People Get Ready; Impressions Of Changes

So.  I just spent the morning Skyping with the folks back home.  We were hooked up for a total of almost three hours as we gossiped and updated each other on the news/events in each city.  That would be me supplying the news from New Mexico and the gathered Johnson women and Mr. Dave responding with Austin’s activities.

Each in turn made comment as to the status of Mother’s dementia.  It seems that she has slidden further into the icy grip of memory loss in the several weeks I’ve been gone.  And don’t even start with your “slidden is not a word” bullshit.  It is now.

I feel like the chronicler of my mother’s final days with sane memories as I tell you the goings of her mind.  It’s not a comfortable role for me to play but a role I was, obviously, born to play.  To provide background, I’ll remind you that last Thursday was my birthday, and I’ll tell you that I try to talk to Mother each day to help her maintain a touchstone with the present.  Since her most recent twenty-four hours seem the most difficult to keep trapped in grey matter, I feel a daily call will be a good reminder.  Should that be “gray matter”?

Having said that, let me give you the gist of these daily phone calls from the Thursday a week before my Thursday b-day, and today.  A twelve-days’ conversation.

“Who is this?” Mother answers into the phone.

“It’s me, mom, my name is on your caller ID.”

“Oh “Hi”, Mooner.  Where are you?”

“As we have discussed each day for the last eleven days, I am in Santa Fe.  I’ll be in Santa Fe until you see my face in Austin–at least another week.”

“Watch out for the homo-sex-u-als, son.  Santa Fe is overrun with them.  Pastor Browningwell said that we should do a mission to save their rotten souls.”

I think Pastor Browningwell needs me to thump him on the nose.

Next I say, “How are you, Mother?  You OK?”

“Oh, I just don’t know why the good Lord keeps me around.  Where are you?

“Santa Fe, Mother.”

“Did you get my birthday card yet?”

“No, same answer as the previous eleven days.  Did you mail it?”

Pause with dead air.  “I can’t remember.  Should I mail it to your place in the mountains or should I mail it to you here at the ranch?  Where are you?”

My turn to pause and shake my head.  “Mother, if you want to mail it to where I am, mail it to Santa Fe.  Gram has the address.  Or you can keep it and hand it to me when I get back to Austin.  Your choice.”

Pause with more dead air.  “Where are you?

My pause to shake and choke my phone.  “Santa Fe, I’m still in Santa Fe and I will be in Santa Fe until you see me face-to-face.”

“Oh, alright.  But you need to heed my words, Butcher Einstein Johnson.  Those homo-sex-u-als will trick you and make you do things,” pause for deep breath, “Did you get the card I sent?  Did I send it to the right address?”

“Nice talk, Mother. Can you put Gram on the line?”

Twelve days in a row, and my birthday was six days ago.  Instead of smashing my phone to bits, I’ve decided to ask Dr. Sam I. Am-Johnson if she’ll take Mother in over to her house.  She’s got plenty of room and has way more patience than I ever possessed.

Which reminds me.  Today’s newspaper had three quite interesting political stories.  The first fits into my bitching yesterday about the extreme right’s attack on women’s rights.  Texas–home of the only state legislature that can out-stupid it’s cousins over to Tennessee–passed a law to deny any health care funding to Planned Parenthood.  The legislation was couched in other terms but it was pointedly directed at Planned Parenthood.

PP filed a lawsuit and won a stay on the funding cuts, but yesterday a George W. Bushkin-appointed Federal Appeals Court ruled that Texas can de-fund PP until the trial.

This was one of Rick Perry’s pet projects, folks, and that pious little prick takes his marching orders from the vilest of the One-Percenters.

Next are two Herr Schmidt Rommel stories.  First, Herr Schmittens has requested that the asshole Akins in Missouri step out of the US Senate race and Akins has refused.  Field Marshall Rommel doesn’t want the race to the White House to focus on civil rights issues ofrthe Republican’s lack of civility.  He wants to keep things focused upon the economy.

Good luck with that one, bub.  Those things are called “Debates”, dumbass.

The second Rommel story has a New Mexico slant.  The Republican presidential candidate will be in Hobbs, New Mexico today to announce his energy plan.  Now first, Hobbs, NM may as well be in Texas because it seems to be filled with right-wing Christian zealots, same as Texas.  And it’s there on the border as well.

But that isn’t the interesting thing about this visit.  What is interesting is that Romney will announce a “New American Energy Policy” that is 100% reliant on fossil fuels.  I’m not kidding, folks, 100% reliant on fossil fuels.

I want to say that it is ludicrous that a man running for president of my country would bank my nation’s future on a limited, dwindling and ecologically destructive commodity.  I really want to say it, but I can’t.

Wonder who is trying to buy the American Presidency?  Those fucking Koch brothers and all their buddies must be sitting there laughing their asses off.  We are letting assholes like Mitt Romney sell our country to the biggest donors.  I’m starting to feel as I did during the 1960’s.

Power back to the people!  Re revolution!  Fight to get our rights back!

Fuck Mitt Romney.

Manana, y’all.

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4 Responses to “People Get Ready; Impressions Of Changes”

  1. mel says:

    It is quite possibly because I am so tired to begin with, but the whole chronicle of the exchanges between you and your mother made me very sad today. That can’t be easy. And I wish that I had something funny to say but I don’t really.

    Wait, I just thought of something, but is off topic. I am positive you don’t mind. But maybe I’m wrong. I shared a picture with Reck and it has some silly text with it that says something like “Too bad you don’t live closer because there are evil plots to be hatched and twisted deeds to be done”. Or some thing along those lines. It suits the two of us together quite well I think. She agreed and thought that we would need to save some money (actually she said, LOTS OF MONEY) for bail. I told her that we didn’t need to, all we would have to do is call you and you would be there in a flash with a camera so you could get your pictures of us together. Anyway. That’s about it.

  2. Squatlo says:

    Mooner, it’s a sad thing when a son has to stand by and listen as his mother’s memory spills out like so much gravy from a tureen. But you’ve been there for most of the gravy-makin’, so you know where it came from…

    And any candidate for national office who suggests we can simply dig up or pump out enough “energy” to supply fuel for our growing nation’s needs has his head firmly planted where the sun don’t shine. It’s not our jobs to help extract implanted heads.
    Proctologists study hard to learn their trade, and we should leave it to professionals to make repairs.

  3. Katy Anders says:

    I had something to say, but then you turned things to politics and my brain shut down.

    My body is rejecting politics these days..

    Maybe after November…

  4. Mel. It’s good to know that you have come through your most recent medical malady mostly unscathed. Sad that my mother’s illness is the ultimate scathing–the stripping of memory from one’s hard drive.

    As for the pics of you and Reck in twisted deeds, I can arrange to send you a camera for use on that occasion.

    Squat. “Tis a sad thing and an aggravation too. As for Herr Field Marshall Romney… Fuck Mitt Romney!

    Katy, ah Katy my hero. I likewise had something to say before politics once again turned my stomach. The problem here is that I promised to say what is on my mind and, well…

    I do want to fully plagiarize your most recent writings and post them expo facto herein. I have tried to “Control-C” it to copy on my pages but, and alas, I have only managed to screw the poochie. Ugh.

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