Debate Hangover; It’s About The Truth, Stupid,


So. Last night before the Debate, I had a premonition about what would happen. I thought that the moderator would not actually moderate and control the action, I thought that Romney would follow Rush Limbaugh’s advice and be a pit bull and attack the President rather than state the facts and specific plans of just how he wants to make things better. I also said that I wished the Prez would call Romney out on his lies.

Sadly, I was right and didn’t get my wish. Jim Lehrer was a non participant, Mitt Romney was an attack puppet, and the President acted like a President with excessive reserve. Sure, I wished that he had been stronger when Romney lied, of course I do. There were several times I was yelling at the big TV that hangs over the mantle in the den here to La Casita Johnson de Santa Fe. “Call him out on his leis!!!” I screamed more than once.

My blood pressure was tipping in at stroke levels when the moderator allowed both candidates to avoid the questions, and in the final analysis, I feel both candidates were winners and both losers.

Mitt Romney won the debate of aggression, of posture, of attractiveness and of volume—a clear and concise victory in all three. Romney won and the President lost, and clearly so. If the election were to be decided by which candidate was louder, stood up straighter, spoke louder and was prettier last night, Mitt Romney wins in a landslide. Hell, if the majority of the American people are so fucking stupid to take that kind of form over substance, we deserve Mitt Romney as our President.

As my buddy Squatlo said in his first post-debate posting last night, “…If this had been a prize fight, the Obama corner would have thrown in the towel…”

To those of you who are all freaked out about the President’s lack of aggression against the Mittster, please allow me to say this:

“Chill out. Take a Valium or two, and chill the fuck out.”

Guess what. This wasn’t a prize fight, folks, it was a debate. It was a DEBATE. You know what a debate is, right? One of those public forums where people with differing views express their views by presenting facts and plans and specific information that supports their personal position on the questions asked by the moderator, a debate.

Even if it had been a prize fight, Romney would have been disqualified in the second round for rules violations. The worst referee in the world wouldn’t have allowed a participant in a title fight to rabbit punch, knee the groin, and hit after the bell like Lehrer did last night.

When the debate was over last night, the Squirt was visibly upset. The little puppy crawled into my lap, sighed a deep and pitiful sigh, and said to me, she said, “Mitt Romney just lied his way into the White House. I think I might go jump off a bridge.”

From listening to liberal pundits and other Obama supporters this morning, that seems to be a common theme. For some reason, even the smart and caring among us have fallen for Rush Limbaugh’s bullshit. But think about this for just a minute. Think of reading the words spoken last night and not about the visuals.

The President presented programs past and future with specifics, presented the positive benefits of his programs, and defended any failures of those plans. He calmly, TRUTHFULLY, and accurately explained his plans and visions. He didn’t call Romney out on his lies and lack of specifics and flip-flopping with the voracity I would have liked, but he did call him out.

Think about the words. The words spoken last night.

Do you realize that Mitt Romney agreed with the President on almost every important issue? Did you hear him say that Romneycare/Obamacare was a good thing? Did you then hear him say that he wants to give that health care design to the states to control using vouchers? Romney wants to give the states control of Medicare using vouchers, folks, he said it last night.

Hello! Hello out there. If the states were to be in charge of our health care, how soon do you think every American with a crippling illness would pack their bags and move to Massachusetts?

Romney agreed with the President to not raise taxes on the great middle class, reduce the deficit and protect education, and create jobs. I heard him say it more than twice. Then I also heard him say that he wouldn’t reduce the military budget, that he would voucher public education, and that he would balance all of these financial balls in the air and create jobs without increasing taxes.

He said he would reduce the middle class tax rate to lower taxes and then turned right around and said that would be a “revenue neutral” act because he would also eliminate deductions. Would someone please tell me how you can either reduce a deficit OR increase available funds for the military with “revenue neutral” budgets.

Please fucking tell me, because I have been a businessman for the better part of fifty years and I need some of that accounting magic. How can he increase military spending $2 Trillion and over the Pentagon-requested budget and give $5 Trillion more in tax cuts without either increasing revenues (read taxes) or deeply cutting program budgets for non-military programs?

Answer: Magic.

In his closing statement, Mitt Romney told us that his number one priority is to make sure America has the greatest military in the world. Really? I thought you said it was jobs—no, wait, you said it was education—no, you said it was to repeal Obamacare—or was it energy independence?

