Mooner’s Debate Prayer; Fuck Mitt Romney


So. I sitting at my computer now, an hour before the big debate. I am hopeful that Mitt Romney shows his true colors and that the President shows his as well. I have come to think that Romney might have sand bagged some of his economic policy specifics for an unveiling tonight in an effort to upstage the Prez.

But then, again, I think the Mittster is a puppet and will follow Rush Limbaugh’s advice—blustering and blundering his way for 90 minutes, attacking Obama and making the Tea Baggers proud.

But my main wish for this series of debates is for the moderators to call each of the candidates on their bullshit. If either strays from the truth or refuses to truthfully answer a question, I hope that Lehrer gets all up in their face. I’m tired of bullshit debates wherein the moderators treat candidates with kid gloves.

And I liked what I saw of the recent Mass. Senatorial debate as David Gregory attempted to get straight answers. But one of these TV ass clowns needs to grow a set and piss the parties off if that’s what it takes to get an honest debate. Otherwise, let’s stop having them.

Anyhoo, if I was a prayerful man, I’d pray for those things and for Mr. President Obama to crush Herr Schmidt Rommel’s balls.

Manana, y’all.

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One Response to “Mooner’s Debate Prayer; Fuck Mitt Romney”

  1. Squatlo says:

    Well, it would indeed have been nice if Romney’s bullshit had been called right there on the debate stage, but I’m afraid Lehrer just sat there with his pen in his hand while Romney bluffed his way to the Oval Office.

    This was an unmitigated disaster for President Obama. I’d like to sugar coat it, say it probably won’t matter, but I think this was a VERY VERY VERY bad night for America.

    Our guy didn’t show up, theirs was on steroids, and the bullshit got so deep I damn near drowned.

    Bad night… very bad night.

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