I guess I can get all starry eyed in your celebrity-like presence.

    But seriously, its very nicely done!

  3. admin says:

    Reck. Thanks. I like the groupie idea. I’ve got a backstage pass to my dressing room for you.

    Mel. Thanks to you as well. When the Mooner hits your eyes like two bigga pizza pies… How about I leave a second backstage pass at the box office and you can visit with the Reckster?

    Louella. I only approved this comment because I’m in a great fucking mood. If anyone clicks to you from here, consider it a gift. If you attempt to attach to another post without acknowledging that you at least read it, I’ll trash your gilded ass.

  4. squatlo says:

    First of all (always a good place to begin, unless you’re making a Star Wars movie, in which case you just drop in on the action at any point in time and expect folks to catch up) I thought your vid was great! I posted it on my own blobber, complete with an apology for not actually finishing your book, which is in no way a slap at its content or your writing skills. I’m just old, my house is cold, and by the time I’m under the covers with a good book in hand I’m usually about thirty seconds from sleep or being molested by my lovely and dangerous wife. She only keeps me around as a life-support system for my penis, I’m convinced. When that’s gone, I’m sure I will be an endangered species around here… gotta spare room for an old guy?

    Anyway, back to the movie. Did you get the Coen brothers to do the trailer for you? When’s the actual feature film come out?
    I can see it now… directed by Joel and Ethan, starring Jeff Bridges as Mooner Johnson, featuring Holly Hunter as the dangerous SAC Ellen, with Steve Buscemi as Streaker Jones, and Cloris Leachman as Gram.

    Shit dude, when’s the premier?

  5. Mooner at his buddy's house says:

    Squat. Thanks. First, please allow me to give you a one-word marriage counselling session. Ready? “Viagra.”

    Second, SAC Ellen ran into Demi Moore when she was in California. Stevie B. and Jeff B are perfect castings. Linda hunt might be better suited than Cloris. But maybe not. Thanks for the link at your place.

  6. Mooner at his buddy's house says:

    You’ll love this one. CAPCHA just snarked me for Viag with an ra. WTF?

  7. bj says:

    Did yer new video just say something about buckling on a “Sanity Belt”? Wasn’t that a necessary piece of equipment for wimmins back before Tampons were invented? How do I make my voice sound like this?

  8. Mooner at his buddy's house says:

    Beej. You’re thinking about a Sanctity Belt. That’s the fastener the Mormons use on their magic underwear.

    Underwear? Oh, you must mean Susan Underhill.

  9. bj says:

    I knew it had somethin’ to do with Underwear. Susan Underhill? You mean Melanie Haber?

  10. squatlo says:

    Mooner, you’ve obviously never seen Cloris Leachman doing her role as Lois’ mom on Malcomn in the Middle reruns. Funniest shit ever, meaner’n hell and wicked funny.

    You need a casting director. I recommend Reckem for that job, she knows your characters by heart.

  11. admin says:

    Beej. Ohh, you mean Nancy. She’s with Caterwall in the aviary studying trees.

    Squat. OK, first, it’s been ten years since M in la Middle, and Gram made me watch when Cloris was on Dancing stars. Gram thinks Cloris is, and I’ll quote her here, “A pansy ass.” Casting live characters can be problematic.

    Maybe the Reck can make some suggestions.

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