And all that Romney said/promised he would do was said and promised without specifics or verifiable fact. His budget will balance because he will magically create 12 million new high-paying jobs without spending any money and with no identifiable plan.


States can better decide about our health care and educations, so when we send vouchers to the states, all of those problems will magically go away and America will once again be the Land of the Free?

Really? Have you seen the stupid shit state legislatures in Texas and Tennessee have been pulling?

Just like Mitt Romney believes the magic underwear he wears twenty-four hours a day is going to protect his soul, he expects us to believe that his magical solutions to America’s problems will protect us from further economic and social harm.

OK, stop, Mooner, enough. The President wasn’t as good as we expected and Romney was as aggressive as we thought. Win/win, lose/lose. But please let me say one last thing.

It’s about the truth, stupid.

Manana, y’all.



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9 Responses to “Debate Hangover; It’s About The Truth, Stupid,”

  1. Katy Anders says:

    Didn’t watch it.

    Can’t imagine that the election is going to be decided by a debate.

    A week ago, the media declared the election over. This week, they need a new storyline, and they have it.

  2. Mooner Johnson, Valium Dispenser says:

    Katy. First, you were smart and didn’t miss anything important. Second, isn’t it interesting how voaracious media’s appitite has gotten. Mitt Romney stumbles and bumbles and lies for months and the President disappoints in a debate and the world has ended.

    Maybe I’m glad to be an old fart with diminishing sexual prowess. Then again, Viagra is there for the asking and I’m made of sturdy stock.

    And how are you doing these days. I think of you everytime I see a woman with a tattoo, and Santa Fe women like them some tattoos.

  3. Mooner Johnson, Valium Dispenser says:

    BTW. My fucking CAPTCHA dealie just spanked me for saying “fart”.

    Really? Kiss my plucked, dyed and polished Santa Fe ass, CAPTCHA, you rotten Nazi motherfucker.

  4. Squatlo says:

    I’d be a happier camper today if I’d been with Katy ignoring the debate. But I’m one of those foolish folk who has to watch and listen, being addicted to politics (and caring greatly about the future of the country)…

    Wish I had your optimystical vibe this morning, Mooner. I’m afraid I’m covered with pessimicity. There’s two new words for your ADHD to work on…

  5. Mooner Johnson, Valium Dispenser says:

    Squattie. I get your pain but don’t feel it. I think it’s waaaaayyyyy too soon to sharpen the razor blades. I’m cooling my jets and enjoying the crisp, clean mountain air. Gonna let the next few days pass before thinking about this shit again.

  6. bj says:

    It IS about the TRUTH, Moondog, and nothing Willard said last night added up! Not his figures, not his facts …. nothing. Just another attempt to shake the etch-a-sketch again and act like everything he has stood for (the last year, anyway) has changed back to good hearted ol’ Mitt just tryin’ to keep the American “pursuit of happiness” alive. HORSE SHIT! My President was so frustrated by Mittington’s outright, bold faced LIES, that he was flummoxed into frustration. He was expecting the STENCH to repeat all the lies he’s been telling for the last year but with the very first “I didn’t SAY that” to come out of Rmoney’s mouth Obama was open mouthed incredulous. PBO WANTED to call him a lyin’ fuck …. but his present employment REQUIRES him to maintain a Presidential demeanor …. and Romney’s repeated denials about just how full of shit he is added to that frutration …. and I must admit, to MINE too! Bottom line is that EVERYONE believes their guy won last night (mainly because willard didn’t walk out on stage and commit seppuku in front of everybody), but, like you said …… in the end … the TRUTH will out …. and Willard and Co. will be reciting this famous Yogi-ism after November 6 : “You wouldn’t have won if we’d beaten you.” …. because they WON’T!

  7. Mooner Johnson, Valium Dispenser says:

    Beej. Here, here. Maybe you should run over and take the razer out of Squattie’s shaky hand.

    Psychiatrists and psychologists will tell you that sociopaths can lie repeatedly without any remorse. Makes a man wonder.

  8. Q says:

    I was surprised at what happened during the debate. Obama looked unprepared as Mitt laid the smack down. I think what infuriated me more was how Obama slammed Mitt the next day. Where was that the night before? Why call him out in a setting of your supporters instead of blasting him in front of 60+ million Dems, Repubs and Undecideds?


  9. Mooner Johnson, Valium Dispenser says:

    Q. It is true that the Pesident was lackluster. But when the worse thing you can say about a debate is that a man lost because he failed to shout down his opponant’s lies…

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