Quincy Is First Guest Host; Thank-Q For Common Sense Is Here


So. Quincy, of Thank, Q For Common Sense, is a proud and thoughtful man. Quincy is a model for the man you want your daughter to marry. Q is a man I’m proud to call friend, and a friend to whom I look for sound judgments. I have been bugging the ever-loving-shit out of him to be a guest host here, and he has finally relented.

I know he held his nose when he hit the “Send” button on his email server to deliver the contents for this guest post. When his wife asked him, “Honey, are you sure your reputation can handle the association with Mooner Johnson?” and then said resignedly, “OK, Quincy, it’s your reputation,” I’m certain that Quincy’s mind was on a higher plane; I know that he hopes to inject some rational thought into the cesspool that is this bloggie.

But me, I don’t really give a shit how Quincy justified sinking to my level, I’m just glad he did. So it is now my great pleasure to provide you with something you never get here—Common Sense. Please welcome Quincy and his post titled:


Stop Choosing Emotions Over Common Sense

“First of all, I’m honored to grace the pages of MoonerJohnson.com. This blog is simply pure entertainment. It’s “Blazing Saddles” meets “Seinfeld” with the hilarity and creativity of the writing. I some times wonder what even makes a man think some of the things that are printed here, but then I come to the only conclusion: it’s just the mind of Mooner. Well, I want to thank [him] for the opportunity to be immortalized within the walls of his humble, cyber abode.

When I first started my blog, it was called “Thank, Q for Common Sense” for a reason. I felt the desire to inject some “common sense” into the blogging world. Although people are welcomed to blog about whatever they would like, I thought there were too many blogs that lacked perspective. So many blogs seemed as if they were based on what the writer felt from the heart instead of from the brain.

I didn’t want to do that. I wanted my blog to be strictly based on logic and perspective because that’s how I try to live my life. Because of that, it gets frustrating to come across people who don’t have the same concept. I wish people would stop choosing emotions over common sense. Just because you like something or someone doesn’t mean that you should defend that idea/person at all costs.

I remember when the Chris Brown / Rihanna incident happened how so many people on Twitter were coming to his defense. “Well, we don’t know what Rihanna said to him that pissed him off.”

“Everyone deserves a second chance.”

“Leave Chris Brown alone.”

Really? So, simply because you like the guy (or you’re a fan), he isn’t guilty of anything? R. Kelly. Charlie Sheen. Lindsay Lohan. I can go on-and-on. These people have been accused of some heinous acts yet they’re even more popular than ever. Why? Because you like their music or they make you laugh in a sitcom or movie. Ummmm, okay.

Well, I think that’s what’s wrong with this country. We use our emotions to make decisons (which wind up being irrational). Everything offends us because we’re too emotional. It doesn’t matter if it’s a true statement or not because common sense isn’t factored into the equation. If it hurts our feelings, then we lash out. We’ll even lash out over something that has nothing to do with us. Twitter blew up a couple of days ago from people defending Whitney Houston’s substance abuse problem after her death. People who didn’t even know her were pissed off at just the mere thought that someone who was in rehab as recently as last year was speculated to have overdosed… because they like her music. I even had someone on Facebook get mad at me for not Liking her “We Love Whitney” fan page. I told her respectfully that I didn’t want to join the page which resulted in her Unliking my fan page.

Wow. Because I don’t feel the same way you do about a person, I’m of no use to you any more, huh? So be it.

People, I’m tired. I’m tired of being the person who tries to put myself in other people’s shoes to understand their point. I’m tired of stating a fact only to have it offend someone because it applies to them or someone they know. I’m tired of being the voice of reason in an unpopular situation.

Psych! No, I’m not. LOL! That stuff doesn’t affect me at all. In fact, that’s actually what drives my blog. The more ignorance I encounter, the more posts I type. I shall continue with my message because some things just need to be said. I will “blog ’til I fall” and hope that I can just get one person to stop and think. You don’t have to agree with me, but at least consider things from someone else’s perspective.

This country used to be mentally tough. What happened?”


This is Mooner again. See what I mean—isn’t that the logic you want your daughter to wake up to every morning? Don’t we all have one of those emotional dealies he spoke of in our life?

Thank you, Quincy, for being my first ever guest hoster—Thank-Q, Thank-Q, Thank-Q. Me, I’m grabbing an icy-cold Carta Blanca beer and joining Streaker Jones on the patio to smoke a dube. I think I need to reflect on why I still dream of a three-way with Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith.

Manana, y’all.



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7 Responses to “Quincy Is First Guest Host; Thank-Q For Common Sense Is Here”

  1. The threeway is about necrophilia, or you just like dry-humping pages of a playboy magazine.

    Which, actually, got me through my teens…

    I’m with Q on this one. I’d like to remember the good over the bad, but both sides tell the full story, especially with Whitney. As far as Chris Brown goes, I wonder if the people at the Grammy’s realized they were giving him a blunt object. RUN AND HIDE, RIHANNA! HE’S ARMED NOW!!

