Squatlo Posts Mooner’s Head Shearing Pics; Mooner Remains Technologically Dumb

So.  Bob posted ther pics for me over to Squatlo rant at:  w and ww Bob’s a Nice Guy, I Don’t Give a Shit What Anyone Says  .  Pop over and see the photos of my head shearing and also some of his smart prose.


Thanks, Bob, I think.

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5 Responses to “Squatlo Posts Mooner’s Head Shearing Pics; Mooner Remains Technologically Dumb”

  1. squatlo says:

    Not a problem, Kojak. Hey, BJ’s posted an ode to one of the Firesign Theater guys who passed this weekend. Oughta go give a listen… I know you two were hooked on those guys. Before my time, being a spring chicken and all, but I like to keep you informed when something from your generation comes back in vogue.

    Adios, ameba!

  2. Whoaaaaaaa Nellie! (said in Keith Jackson’s inimitable trademark howl) Mooner, doll, you are the SHIT!!! You rock harder than Twisted Sister in 1984!!! That is totally bad ass to shave your cabeza for charity. You had some noteworthy locks, you know. Although, I’m sure that you’re in the weird “growing back” phase. I know that the first few post-prickly days after shaving my legs, they itch quite a bit unless I’m doused in lotion. I’m not sure about lotioning your head though…that could be a little weird. As a special reward for your awesomeness, I am going to do you a big favor in the speeding up of our nuptials. I will allow us to become engaged BEFORE you actually divorce wife # 11. I was going to be all “traditional” and say that we couldn’t be engaged until you were completely done with # 11, but because I’m so impressed with your altruistic behaviors…I’ll let you tell folks I’m your fiancee before you’re actually divorced from your 11th wife. SEE?! The rewards just keep on coming…(and no…I’m not posting any nude pictures as any extra incentive, so don’t even bother asking…LMAO)

  3. THA FUCK??? Your website actually made me do a captcha because my post contained the word “n*u*d*e” but I can say SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT all I want?! That’s pretty fucking republicanish…

  4. Squat. Firesign Theater was the best. All of my passwords are lines form their stuff.

    Reck. The bald pate is slick and smooth because I can’t seem to stop shaving it. There is something visceral in scraping tiny hairs and skin off the top of my head. Just this morning I found myself thinking of you when I was shaving the spot behind my ear. I found a fresh shrimp pase at the Asian Market yesterday and decided to make a a Kare-Kare for last night’s dinner. I used both ox tails and tripe (Mother won’t eat tripe and Gram and I love the gutsier parts of animals) and I used Thai chilis for the heat.

    So, this am I’m standing there shaving my skull and thinking about Filipino food and then I thought of you and wondered if you like my shaved head and now, I know.

    As for the photos, you could post them to a secret place. And my CAPTCHA has a very unique method used to capture religious fuckballs. You can say fuck because I trained it to accept any fucking thing that I say routinely. It takes naked but not nude because I have learned that the silly Christian right-wing fuckballs say “nude” when they mean nekid.

  5. Reck. BTW, I just got caught with the n word there myself. Fucking bastard shitball CAPTCHA.

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