Yoda Grazes; Rick Perry Still Sucks

So.  I’ve been screwing around with files all damn day yesterday and I finally found the photo of Yoda eating a dandelion out of my hand.  I took dozens of fucking photos but this is the only one that provides proof positive.  I have a bunch where the two slilly-assed dogs are grazing, but I’m not a photographer and you can’t tell what they’re doing.  I ran the batteries down on camera and Mooner both, but will recharge both and attempt to get Yoda doing an acrobatic crap for you.

After finding the photo, I found it had too many pixilations or whateverthefuck the image maker dealies are, and it wouldn’t poster here.  Then I called BJ and Bob to hep me, and Bob responded first.  Of course, I forgot to attach the photo to the first email and that added aggravation to all three lives.

Yoda is a mixed breed of Chihuahua and Whippet–that’s right, I said Whippet–and he’s so ugly he’s a real cutie pie.  In the background of this picture you’ll notice a close-cropped winter growth of dandelions, Texas winter grass and this little vining weed.  The close cropping is from Yoda and the Squirt grazing.

Yoda snags a d'lion leaf from Mooner

 Thanks, Bob and BJ.


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