  2. squatlo says:

    Quincy is a fine first guest blogger choice, Sir Mooner, Overlord of the Fucking Universe. Well done guest post, too…

    My lovely wife tells me she heard on the news yesterday that the hotel room where Whitney died is being rented out at exorbitant rates now, and that it’s booked far into the future. Apparently, everyone wants to take a bath in her death tub.

    When the epitaph is written for modern Americans, I hope that makes it into the time capsule. Nothing sums up America like that little tidbit of macabre pop culture news.

  3. bj says:

    I vaguely remember the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident, and am a fan of neither. I saw his performance on The Grammy Awards the other night and was very impressed with the athleticism of his performance; jumping from cube to cube at different levels from the stage to about 15 feet in the air, with the stage lights changing about every ten seconds from bright to almost dark in psychedelic patterns. Can’t tell you what SONG he was singing, but that Dude was WERKIN’ IT! I made the “WOW” comment a couple of times before my younger son, and Ms. Baby started hatin’ on CB. I lost control of the conversation then and silently watched the rest of his amazing performance and kept my “GOLLY’s and Goodnesses” to myself. I can’t comment on what kind of person Chris Brown is/was/will be, … but I know that young man can Sing, DANCE and perform gymnastics like an Olympian. He admitted the crime in front of a judge and copped a plea … he’s still doin’ the time … n’est-ce pas? Perhaps in this case my ignorance overshadows my prejudices, but I was impressed. If I remember correctly …. Miranda Lambert was a conductor on the “Dump The Dixie Chicks” express …. my opinion is she needs to shut up, sing, keep on lookin’ good as hell, and stop tweetin’ that ANYONE needs to be put “Back In His Place” (http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2012/02/15/miranda-lambert-tweets-that-chris-brown-should-be-put-back-in-his-place/?mod=google_news_blog)
    Great, Thoughtful Post Q and you only switched gears once … I can keep up with that. Thank Q.!

  4. mel says:

    Sick ass people all around here. I agree. Yes, Ms. Houston had a great voice, but, ahem, SHE decided to waste it by all the drugs she did. As a matter of fact, she even said in an interview with Diane Sawyer that she was her biggest problem. What does that tell you? Q, I feel you will NEVER be lacking for blog content if you continue writing about the lack of common sense amongst the masses. Unless evolution decides to start weeding them out. Can you imagine….

    Squat…I threw up a lot a bit in my mouth when I read what your lovely wife told you. What the fuck. Sorry, I’ve been in the hospital and got creeped out that someone probably died where I was lying. I don’t care if its a celebrity. Ewww.

    Mooner…check your inbox, my friend. You’ve got mail.

  5. Well, choosing Q as a guest blogger is a total No Brainer! He’s an awesome choice. Q makes an awful lot of sense on a lot of topics…I actually think that we should write him in as a candidate for president. Of course, Mooner, darling, you could still be Overlord of the Fucking Universe.

    Q – as usual: On point! Everyone is entitled to their own take on things – but being open-minded is the hallmark feature of an intelligent person, I believe. It’s the dumb-asses who get all grossed out when you don’t agree with them.

    MEL – are you okay?! I thought you meant in the hospital, as in working…but lying in a bed getting creeped out is a tell-tale sign that you weren’t on official business!! Hope you’re feeling better!

  6. Q says:

    Thanks to Mooner for sharing his spotlight with me! Thanks to all of you for the kind compliments. By the way, Mooner, if I ever get my Way-Back Machine running, we can make that Marilyn / Anna thing happen!

    As for Whitney, I love (some of) her music and I think her National Anthem from the ’91 Super Bowl was the best I’ve ever heard. But, I’m not so invested in her that I’d defend her on Twitter or something. That’s what I don’t get. She smoked dope. Her fans know that she smoked dope. Whitney even said that she smoked dope. But, fan(atics) get mad when you say that she smoked dope?

    I don’t get it.

  7. admin says:

    Brandini. OK, where’s your submission as guest host? I think what you should do is write the “perfect” post. Every aspect would be in the parameters of good blogging, with pictures and shit all arranged for maximum wonderment.

    Squat. The ick factor on bathing in that tub is likely a 9.5 on my scale. People are nuts.

    Beej. I’d listen to Ms Baby on this one. Just saying.

    Mel. Yep, ick and eeew.

    Reck. How’s your vacation? Would you like to role play Little Red Riding Hood in your cabin in the woods? I can get my wolf suit cleaned and be up there by Saturday afternoon.

    Q. For me Michael Jackson is the poster child for the point you made. He was abused, he was creepy, he was weird, he was talented, he was self-absorbed and he died from drug abuse. In the final tabulations, he’s Elvis. OK, except Elvis died on the crapper and still had his real nose. Oh, and his child was his via the old fashioned way and he had his possee check all the girl’s IDs.

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