A Fistful Of Fucks: Mitt Romney, Bigotry and Politics


So. It’s finally election day and I, for several, am glad of it. I say I for several because I have mixed feelings about this election—I’m confident that President Obama will be reelected and I’m terrified that he might not.

It is still astounding to me that bigotry and religious radicalism can have such strongholds in “The Greatest Nation On Earth”. I’m amazed that the right-wing Christian radicals can’t see the parallels between themselves and the Muslim extremists they seem to hate so deeply.

Somebody please ‘splain this one to me. What is the difference between a Muslim thinking he can get to heaven, where 72 virgins await him if he blows up a crowded school bus, and Mitt Romney thinking he will get his own planet over which he gets to be God if he blows up America’s middle class?

Please. Wherein lies the philosophical or logical or practical difference? I mean other than the color of their skin or their religion, how are the Muslim shitheads any different? All of this fucking “Will of God” talk will be the death of us.

I have a good buddy who thinks that Armageddon is the self-fulfilling prophesy that will come about in a global religious war. He thinks all of these Christian asshole extremists WANT planet-wide war, that they actually pray for the “Rapture”.

I had lunch yesterday with my lawyer buddy down to the Del Charro. I’ve decided to start a contracting business with Adrian and Pedro and we needed a Registered Agent in order to be licensed in the state of New Mexico. I decided to get into this venture out of self defense, what with all of the repairs and remodeling I’ve had to do on La Casita Johnson de Santa Fe.

We both ordered the Monday Special—pulled pork sliders—and our central topic of conversation was, of course, the elections. The pork was tasty and the topic of conversation somewhat tasteless. “How can this election even be close?” I asked.

We talked about the President’s solid record of accomplishments and Romney’s lies, attacks on women, flip-flops, and all the rest of it. After a few minutes of talk we had a thirty-second period of dead air, as each of us pondered the answer.

“Bigotry,” we both said at the exact same instant.

“Racial bigotry,” I said in follow up.

“Religious bigotry,” he added.

Which reminds me. Why are most Republican surrogates fat and gray-headed white men?

And will somebody explain this one to me. How can we call America the planet’s greatest if we deny social services to the needy and make public education a secondary budgetary issue? How can we say we’re the finest if we make it more difficult for retirees to live in comfort after they worked so hard to retire?

Somebody needs to tell me what would make Mitt Romney’s America the Greatest Nation on Earth.

Fuck Mitt Romney. Fuck bigotry. But please don’t fuck America.

Go vote!!!

Manana, yall.

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4 Responses to “A Fistful Of Fucks: Mitt Romney, Bigotry and Politics”

  1. Squatlo says:

    While I await my part of your lost ten dollar wager to our buddy BJ I’ll take a stab at answering some of your questions… What’s the difference between a Muslim fanatic and a Christian fanatic? Can’t say… but when civilizations, cultures, and races fight to prove whose imaginary friend is better than the other guy’s imaginary friend, we all lose. When intelligent, educated, and informed people who would demand empiricle evidence to justify any other firmly held belief are willing to forego all of the above on the basis of “faith”, then reason and evidence take a back seat to ignorance and superstition. We laugh at the thought of cavemen howling at the disappearing moon during a lunar eclipse, but fill churches and temples with a fervor that is no less irrational. Go figure.
    Putting the middle class on the endangered species list is the absolute aim of people like Romney, Adelson, and the Kochs, because slave-labor wages are the best way to keep the masses in check. If a Walmart employee made $50K for stocking shelves, he wouldn’t have to work at Walmart very long before he’d saved enough to leave for a real job. Think factory workers would keep going back to the conveyor belt assembly line if they could get far enough ahead to do their own thing? Low wages are the key to keeping the masses subjugated to the plutocrats. Pay ’em any more than just enough to get by and the next thing you know the bastards will be trying to buy Congressmen and Senators just like rich folks already do… and we simply can’t have that shit happening.
    If you want to keep an eye on the pulse of the righties today, tune in to Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and the other flame-throwers. They’re already celebrating. Done deal. Fuck poll numbers, folks, we’ve got so many aces in the hole you don’t even have to bother voting.
    This election has too many variables and suppression opportunities for anyone to be all ballsy confident.

    And like I keep saying: Never underestimate the ignorance and gullibility of the American voter. You’ll always be disappointed.

  2. bj says:

    Fuck Mitt Romney, InDEED! I have the exact same feelings vis-a-vis confidence/terrorfication. It will be decided on the bigotry you mentioned, or backlash from it …. God will have little to say in the matter (well, not counting Cletus P. Judd’s nightly back and forth with Jezus riding a red white and blue bald eagle). My biggest fear (and you know Republicans lean HEAVILY on that motivator) is that this election is ALREADY a done deal between the Seldom Right, Diebold, and Pollwerkers using lotsa …. Ca-ASHH! Even after all they spent (and of course WE spent a ton as well) Republicans STILL have Millions in their pockets to spread around … if ya’ get my meanin’. This whole country was built on Voter Suppression tactics of one sort or another. Over the years we’ve eliminated Poll taxes and voting “tests” along the way and as a result, Negroes, Women, the Elderly, and the Poor have been afforded the opportunity to vote. NOW …. voter suppression wears camouflage and is deeper and darker than ever ….. and more insidious as well. My “FEAR”? is what lives in the hearts of old white men … old white men like me, and their penchant for Cause and Effect. I know it’s real, because I’ve seen it first hand …… so I expect their werst. “FORWARD”! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M23zjNrG9M
    Talk To You Tomorrow … when we … fuckin’ CELEBRATE!

  3. Squatlo says:

    BJ, if we’re celebratin’ tomorrow, please give me a call and allow me to attend the party (or host the party, whatever works)!

    I’m knotted up about this shit and when it’s over and the party’s on, by Jebus I plan to be herbal-istic about things.

  4. bj says:

    10:20pm Central Standard Time … OBAMA WINS OHIO and wit it ….. RE-ELECTION! Congratulizations, Moondog!

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