One More Time; Mel Gibson Re-Jumps The Shark


So. For starters, I’d like to say that it seems that America’s Congressional politicians are finally going to enact smart gun laws after the recent murders in an elementary school. That’s what I’d like to say. Instead, I’ll say that one more time it appears that the mass slaying of innocents has brought nothing more than communal grief, the requisite chatter about “is this finally the tipping point”, and a gigantic spike in sales of the very same guns used in those killings.

One more time guns are used to kill, and one more time public outrage demands intelligent changes, and one more time nothing will happen except for the fact that more guns are sold. One more time big business’ monetary influences and extremists overruns civility and humanity in America.

One more time our law enforcement professionals and educators and parents publicly plea for restrictions to make our schools and movie houses and shopping centers and restaurants and churches and business offices safer, and one more time we’ll get nothing but talk—and more guns sales.

One more time Walmart made a contrived sympathetic gesture and stop gun sales for a few days, and one more time Walmart will see record gun sales in the weeks after. One more time the NRA will blame all but the guns for the violence, and one more time America will bury and forget dozens of wasted lives.

One more time we’ll honor murdered children and teachers and other innocent bystanders to the politics of the business of guns, and one more time—as a country—we will write-off those lost lives as the cost of doing gun business in America. One more time dead children will become the cannon fodder used by gun pushers to sell more fucking guns.

One more time sanity will be ignored in the name of extreme misinterpretations of The Second Amendment, and one more time we will fail to provide policies or funds for the mental health needs of our population.

One more time.

What would it take to get smart gun laws? If the151killed in mass murders in one year of 2012 aren’t enough, then how many mass murders will it take? The average high school in our country has about 1,100 students. If an entire school population were murdered in a mass shooting, would that be enough? No?

OK, what about that technical school over to Brooklyn, New York, where they have over 8,000 students. If some assholes were to shoot up 8,000 kids, would that be enough? Is there any number of murders that would tip the scales from acceptable to un-fucking-acceptable?

Senator McCain—you got a number, sir?

Ugh. This shit makes me tired and angry, and tired of being angry.

On a better note, I caught some of the Golden Globes last night. I want to say that I admire Jody Foster. I also want to say that Mel Gibson looked like he’d been ingesting my Gram’s magic mushroom juices without a license and on an empty stomach. I also want to say to Oprah and Lance Armstrong, “Fuck both of you. Lance, you’re too little and too late, Mr. One-Nut Wonderman, and, Oprah… Please stop giving these celebrity fuckballs the forum when they are only using you to change public opinion. You, my good woman, don’t need the publicity.”

Anyway, I’m headed to the Sandia Casino to play a little poker. Manana, y’all.


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5 Responses to “One More Time; Mel Gibson Re-Jumps The Shark”

  1. bj says:

    And …. One More Time … The President of the NRA says HE has the votes to kill any Bill banning assault rifles and high capacity magazines. Bluff? Bravado? I say we challenge and find out! OH! And THIS time? We keep count of who voted AGAINST that ban! As of yesterday there have been 736 people killed by firearms in the US since the Sandy Hook murders one short moth ago. Round we go ….
    Lance lied to Oprah’s face just like he lied to ours. I’ve lost all respect for Lance and I hope Big “O” rips him a new one. And though Big “O” herself don’t need the publicity ( she got money’s MAMMY! and btw she gets better lookin’ evey time I see her … and hear just how much money she really DOES have! You know Steadman ain’t doin’ that any good!) her netwerk DOES!
    Fuck Walmart, Oprah …. and as Tim Wilson says “Fuck Lance’s ass” too! BUT, I could be wrong …

  2. Squatlo says:

    You know, I’m tired of being angry too, Mooner. But sometimes it seems as if being angry is about all we can do. The NRA has done what it always does, they’ve riled up the yokels and sent everybody ape-shit at the possibility of common sense regulations on America’s “well-regulated militia”. Seems to me the Constitution (well, bill of rights, technically) spells it out pretty clearly: we can regulate the well-regulated militia. If someone says they don’t belong to a militia and therefore can keep and bear whatever arms they want, remind them to read the language again. Guns are for well-regulated militias. If you belong to one, you can have a gun. But we’re gonna regulate what type of weapon, size of clip mag, whether or not silencers and fragmentary slugs are allowed, whether armor piercing cop-killer bullets are okay, etc.

    Instead, we just shrug it off as if nothing the NRA opposes can possibly pass, and we wait for the next tipping point event.

    Maybe if someone took an AK into a session of Congress, or maybe if one opened up at the NRA’s next gathering they’d “get it”.

  3. Squatlo says:

    And fuck Lance, like Tim Wilson says.

    Oprah should run for office, too. Since she’s from Nashville she could come home and help knock Corker or Alexander outta the boys club…

  4. The Reckmonster says:

    Fuck the NRA. Fuck Lance Armstrong. Fuck Walmart. And fuck migraines. I’ve had a migraine all day, that’s why I can’t come up with anything more intelligent to say.

  5. Mooner Johnson needs sexing says:

    Beej and Squat. I don’t know what else to say about the gun debate. If the other side is as entrenched in their position as I am in mine…

    As for the devine Mz. O, since you’ve both read my silly fucking book, you know that she’s always welcome in my boudoir (sp?).

    Reck. I don’t get migraines except for when shit like this happens. BTW- I have a great cure for headaches. It’s an overnight cure…

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